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Neighbours Episode 3198 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3198
Australian airdate: 28/10/98
UK airdate: 01/03/99
UK Gold: 13/10/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: David Myles
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ruth ranting about Susan not supporting Phil over the insurance.
Susan saying it's water under the bridge.
Ruth says maybe their friendship is water under the bridge.
Ruth rants at Susan for gossiping to Madge that Ruth and Phil are troublemakers. Susan doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells Ruth not to be irrational. Ruth storms out.
Following morning at the Kennedys
Susan is telling Karl how shocked she is about what happened with Ruth. Karl tells he to wait for Ruth to calm down. Susan asks Karl what he'd think if someone called him the last great dictator. Karl says over the years he's learnt to take it as a compliment! Karl hopes it won't get awkward since Ruth has moved back her physiotherapy back into the surgery.
Amy says her dad told her Lance sold some CDs. She asks him if he's gambling again, but he says it's for a pair of jeans he wants to buy.
Amy tells Lance about the motion of no confidence passed about Ruth at the school council meeting. Lance says it's their business. Amy asks Lance to go to the library but he says he doesn't feel very well.
Paul is still being cold to Harold about the confiscation of his Battery acid CDs. Madge asks Harol if he's listened to the lyrics properly. Harold admits he hasn't. He agrees to listen to them and see if he changes his mind.
Lou comes to see Lance about Hank the dodgy guy who was running a book on the triathlon. He tells Lance he's been in the pub twice looking for Lance with a message that he wants his money. Lou tells Lance to tell him the truth about what's going on.
Karl is still prickly about Libby wanting half her party at Mike's. Susan tells him to grow up!
Lance tells Lou he thought Joel was going to win. Lou tells him betting was stupid and illegal. He says rule one is to never bet what you can't afford to use. Lance tells him it was a one-off. Lou gets him to promise not to gamble again.
Amy comes in and Lou says he might have some possibilities for the school computer replacement. On his way out, he says cryptically to Lance, "Don't forget - we've got a deal". Amy is puzzled.Bishops
Harold is writing down the lyrics to the Battery Acid songs. Madge says when she was young they used to say Rock and Roll would cause the end of society! Madge says he can't blame society's problems on the music being listened too. Harold isn't unconvinced due to Paul's recent surly behaviour.
Amy is probing Lance about what happened with Lou. He keeps changing the subject. She says he's quarrelled with Toadie too and she wants to know what's going on. Lance says he feel sick and Amy goes to the chemist for some paracetemol for him.
Outside the Bishops
Madge and Susan have been grocery shopping. Madge tells Susan about the music problems between Harold and Paul. She asks Susan to keep an eye on Paul at school because Paul has been so moody recently. Susan asks Madge if she said anything to Ruth about the school council meeting. She realises the misunderstanding between her and Ruth.
Outside the surgery
Karl invites Ruth for a coffee but she declines.
Outside Lou's
Amy tells Lou that this time they want decent computers - unlike the last time! Lou says he is very community-minded. Amy asks him what's going on with Lance. Lou says he doesn't know anything.
Paul is reading an email on Phil's steam-driven laptop from Hannah about her adventures in France. Paul tells Lance she's going on a skiing holiday for 3 weeks and therefore it'll be another 3 weeks before she's home. Paul looks depressed.
Amy tells Lance he can have his paracetemol when he tells her what's going on. Ruth comes in before Lance can tell Amy anything. Ruth feels Lance's head and says he's running a temperature. Amy tells Ruth that Lou has offered some replacement computers for the school. Ruth tells Lance to rest.
Lou apologises to Madge about what happened with the Grey Growlers. He tells her they should join forced instead of going head-to-head.
Lance is sitting wrapped up in a blanket. Amy and Ruth tell Harold they don't think music in itself isn't harmful. Lance says Paul listening to Battery Acid doesn't mean he'll start chopping the heads off chickens, it just means he has bad taste in music!
Susan is showing Karl a ring that is passed down in her family and goes to the eldest female on her 21st birthday. She is going to give it to Libby. She and Karl reminisce about the past - the kids have grown up so quickly. Karl says he has bought Libby a very unusual present.
Paul is cross with Harold for talking to Amy and Lance about his music. He says Harold is a out-of date, out-of-touch, know-it-all embarrassment.
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