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Neighbours Episode 3202 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3202
Australian airdate: 03/11/98
UK airdate: 05/03/99
UK Gold: 15/10/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Bianca Healey: Joy Mitchell
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance saying he'll repay the money.
Bill telling Anne about Lance stealing from Toadie. Anne says she'll tell on him.
Libby opens Sarah's present of makeup and says it's not her style.
Joel gives Sarah's present to Sally saying Libby sent it for her. Sally doesn't look very impressed.
Anne asks Bill to have a work with Lance. He says it might not be serious, but Anne says stealing from Toadie and dodgy guys coming to the house means it doesn't look good. Bill offers to take Lance to the races. Anne doesn't think it's a good idea but Bill has a plan and says to trust him.
Sally is hanging out with Sarah and Joel and suggests going to Cup Day. Joel isn't keen but they persuade him. Sally opens her bag and the makeup she got from Libby falls out. Sarah is worried as she thought she was the only supplier of that makeup. Sally has to tell her they came from Libby. Sarah is cross.
Mike gives Libby a key to his house. Libby doesn't want it and makes the excuse that there's no point her having it - she'll only be there when he's there. Mike probes her further saying they're agreed to communicate properly. He asks if Libby is afraid of commitment. Mike gives her the key anyway, "even if she doesn't use it".
Cup Day
Sally, Joel and Sarah are dressed up in black and white. They bump into Libby and Mike. Sarah takes Libby to one side to tackle her about the makeup. Sarah says it was no way to treat a friend. Libby retorts that Sarah is no friend of hers and the makeup was hers to do with what she wants.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is moaning to Anne that Bill and Lance aren't there to study. Anne evades questions on where they are. As Amy continues to rant, Anne tells Amy she's self-obsessed. Amy tells her she needs to cut down on the coffee!
Cup Day
Bill and Lance watch a race. Lance asks Bill to put ten dollars on a race. Bill is unsure and mentions Lance doesn't look well either. However, he agrees to put the bet on.
Libby and Mike are talking about her spat with Sarah. Libby says she's bitter!! Mike invites Libby for dinner - apparently his mother has brought him a round a dish! They hear the end of the race through the speakers and Mike has lost his bet.
Meanwhile, Lance has won his bet. Lance wants to put the winnings on another horse. Bill tempts him into putting all his money on the horse "if he's so sure".
No 30
Joel and Sally have come home early. Sally says Libby was out of order but Joel says Sarah shouldn't have brought it up - it wasn't the time or the place. Sally says Joel is always on Libby's side. As Sally continues to rant about Libby, Joel gets fed up and says that really it's all about the fact the Joel used to have a crush on Libby. Joel says Sally is like a jealous kid and should grow up. Sally stalks out.
Mike's (No.32)
Mike tells Libby his mother brings him meals about twice a week! Libby teases him about it. The phone rings - it's Victoria (Mike's estranged wife). She has broken down and he goes off to pick up her and Sasha. (his daughter). Libby doesn't look too chuffed.
Cup Day
Lance has lost on his race and looks worried.
Mike's (No.32)
Lib is alone in the house and hear the door - it's Bianca, Mike's mother. She asks Libby if she is Mike's cleaner! Libby has bought some groceries and Bianca starts putting them away and organising the kitchen. She says Mike is hopeless domestically. The atmosphere is a bit strained.
Lance is gutted because he's lost Amy's birthday money. He asks Bill not to tell Anne. Bill gets money out of his pocket - he didn't put the bet on. He says that Anne had mentioned Lance was having problems. Lance is very cross indeed. Bill tells him he has a problem but Lance says Anne and Bill need to "get a life".
Mike's (No.32)
Mike's mum (Bianca) is looking at a cookery book that Libby bought for Mike (to make him more domesticated). She asks Lib about her cooking and says that Victoria is a wonderful cook. Libby suggests Bianca could give her some recipes, but Bianca says her family recipes are secret!
Amy and Lance are talking. Lance is still cross and tells Amy he's sick of Anne and Bill. He tell Amy that he got Bill to put a couple of bets on for him, but he won't do it anymore. Amy is worried - she says he's convinced himself what he is doing is fine when it isn't. Lance rants that Amy is self-centred and never happy - he can't win if he tells the truth or lies.
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