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Neighbours Episode 3191 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3191
Australian airdate: 19/10/98
UK airdate: 18/02/99
UK Gold: 07/10/04
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Constable Douglas: Matilda White
Irwin Perry: Damian Woodards
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The police rings Susan to say there's been a break-in at the school.
Mike telling Libby he's going to move in to No.32
The Classroom
Vandals have smashed the computers. They have done a very thorough job, smashing the keyboards through the front of the monitors(!) The police think it's kids. Susan is upset.
The Pub
Libby wishes Mike has told her. He said it was a snap decision - he was talking to Phil when he mentioned No.32. Libby tells Mike she's not sure about him. Mike says he doesn't want to lose her. She says to be honest and upfront and tell her the whole truth about everything. Mike offers to try to get out of the lease. Libby says there's no need for that, just that in the future he must agree to discuss decisions that affect the both of them. Mike agrees.
The Kennedy
Libby tells Karl and Susan that Mike is moving into No.32. They exchange looks. Karl asks if Libby will be moving in with him but Libby says that's her business - she's nearly 21. Susan asks her what she wants to do for her 21st but Libby hasn't thought about it yet.
Phil is telling Drew about the break-in at the school. Phil tells Drew he has read his business plan and that it's very good. Phil suggests he ask some contacts of his if they are interested in investing. Drew is pleased and gives him the go-ahead. Phil says Drew has to be upfront with Lou so things don't get messy. Drew agrees.
Libby is on the phone to the paper - they want her to cover the break-in at the school. They are hoping Susan will agree to the interview because she is Libby's mother. Susan rolls her eyes.
The Garage
Lou tells Drew that he has good ideas and that he's an asset to the garage. Lou gives Drew a cap and T-shirt with his name on it to show his appreciation(!) Drew is very unimpressed at the way Lou treats him - he says if he doesn't take his ideas seriously he'll have to move on.
The Classroom
Libby is directing a photographer taking photos of the vandalised computers. Ruth comes in and commiserates with Susan. Libby interviews Susan but she doesn't have any idea who did it.
Ruth says the vandals might have done them a favour - the insurance will replace old for new. Susan says it's not only the hardware - it's the files they've lost (although noone has checked to see if the hard-drives are recoverable!). Ruth offers to meet the insurance assessor with her.
Mike brings Libby a cup of tea while she finishes the article about the school computers. Mike tells her he's furnishing his house and asks her to help him chose the stuff for it.
Sofa shop
Libby and Mike try out sofas by bouncing on them(!) They decide on a hideous tiger-skin one!
The Classroom
Phil has turned up to see the damage to the computers. Susan rants that she's always tried to make the kids feel like the school is their own and is very disappointed. Phil asks when the insurance assessor is coming. He comforts Susan who is still upset.
The Coffee Shop
Drew tells Libby the local bike shop is going to lend him a bike for the triathlon. He's also got a mobile phone and Libby asks him what he's up to. She asks him what's going on but he says it's a business secret!
The Pub
Lou tells Karl he could do a deal to replace the computers(!). Karl says he doesn't think it will be necessary!. Lou reads in the paper about a forthcoming Citizen Of The Year award. Lou says there are a lot of standouts in the area - like a local businessman pillar of the community. Karl says sarcastically that that could be Lou! Lou gives Karl the nomination form but he wants to think about his nomination first - he wants to nominate someone unexpected!
Mike's (No.32)
Mike and Libby are arranging lamps and plants in the house, but there's no power yet. They are getting on better. At that moment the power comes on and Mike says it's an omen!
Susan asks Karl if he thinks Mike is "the one". He says Libby has done worse in the past! Susan says it's not ideal him having a wife and a child.
The Garage
Drew is still distant with Lou. Lou shows him the Citizen of the Year award form and asks if Drew would be interested in nominating him! Drew asks if it's Senior Citizen of the Year! Drew gets a phonecall with a quote for new equipment. Lou says he hopes he's not conducting his own business on Lou's time. Drew says that's hardly the attitude for a someone seeking nomination for Citizen of the Year!
Karl asks Libby to help him chop some vegetables for dinner. He tells Libby it's nice for her to have him so close. Libby is unenthusiastic and changes the subject.
The Classroom
The assessor is looking at the classroom. He looks at his folder and says the classroom building damage can be repaired straightaway. However the computers aren't listed on the policy so they aren't covered.
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