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Neighbours Episode 3192 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3192
Australian airdate: 20/10/98
UK airdate: 19/02/99
UK Gold: 08/10/04
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ruth telling Susan the insurance will replace the computers.
The insurance assessor tells Susan the computers aren't covered.
Ruth and Susan come in and tell Phil that the computers aren't covered by the policy. Phil says there must be a mistake and he's certain he can sort it out.
Bill tells Joel that Toadie is on the kids' suspect list for disgruntled ex-students who could have damaged the computers! Joel is nervous about doing well in the triathlon. Bill asks Joel about Drew entering the triathlon. Joel says noone can be underestimated and he'd be embarrassed if Drew beat him!
Amy puts her floppy disk into Phil's steam-driven laptop. The disk is corrupt. Amy realises the only other copy is on the school computers!
Amy stresses to Susan - she can't do her exams without her notes. Anne asks if Susan could give her some extra time. Susan says she'll do everything she can to help her.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is telling Lou that Ruth is moving back into the surgery. Karl says Phil grovelled well and Ruth says he's good with pompous people!
Harold is looking at the Citizen of the Year article in the paper. Madge thinks Lou will nominate himself! Harold says better Lou than Hilary!
Harold tells Madge he's looking forward to the flying machine competition. Madge says she'll be his partner but they have to start the designs from scratch.
The Classroom
The students are cleaning up the mess left from the vandalise computers. Phil tells Susan that the insurance assessor was right. Phil admits that he left the computers off the inventory so it is partly his fault.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is reading about the bequest available to anyone who can fly a self-designed flying machine across Erinsfield River. Madge wonders if "self-designed" means actually designed by Jack Ramsay himself who made the bequest. Madge suggests they start looking for his plans.
Erinsborough High
Susan is furious with Phil. Phil says he's really sorry but Susan is unmoved. He asks her what he can do. Susan says he's done enough.
The Classroom
Susan tells the students that the computers aren't covered by insurance. The students are worried about their exams. Susan says Eden Hills will share their computers until theirs are replaced. She tells them they'll just have to improvise until its sorted out.
Ramsay Street
Joel is working on his bike. Phil says he hopes his bike is insured and Joel says he'd be stupid not to! Joel finds a crack in the rim of one of his tyres. He says he's going to need a new wheel but it will take a while as they have to be ordered from France and cost $1000! Phil offers him a short-term loan.
Phil tells Ruth about the insurance on the computers and that it's his mistake. Ruth says he didn't do it on purpose. Phil says he was distracted around the time of Ruth's cancer scare and the wedding. Phil feels terrible about the whole thing.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth tells Susan that Phil is besides himself. Ruth says it's not entirely his fault - the school treasurer should have noticed. Susan said Phil volunteered to take care of the insurance so it is actually his fault.
Very loud music is playing in the background in Paul's room. Madge yells at him to turn it down. Harold says he's been listening to a group called "Battery Acid" since Hannah left. Harold and Madge draw designs for flying machines but they aren't very good. Madge says they should keep looking for Jack's plans. Madge says they're not the Wright brothers and Jack's plans are their only hope!
The Coffee Shop
Joel is depressed about his racing wheel - it's hard to get a replacement. He says he'll have to use his training wheel - he won't look too good for the Dominator Sports sponsors though. Bill is worried about his exams - he says VCE is a comparable replacement for sending kids down the mines!
Susan tells Phil that she can't forget such a big mistake. Phil says Susan should take some of the responsibility - it's not his job to check every piece of paper! He is in an unpaid capacity so shouldn't cop all the blame. Susan is incredulous. Phil says he's resigning from the school council.
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