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Neighbours Episode 3190 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3190
Australian airdate: 16/10/98
UK airdate: 17/02/99
UK Gold: 07/10/04
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Robert Meillon Mark Hancock
Guests: Pat Horricks: Mirren Lee
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mike telling Libby that he's fallen out with his father over his separation with his wife.
Libby is cross with Mike because he didn't tell her how his parents felt. She says he can't keep secrets and hope they go away.
Susan is recounting the incident with Drew, Karl and the locum at the pub. Mike comes to the door wanting to talk. He asks if he can come in. Karl and Susan say they were just on their way to feed some chips to the sheep(!) and exit through the back door.
Mike gives Libby some flowers but she tells him it won't work. He says she's overreacting but she says she isn't - he lets problem blow out of control. She says he doesn't trust her - he just sweeps things under the carpet. Libby tells him he has to be open and honest and treat her like an adult. Mike apologies and says their relationship is worth fighting for. She says it's his problem and she won't see him again until he deals with it.
Phil is up in the night with a cup of tea. He sits on the sofa holidng Hannah's doll sadly.
Madge and Harold talk about Paul missing Hannah. Harold says teenage years are a painful and confusing time.
Harold is reading the paper and sees the article that Libby did on the Grey Growlers. There's a picture of Portia with the article. Madge says it's good publicity for the Growlers. Harold is reading the article and says it's not as flattering as they first thought, but Madge is late for work and drage him off before he can elaborate.
Lou tells Phil that helping Drew puts him in a conflict of interest - Phil is Lou's financial advisor. Lou says Phil shouldn't be encouraging Drew's hair-brained ideas but Phil says they're not hair-brained. Lou says Drew should concentrate on learning slowly under Lou's guidance(!). Phil says the apprentice is outgrowing the master.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is making paper planes as models for the flying machine he and Bill are building. Portia comes in and tells Madge she's arranged a public humiliation for her! Madge hasn't even read the article. Portia says Libby has twisted her words to make her sound like a twisted ego-maniac! Portia says she's holding Madge personally responsible.
Libby is telling Susan about Mike. She says if it was just them it would be alright, but Mike has so much baggage with his wife, daughter and his parents. Susan says that people can't change overnight and whether it is all worth it. Libby says that Mike is definitely worth it (contrary to all the evidence available!).
The Coffee Shop
Madge is reading the article about the Grey Growlers. Madge reads out some patronising comments that Portia has made about the Grey Growlers in the article. Harold asks her what she's going to do. Madge says she'll call a meeting of the team.
Garden of the Bishops
Harold is on an exercise bike waving his arms while Bill takes notes to use with the flying machine! Bill measures him and asks Harold what he weighs!
The Coffee Shop
Portia tells the Grey Growlers that Libby twisted her words(!) One of the team says that the whole team feel very hurt and says they should vote on expelling Portia from the Grey Growlers. Madge unexpectedly intervenes and says they don't need drastic action while they're all tense and strained. Madge says she believes Portia's explanation and that Portia has done a lot for the team. She suggests they accept Portia's apology and get on with being a team again. Portia thanks Madge.
Garden of the Bishops
Bill has put some paper wings on Harold. He makes him flap them while riding the exercise bike(!). Lou and Lolly see him over the fence and laugh.
Karl tells Susan that Phil asked him if Ruth could rent the consultation room at the surgery again. Karl says he doesn't want to as last time was a disaster. Susan says he should bend a bit - Phil and Ruth are good friends so he should give them another chance. Karl says he'll tell Ruth she can have the consultation room - but it's Susan's fault if it backfires!
Outside the Bishops
Harold and Bill chat about the flying competition. In conversation it turns out that the date of the competition clashes with Bill's biology exam.
Harold is stiff after all the flapping. He is disappointed that Bill can't do the competition. Madge says he'll have to find another partner.
Madge tells Harold that she defended Portia and stopped her being ousted from the team. Harold is puzzled but Madge says it would have been too easy!
Susan is showing Karl something on the computer - she has been installing software. Susan is worried that they don't have enough equipment at the school. At that moment to police ring to tell her that the school has been broken into.
The Pub
Mike comes in to see Libby. He says she's right about his lack of communication and he's going to make a concerted effort to change. Libby says they're lovely words but they're just that. Mike says he's already made a start - he's moving into No.32!
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