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Neighbours Episode 3189 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3189 (Hannah Martin leaves for France)
Australian airdate: 15/10/98
UK airdate: 16/02/99
UK Gold: 06/10/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Robert Meillon Mark Hancock
Guests: Jeremy Lindstrom: John Ridley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie telling Lance that he has a telephone gambling account.
Lance overhears Toadie's username and password.
Lance rings Toadie's gambling account and gives the username and password.
Lance puts a bet on using Toadie's account. Hannah comes in and shows her passport and traveller's cheques. Hannah asks Ruth if Paul can come for dinner. Lance looks shifty.
Karl's locum has come to call. Karl tells him that one of his patients was less than happy that the locum refused to prescribe her sleeping pills. The locum suggested counselling instead. Karl asks for an explanation.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is telling Phil that Lou doesn't appreciate him. Drew wants to start his own business. He asks Phil if he'll go through the business plan with him. Phil agrees.
Karl is cross with the locum over their difference of opinion in the prescription of sleeping pills to the patients. Karl explains his reasoning but the locum doesn't agree. Karl tells him he won't be needing his assistance in the future. The locum stalks out.
Rosemary is telling Anne about New York. Hannah introduces Paul to Rosemary. Lance suddenly becomes excited - he has obviously won his bet. He tells Anne he's listening to Toadie's radio station, but she looks a bit suspicious.
Susan is trying to reason with Karl - she says there might be room for two points of view in medicine, just like different teachers have different teaching styles. Karl is still cross. Susan says they'll have to agree to disagree, but Karl doesn't want any more to do with him.
The Martins are having a farewall dinner for Hannah. They all give her parting gifts. Paul says his present isn't ready yet but he'll bring it for her tomorrow.
Paul is recording a video of himself for Hannah to take to Paris with her (noone seems to have told him France use a different video system!!).
Phil is on the phone to Monsieur Gerard in Paris. Ruth and Lance are trying to help him with a French phrasebook. It turns out Phil has woken him at 2AM - Lance got the time difference wrong!Lance sits on Hannah's case to close it.
The locum has come to have a chat with Karl. He says that Karl was right - Karl knows his own patients better than him. Karl says he overreacted a bit too - he doesn't want a locum that just follows him blindly either. The agree to meet at the pub for a drink later.
They are about to leave for the airport but Hannah is stressed that she hasn't seen Paul. Phil says they have to leave. While the others are getting in the car, Lance quickly phones in a bet.
The Coffee Shop
Paul sits with Drew drinking a milkshake. Drew asks why he isn't at the airport and Paul says he didn't want to go in case he got all soppy - it's not cool. Drew says to forget cool, Hannah will be very disappointed if he isn't there. Drew gets up, rings Paul a taxi and gives him the money to get to the airport.
The Airport
Hannah is still stressing that Paul isn't there. Hannah doesn't want to go without seeing him.
The Pub
Karl and his locum are having a drink and getting along well. They swap case stories. Susan comes in and is surprised to see they have made up. Karl says that women always over-dramatise things!
The Airport
Paul finally arrives. Hannah comes back from the toilet to see Paul there. The others go off to the duty-free shop to give them some space. Hannah tells Paul she was scared he wouldn't come. Paul says he was scared of not being cool. Hannah tells him she's glad he came.
The Pub
Karl and his locum are having an intense conversation and ignoring Susan. She protests and the locum apologies. Drew is at the bar and complains of a bit of cramp. Karl and his locum compete to diagnose it correctly. Drew says he's made an appointment with Ruth to fix it! Susan laughs quietly and Karl tells her to shut up!
The Airport
Hannah is saying goodbye at the boarding gate. She hugs them all. Her and Phil get s a bit tearful. Hannah kisses Paul briefly on the lips. Hannah and Rosemary go through the gate.
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