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Neighbours Episode 3188 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3188
Australian airdate: 14/10/98
UK airdate: 15/02/99
UK Gold: 06/10/04
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Robert Meillon Mark Hancock
Guests: Tuong Pham: Trent Huen
Dierdre Kauffmann: Lidia Faranda
Pippa Layton: Natalie Shostak
Judge Wickham: James Taylor
Clerk of the Court: Scott Brennan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amy telling Toadie that she is his witness for the law competition.
Law Court
Toadie is speechless. Amy says she's really looking forward to being his witness. Toadie tells her she was hopeless and now he's stuck with her against a brilliant opponent. Amy says that was just practice and that she'll be the best witness ever.
Karl and Susan arrive home from holiday. Susan sees the idol and is horrified. She says it's hideous but Karl says they're stuck with it. Susan puts a beach hat on it! Susan makes them a cup of coffee and says it's good to have Karl back.
Joel is decanting sports drinks in preparation for his triathlon training. Sally tells Joel her friend has a problem with a job - the boss is doing something unethical that she doesn't agree with. She asks Joel if her friend should keep the job or leave (but she is obviously referring to herself and Lou). Joel says the friend should stick to her principles. Sally looks torn.
The Surgery
Karl's new receptionist is horribly talkative and Karl looks a bit overwhelmed.
Law Court
Lance is sitting in the audience to support Amy. Toadie isn't pleased to have people he knows there to watch him embarrass himself!
The case begins. The judge tells them that the competition will be run as if it were a real court. The judge directs Toadie to begin the case. He calls Amy to the stand as his first witness. Toadie spills water on his notes and they become unreadable!
Ouside the Coffee Shop
Sally is wearing the chicken suit and starts giving out animal rights leaflets. Lou drage her inside, but not before Joel catches sight of her in the chicken suit.
Law Court
Amy is being a good witness and talking fluently.
The Pub
Lou tells Sally that she's fired. He tells Sally and Joel that he didn't buy any poultry from Juicy Chickens - he got them from a mate's farm. He swapped them with his mate for beer for his son's birthday - that's why they were plain-wrapped and there was no receipt. He didn't tell Madge because he wanted to wind her up.
Karl is still overwhelmed by his talkative secretary.
Law Court
Toadie is summing up his case. Amy whispers to him to keep it brief. Toadie sits down, exhausted.
Sally feels guilty about what happened with Lou. Joel says Lou won't hold a grudge for long. She agrees to meet him later in the pub.
Law Court
The judge thanks both side for their contribution. The scores were close, but Toadie wins the competition. He is chuffed to bits.
Toadie is delighted that he won the case. He opens the fridge to find something to drink to celebrate, but there's only Joel's sports drinks! He, Lance and Amy drink them anyway. Toadie thanks Amy for being a perfect witness. Lance looks forward to discount rates when Toadie has qualified. Amy suggests they all go out to dinner, but Lance says he has to go to a farewell dinner for Hannah.
When Amy's gone, Toadie asks Lance if he feels like putting a bet on. Toadie rings his gambling account and gives them him account number and password. Lance secretly writes them on his hand. They put a bet on.
Karl is concerned about some decisions his locum made while he was away - Karl said he made some different decisions than he would have.
Toadie and Lance are listening to the race on the radio but they lose. Lance wants to put another bet on but Toadie says he's cutting his losses. Toadie goes off for a shower and Lance rings Toadie's betting account. But Toadie comes back in briefly and Lance has to put the phone down. He takes the newspaper and heads home.
The Pub
Joel says he has smoothed things over with Lou by telling him that Sally needs some extra cash. Sally tells him Joel is going to have to get used to the face that she can look after herself.
Lance rings Toadie's gambling account. He looks guilty but can't help himself. He gives Toadie's account number and password.
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