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Neighbours Episode 3187 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3187
Australian airdate: 13/10/98
UK airdate: 12/02/99
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie telling Amy and Lance he's going to take part in a law competition.
Madge suspects Lou of buying chicken raised in pour conditions.
Madge tells a crowd that Lou has blood on his hands.
Lou brings a policeman to arrest Madge for malicious damage to his chicken suit!
Harold tells Madge she got off lightly - she had to offer to pay for the suit to be dry cleaned. Madge says she won't give up until she exposes Lou. Harold says she has no proof.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Bill asks Anne if she's wants to go to the movies, but Anne says she's doing something with Amy. Anne says she is practising being assertive so that people don't walk all over her!
Harold comes up with their order. He asks Bill to help him design a flying machine for the competition. Bill isn't very keen but Harold says he could use it for a school project! When Harold has gone, Bill tells Anne that Harold is annoying!
The Pub
Mike tells Libby his parents have agreed to meet them for lunch tomorrow.
Madge comes in and asks Libby if she's found a purchase order for the chickens. Libby says there's nothing on the purchase orders about chicken which is suspicious in itself. Libby tells Madge that she needs a good story for the paper. Madge suggest she does an article on the Grey Growlers. They set up an interview for the following morning.
Anne wants to try out some assertiveness techniques with Amy. Amy takes offence at some of the exercises. Amy says she doesn't need assertiveness - she'll just slap anyone who insults her! Anne persuades her to try again. Amy starts thinking of put-downs she can use on Lance!
The Coffee Shop
Libby is interviewing Madge for the article about the Grey Growlers. Portia comes in and muscles in on the interview. Madge slinks off to the kitchen.
Amy tells Anne she freaked Lance out by being assertive with him! Amy has bought a book about assertiveness. She reads out some lines from the book. Anne and Amy laugh at some of the rubbish contained in the book.
The Coffee Shop
Mike comes in and saves Libby from Portia.
Libby is getting ready to meet Mike's parents. She is wearing a rather inappropriately short dress! Libby is nervous about meeting his parents.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Harold asks Bill again about the flying machine. He isn't keen but gets more interested when Harold mentions the prize money(!) He says he'll have a look at the plans. He crumples up Harold's plans and says they'll need to start afresh!
The Pub
Libby asks Mike if the dress is OK and he says it is fine(!).Mike gets a call to say that his parents aren't coming. Libby wants to know what's going on.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie is nervous about the law competition. Anne says her and Bill will come to watch but Toadie says he doesn't want anyone he knows there!
Portia comes in and approaches Harold at the counter. She flirts with him and asks him to come to play a round of golf with her - she's a life member at her club. Harold has obviously been picking up tips from Anne about assertiveness because he politely tells her that he wouldn't want to be the guest of any club that accepted Portia as a member! He excuses himself to the kitchen leaving Portia to stalk out. Madge is impressed!
The Pub
Mike tells Libby that his father is old-fashioned and doesn't approve of Mike seeing one of his students (Mike's father used to be a lecturer himself). Also Mike's father thinks Mike should get back with his wife.
Libby is very cross that Mike didn't tell her about any of this. She says he is acting like a teenager - he can't keep secrets and hope they'll go away. She shouts at him to grow up!
Outside the Courthouse
Toadie is reading the witness statement for the competition. Apparently the witness is female. Toadie says she can't possibly be as bad as Amy. Anne and Bill wish Toadie luck.
Libby is still furious with Mike. She says he can't continue to keep thing from her. She tells him to get out. He leaves.
Foyer of the Courthouse
Amy comes up to Toadie and tells him excitedly that she is his witness. Toadie looks horrified!
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