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Neighbours Episode 3179 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3179
Australian airdate: 1/10/98
UK airdate: 2/2/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou telling Toadie that Johnny Silver is going to play at Little Tommy Tucker's.
Drew hears on the radio that Johnny Silver is playing in West Waratah instead. Lou says he's been "right royally shafted".
Sally calls round to find Joel's stuff all over his living room - his mother's shipped it up from Tasmania. He's clearly a hoarder - Sally tells him to take it to the tip! Joel is thinking of building some units for it all, but Sally tells him about a sale that a local shop are having.
The Pub
Lou is on the phone to Johnny Silver's agent - apparently Lou's contract is "exclusive to Erinsborough" which doesn't include West Waratah. Lou has still sold all his tickets though, even if it's not exclusive. Libby says Karl has been driving them nuts talking about Johnny Silver. Lou says Johnny Silver is a legend and Libby scoffs!
Joel has bought some units at the sale and is trying to put them together. Sally can't believe how much stuff he's accumulated. She finds things like 16th birthday cards and yearbooks. They get to talking about Sally's mum and she gets a bit upset. Joel is oblivious that he's said anything wrong though.
Madge is ironing and talking to Harold about the basketball game tomorrow. She's a bit nervous about joining the Grey Growlers. Harold is annoyed with Lou - he couldn't get a ticket for the Johnny Silver concert as they were sold out. He thinks Lou was just being spiteful. Madge tells him that she bought the last ticket herself - as a surprise for Harold. Harold hugs and kisses her - he's over the moon!
Sally brings Joel a surprise - two tickets for Johnny Silver tonight! Joel says it's not really his style but says it might have a bit of retro appeal. He isn't doing very well putting his units together - he was sidetracked by Toadie and his cross-examination project. Now he can't find the instructions. Sally thinks she might have thrown them away by accident - and the bins have been collected this morning. Sally says she'll ring a company who specialise in putting them together and she'll pay. Joel says that he'll figure it out by himself, but he does not look convinced.
Tennis Court
Susan, Karl, Libby and Mike have met up to play tennis. They decide to play doubles. Mike teases Karl about his fitness and he does not look impressed.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is raving to Lou about Johnny Silver. He shows Lou a rare Johnny Silver album which has also been autographed. Lou asks Harold how much he wants for it, but Harold isn't selling. He wants some more memorabilia so he can hold a charity auction after the show. Lou says hell see what he can do.
Joel is still trying to put the units together when Madge calls. Joel has forgotten he said he'd come with her to introduce her to the Grey Growlers team. She is very nervous and feels like the new girl at school. Joel tells Sally not to touch anything while he's gone. As he shuts the door, what he has managed to assemble so far collapses!
Basketball Court
Some middle-aged ladies are practising their basketball. Joel and Madge arrive. The coach is a woman called Portia Grant who is shouting at the ladies like a sergeant major. Madge tries to leave, but Portia comes over. She tells Madge that she knows Portia's sister Hilary. Madge does not look impressed. She bosses Madge around and sends her off to practise some skills.
Tennis Club
Karl is stiff after the first set and sinks into a chair. Susan asks if he'll come to a conference with her - Karl says he'll try to get a locum. Susan says that Libby and Mike make a nice couple. Libby and Mike come up and sit down and Karl tells them that they've got tickets for the Johnny Silver concert and invites them to come. Mike accepts, much to Libby's dismay.
Basketball Court
Joel is leading the ladies in some stretches. Harold comes in to watch. Lou is also there putting up "Sold Out" signs on the Johnny Silver posters. Lou is surprised to see Madge there and Harold tells him firmly not to tease her. Lou tells Madge he's very impressed and can't wait to see her in a cute skirt with matching undies(!)
Portia comes up and suggests they all go to the Coffee Shop for a post-training meeting. She says now Madge is on the team, coffees will be on the house! Madge is appalled!
The Coffee Shop
Portia, Lou and the rest of the team are drinking coffee. Madge isn't happy at being taken for a ride and also, she doesn't like Portia.
Lou is telling Portia that he's done basketball training in the past, so he can help out if she needs him. Madge comes up and says she might buy a uniform. Portia tells her not to bother yet - most people drop out in the first two weeks!
Portia is leaving and thanking Madge for the coffees. When she's gone, Madge screams in anger and says she'll stick it out and will buy a uniform tomorrow.
Sally is looking through Joel's stuff. She starts talking about her mother - when she died Sally started collecting up old tickets and stuff from around the house to remind her of her mother. Joel is shocked to hear that Sally's mother is dead. Sally tells him that she nursed her mother when she was dying and Joel is very sympathetic. Sally says it's history now and she has to move on. She still grieves for her though. She changes the subject by telling Joel to ring the unit assembly people. Joel says he will manage on her own. He sits down to get on with the job and tells Sally if she wants to talk further about her mother, that's fine by him.
The Coffee Shop
Lou rushes in. He tells Madge and Harold that he's got great news - Johnny Silver will donate a hat to Harold's charity auction. Harold is almost overcome with joy.
Lou tells Madge that the basketball team could be much better with him as a coach. Madge says she can't see Portia letting him in. Lou says with him as their coach, "The sky's the limit!" (!)
Tennis Club
Susan talks to Libby about Mike. she wants to know about his ex-wife and child. Libby says she's got to accept that they are part of the picture. Mike has always been completely honest with her so she's not worried. She says Mike's worth it.
Mike and Karl come up and are ready to leave. Susan and Libby go to sign the guest book. They see Mike's name there already - apparently he and his ex-wife, Victoria, were there together last week.
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