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Neighbours Episode 3178 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3178
Australian airdate: 30/09/98
UK airdate: 01/02/99
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Anne and Lance are angry that Hannah is going to France.
Bill and Anne return to find the Thunderbird has been stolen. Bill says that Karl will kill him.
Anne says they'd better call the police and also call Karl. Bill says he can't - he didn't put the steering lock on and Karl will go mental.
Sarah is apologising to Alex for accusing him over the stalking. She's told the board and the police that she made a mistake. He accepts her apology and tells her that he thinks the red colour is significant - it might be meaningful to her stalker. Sarah wonders if she'll ever meet him, but Alex says she will - in fact, she's probably met him already. He invites a patient, Richard, into his consultation room. Sarah and Alex agree to catch up later on.
The Pub
Lou is enjoying listening to a record of Johnny Silver and enthusing about him. He can't believe that Drew isn't more enthusiastic. Drew can't believe he's agreed to play at Little Tommy Tucker's. Drew wonders why he doesn't hire a stadium if he's so popular, but Lou says he prefers smaller venues. Lou tells Drew not to make any plans - he wants Drew to help with a letterbox drop about the concert.
A road
Bill and Anne are looking for the Thunderbird, but there's no sign of it. Anne suggests they get on with ringing the police and his parents. Bill says he'll ring the police first!
Sarah bumps into Alex's patient, Richard. He smiles at her a bit manically and says goodbye to Alex. Sarah and Alex agree to take a coffee break together.
The Pub
Lou asks Toadie to do a double shift, but he says he can't because he's got a lot of Uni work to do. Lou shows him a T-shirt with Johnny Silver on it that he's got printed. Toadie says his mum would go ape to see Johnny Silver at Little Tommy Tucker's. Lou says it's nice that Toadie was brought up with some culture(!) Toadie can't believe he's going to appear at Little Tommy Tucker's - he wants to know what the catch is. Lou says he's got an exclusive contract for one night only. Toadie thinks Lou will make a killing. Lou leaves Toadie in charge of the pub while he goes off with Drew to do a letterbox drop.
A road
The phonebox is out of order so Bill can't ring anyone. Susan and Karl happen to drive by and stop. Bill says they've left the car because they ran out of petrol. However, Karl says the car has abandoned on the Eastern Expressway - the police called them and they're just on their way to pick it up.
The Pound
Susan tells Bill he's not in trouble - he's lucky the police found it before it got smashed. A man is telling Karl that the car is so old it's easy to hotwire. Karl can't understand how they got the steering lock off but the man says it was never on - he found it on the floor of the passenger seat. Karl isn't pleased and is even less pleased when he's told he has to pay a charge to release the car! The man tells Karl that the car didn't run out of petrol - it just broke down!! Susan laughs her head off.
The Pub
Drew is sick of doing letterdrops - he's done 500 leaflets. Lou says he's had twelve phonecalls about the concert already. Drew is surprised. Lou is trying to get as many tables as he can into Little Tommy Tucker's for the evening.
Bill and Toadie are hanging out. Toadie asks if he can cross-examine Bill - he needs practice for the Law Society competition. Bill would rather go and see a band in Eden Hills. He tells Toadie to cross-examine Bob instead! He tells Toadie about the Thunderbird being stolen and Toadie can't believe he's still alive(!) Toadie says he'll go with Bill to the band, if Bill agrees to be cross-examined tomorrow morning. Bill agrees.
Toadie says that Johnny Silver is in town. Bill says he thought he was dead! Toadie says, "No, he just looks like it!"
Alex's patient Richard stops Sarah in the corridor. He is acting rather weirdly and says he was waiting for Sarah. Then he asks if Bob liked his collar. Sarah becomes terrified, realising that Richard is the stalker. She talks through her terror, saying that Bob did like the collar. Sarah is trying not to cry and backs away. She keeps humouring Richard by chatting to him but eventually manages to get away. Richard is not very lucid and chuckles to himself.
The police have arrived. Alex is talking to them about Richard - apparently he has been suffering from delusions. The police have been looking for Richard but he has disappeared. Alex thinks that maybe Richard hasn't been taking his medication. The police ask him to keep in touch if Richard comes back. Sarah is crying a bit and Alex takes her home. Sarah just wants Richard caught.
Outside Lassiters, the following morning
Lou is wearing a Johnny Silver T-shirt and Susan and Karl comment on it. They can't believe that Johnny Silver will be playing at Little Tommy Tuckers. Karl is a big fan and tells Lou to put him down for four tickets! He says it'll be $200. Susan is shocked and Karl says he'll bring it over in his break. He's idolised Johnny Silver since the 60s and it'll be money well spent!
Toadie is cross-examining Bill. It is not going very well. Bill can't understand why Toadie wants to be a lawyer but Toadie says lawyers are rich and influential!
Sarah comes to see Alex. She is feeling a bit better this morning, but there's still no news on Richard's whereabouts - he didn't go home last night. Alex says that all the security people have been alerted at the hospital and she'll be fine. Sarah is creeped out by the fact that they don't know where Richard but he knows where she is - all the time.
Bill's crossexamination is still not going well. In fact he's contradicting Toadie's line of questioning - telling him that his questions are leading!
The Garage
Lou tells Drew that the Johnny Silver show is sold out. Drew turns up the radio - there's an article about Johnny Silver on. The station says that Johnny Silver will be playing exclusively in West Waratah! Lou is not happy and thinks he has been "right royally shafted".
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