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Neighbours Episode 3177 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3177
Australian airdate: 29/09/98
UK airdate: 29/01/99
Writer: Sam Genocchio
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: N/A
- "Blood Runs Hot" by Swoop
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Hannah tells Phil she's so unhappy at home and she needs to get away - to stay with Claire in France.
Ruth feels that she's failed Hannah.
Hannah tells Phil and Ruth that she overheard their conversation - she thought Ruth was against her but then she heard Ruth supporting her and the trip to France. Ruth says she's always tried to support her. Hannah says she's been too wrapped up in her own problems to see it - she wants to make it up to Ruth. She says that she'd love to go to France to stay with Claire, but if it makes Phil and Ruth feel like they've failed, she'll stay and try to work things out. Hannah says she feels like a spoilt little brat.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is doing really well on her first day and serving customers cheerfully. Harold is impressed. Cassandra calls in sick and Harold and Madge need to go and see Paul off, so Amy offers to take over - she can manage on her own. Madge agrees and is very grateful to her.
Ruth is talking to Hannah. She says she'd hoped she could be her friend at least. Hannah says she's sorry - she'll try harder. Ruth says if they try any harder they'll both explode. Ruth tells Hannah that she's not trying to bundle her out or anything, but she and Phil think that Hannah could do with a bit of space - they're going to send her to France. It's the opportunity of a lifetime and she should have it. Maybe when she gets back they could try to get on better. Hannah is pleased about France and apologises to Ruth for her behaviour toward her.
Paul is packed for his holiday with his father. He shows Madge and Harold a framed picture of him at the formal which he's going to give to his dad. Madge tells Paul not to worry if things are a bit awkward at first - it's only natural, they'll be fine in a few days.
Phil and Ruth sit Anne and Lance down and tell them that things have been difficult over the last few weeks. Hannah has caused a lot of the tension, but in their new family, Hannah's had the hardest road to hoe. Anne and Lance are older, wiser and they have each other, so it hasn't been as hard for them. Phil tells them that Hannah needs some timeout - they've decided to send her to France for a few months to stay with Claire. Anne and Lance are taken aback.
Hannah goes out to say goodbye to Paul and Anne and Lance start ranting. Anne says she asked to go to France with Lily and Ruth refused. They say Hannah doesn't deserve to go to Europe - she's been nothing but trouble since they moved in, and now they're rewarding her for it. Ruth says that she's disappointed in Anne and Lance.
Madge is checking Paul's packing which is hopeless. Hannah calls round as Madge goes to repack Paul's case. Hannah tells Paul excitedly that she's going to France - it's a dream come true. She'll be leaving in a couple of weeks. Paul does not look enthusiastic and tells her that the food isn't very good and she doesn't speak French. Hannah wonders what she'll say to Mark. Paul tries to tell Hannah he really likes her, but Harold and Madge interrupt at that point. They take Paul's case out to the car. Paul tries again to talk to Hannah, but he chickens out. Hannah wishes him a good trip with his dad. He tries yet again to talk to Hannah, but Madge drags him out to the car.
The Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop is empty of customers, so Amy puts the jukebox on, reads a magazine and puts her feet up. A bloke comes in and says he's got a bunch of people outside - they broke down and couldn't make their normal stop. People start flooding into the Coffee Shop and Amy looks very worried! She goes to the phone and rings Lance to ask him to help her.
Anne is ranting to Bill that Hannah is a drama queen. Bill doesn't think Hannah is that manipulative - he tells Anne she's overreacting a bit. Bill also says Anne should be pleased Hannah is going - all the tension will disappear. She accepts that but says she'd love to go to the Pompidou Centre and the Louvre - Hannah won't appreciate all that. Bill says he's got a surprise for Anne and to meet him in twenty minutes.
The Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy are run off their feet. Lance is telling Amy about Hannah's trip as they work. He says Hannah has done nothing to deserve the trip. Amy tells him to shut up and work.
Hannah tells Anne that she's going to miss Paul - she takes him for granted. Anne says she takes everyone for granted - she manipulated Ruth and Phil into letting her go. They squabble loudly about the trip. Anne says it hasn't been easy for her and Lance either, but at least they tried. She storms out.
The Coffee Shop
The coach party are leaving. Amy and Lance sign with relief and start cleaning up the plates. The bloke comes in with a tip for them - the party had a whip-round to show their appreciation. Amy is very pleased.
Karl's thunderbird
Bill is taking Anne for a drive in Karl's thunderbird with the top down. Anne says she feels like a movie star! Bill stops the car for "Surprise no.2"
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge are returned and Harold is appalled about the mess left. Madge says that the takings are the best they've had in a long time, though. Harold is pleased. Amy offers to clean up, but Madge says that she and Harold will do it. Amy says she enjoy serving so many people today. Lance finds a coin in the tips - it's an old Chinese coin. Madge tells him to keep it. Lance tells Amy it could be a sign that he'll start backing winners again!
A road
Bill and Anne are eating fish and chips. They walk along happily but when they get back the car has gone. Bill starts to panic - he can't believe the car has been stolen. He says Karl will kill him.
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