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Neighbours Episode 3176 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3176
Australian airdate: 28/09/98
UK airdate: 28/01/99
UK Gold: 28/09/04
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Alex Fenton: Guy Hooper
Richard Downing: John Arnold
Alma Taylor: Margaret O'Shea
Tina: Carol Millington
Debby: Vivien Brattle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil has received a letter from Hannah's penpal's parents saying they understand Phil is thinking of sending Hannah abroad(!)
HANNAH: What I told Claire was supposed to be private.
PHIL: What did you tell her?!
HANNAH: Stuff.
PHIL: What sort of stuff?!
HANNAH: Stuff I couldn't talk to anybody else about.
PHIL: You could have talked to me!
HANNAH: I could, once.
PHIL: You and I never had any secrets.
HANNAH: That's right.
PHIL: (holding up the letter) This is a secret!
HANNAH: I had to tell somebody! (starting to cry) You stopped listening.
She sits down.
PHIL: Have you been telling Claire stories so that she'd feel sorry for you?
HANNAH: (sobbing) I just told her the truth!
PHIL: Well, you've obviously told her that you're unhappy.
HANNAH: You see, you haven't heard. You haven't seen what's been going on.
PHIL: Hannah, we have to sort this out. You've organised yourself a trip to France without even asking me.
HANNAH: (crying) I don't want to be here anymore. Why do you think I want to go to France?
PHIL: I have no idea, you tell me.
HANNAH: That's exactly why I want to go.
PHIL: What?
HANNAH: You should know. You should know!
PHIL: Hannah...
She runs off to her bedroom.
Joel is wearing a name badge which he tells Toadie is part of a new marketing drive. They're also doing "two for the price of one" and he's already had some fit twin babes in. Joel says he'll put in a good word for Toadie, as long as he's over Karen. Toadie says he is.
Sarah says that she hasn't heard from her stalker again, but Toadie warns her that stalkers on average last about a year. Sarah sighs and says that the evidence against Alex is only circumstantial, so the police can't charge him.
Coffee Shop
Amy thanks Lance for pawning his bike for her. He hasn't told Phil and Ruth though - he'll just get it back before they know. Amy says she's worried that he'll gamble for it. Lance suggests to Amy that she could cover Paul's job at the Coffee Shop while he's away - she could ask Madge about it.
Phil and Ruth are wondering what on earth Hannah said to Claire.
RUTH: Maybe we should consider getting outside help.
PHIL: Like what?
RUTH: Family counselling?
PHIL: Yeah, maybe. I think we can deal with it. I've manged my fair share of family problems in the past.
RUTH: What are we going to do, we've tried everything!
PHIL: I know where I'm going to start.
RUTH: Speak to Hannah.
PHIL: No, I've done that, got me nowhere.
RUTH: So, what exactly have you got in mind?
PHIL: (looking at his watch) Well, the Gerards are eight hours behind us. I can't call them yet. I think we should find out precisely what has been going on.
Coffee Shop
Amy approaches Madge about the job cover idea. She overwhelms Madge with a run- down of her qualities and skills(!) Madge says she wasn't really thinking of replacing Paul, but Amy's enthusiasm wears her down. Also, she can barely get a word in(!) Madge says Amy will have to do a trial first - right now. Amy asks if she can keep the tips!
Outside the hospital
Sarah comes out and sits down for a cup of tea. She's shocked when Alex appears. He says he's not stalking her, he's just concerned about what she's going through. Sarah tells him to keep away from her. He points out that he's had a terrible week with the police, but they haven't found any evidence. They'll catch the real culprit and then Sarah will know it wasn't him.
SARAH:(standing up) You listen to me. I don't want you near me. Not now, not in the future, not ever OK, so stay away.
ALEX: You need help.
SARAH: What I need is for you to leave me alone. Now.
ALEX: OK, have it your way. I'm only trying to make you see some sense.
Hannah tells Paul that she has been talking to Claire about going to France - now her parents have written to Phil to invite her to come and stay with them in France.
PAUL: And you actually want to go and live in France.
HANNAH: You bet! Imagine having somewhere like that to go. Somewhere I don't have arguments every day of my life. It'd be unreal.
PAUL: Yeah, perfect(!)
Paul is a bit cross that Hannah hasn't told him all this before. But she'll have to get Phil and Ruth onside again. Suddenly Paul notices that Hannah has had her top braces off. He thinks she looks "pretty".
Phil has spoken to the Gerards who would be "Enchanté" to have Hannah to stay.
RUTH: Maybe it's something we should consider.
PHIL: Consider what, seriously?
RUTH: How would you feel about her going?
PHIL: I'm not sure. Part of me says don't let Hannah manipulate you...but on the other hand, it would be the opportunity of a lifetime.
RUTH: True enough.
PHIL: What would you do if it was Anne?
RUTH: It would be hard to say no.
PHIL: Do you think she should go?
RUTH: Well, thousands of kids go on exchange every year, don't they?
PHIL: Would make things less stressful around here too.
RUTH: Oh, that's hardly a reason to send her.
PHIL: No. Well, whatever we do, we have to make a decision quickly.
RUTH: What's the rush?
PHIL: Well, they've arranged a place for Hannah at a local school...they want her settled as soon as possible. Claire's about to start her final year.
RUTH: Poor Gerards, I know how they feel! How well do you know them?
PHIL: I've spoken to them on the phone a couple of times...Madge and Harold are very impressed by them.
RUTH: They sent their daughter here, they must know the responsibilities involved in taking Hannah.
PHIL: I have no problem trusting the Gerards. It's Hannah I'm not sure about. I don't know, maybe this would be a good thing for her.
RUTH: Well, there can be no answers until you have talked it through with her.
PHIL: Best we get on to this.
RUTH: Oh, no "we" - you. The wicked stepmother is keeping herself very scarce.
Sarah is serving tea to an elderly patient (Elma) when she sees a present on Elma's table - addressed to Sarah!
SARAH: Elma, you didn't need to do that, I like coming to see you.
ELMA: Oh no, dear, it's not from me.
SARAH: But it's got my name on it!
ELMA: Yes, he said it was for you.
SARAH: Who said?
ELMA: The nice young man.
Sarah questions her further, but Elma doesn't know his name. Sarah takes the present and leaves the room. As she comes out, she sees Alex, so goes over and thrusts the present at him.
SARAH: What did I say to you? I told you to leave me alone!
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Paul is instructing Amy in his personal shorthand for taking orders. Amy says she'll be fine on prices - she's got a photographic memory. Madge tests Amy, and she gets an order price exactly right - she's hired!
Lance comes in and places Amy's first order!
Joel tells Toadie that the hot twins have approached him to be their personal trainer. Toadie says he can offer a bit of help, but Joel doesn't think Toadie is fit enough(!)
Just then, the twins arrive. They're middle- aged women and speak in stereo!
TOADIE: Very funny(!)
Sarah comes in and tells Toadie she's a bit shaky after last night. While he's out hanging up the washing, the phone rings and Sarah answers it. It's the stalker.
STALKER: Hello Sarah. Did you get my little gift?
SARAH: You know I did!
STALKER: I always wrap my gifts in red ribbon. My favourite colour is red, what's yours?
SARAH: Will you stop this, just leave me alone!
As she puts the phone down, there's a knock at the door and it's Alex. She is shocked.
SARAH: Toadie! Toadie! You stay there, I'm calling the police - don't move!
She picks up the phone, but the stalker is still on the line, so it can't be Alex!
STALKER: Hello Sarah, I'm still here!
Toadie tells Alex he can't blame Sarah for suspecting him(!) Sarah apologises to Alex and tells him she's going through a terrifying time - she's scared stiff every time the phone rings or the door knocks - she can't sleep at night and she's not going to until the maniac is found. It's worse now she knows it's not Alex - now the stalker could be anyone.
SARAH: It could be someone I see every day of my life! Don't you understand?
HANNAH: I thought when you married Ruth, and they moved in, that we'd all be one big happy family.
PHIL: We could be!
HANNAH: Not while I'm a part of it.
PHIL: You're a part of it whether you like it or not.
HANNAH: I mean, you wouldn't think so. You hardly spend any time with me anymore.
PHIL: That's what happens when there's other people around.
HANNAH: You spend plenty of time with Ruth.
PHIL: Well, she's my wife!
HANNAH: And she hates me.
PHIL: You know that's not true.
HANNAH: OK, she doesn't like me.
PHIL: Do you like her?
HANNAH: I...don't like the way she's keeping you away from me.
PHIL: OK, so if you want to be close to me, why do you want to go all the way to France.
HANNAH: I'm so unhappy here! Dad, I don't know what's been happening, I just...I have to get away. Not away from you, you know I love you, just...away from here.
PHIL: You think it'd make a difference.
HANNAH: Maybe I'd grow up a bit. Maybe I'd miss everyone here and realise it wasn't that bad after all. I mean, it could happen.
PHIL: I love you, sweetheart. Whatever happens, I hope you know that.
Sarah and Alex are discussing whether the stalker could be someone at the hospital. It must be someone who can blend in at the hospital. All they know is that his favourite colour is red.
Ruth comes in with some shopping and asks Phil how his chat with Hannah went. He says it went well - although Hannah sees Ruth as a competitor for Phil's time and affection.
RUTH: The last thing I wanted was to come between the two of you.
PHIL: Hannah realises that she's caused a problem.
RUTH: Really? Shame. I so desperately wanted our two families to come together. You've accepted my two, I thought I was showing Hannah lots of love. I must be some sort of ogre if she thinks she's got to go to France to get away from me.
PHIL: Nobody's to blame. I've been thinking - is time out such a good thing? God, I don't know what to do.
RUTH: There's only one thing we can do - we have to support her. If Hannah thinks that France is the answer then maybe...
PHIL: What about your kids? Won't they see us as favouring Hannah?
RUTH: Perhaps she needs favouring. I'll take care of that.
PHIL: Easier said than done. I don't think they'll be very impressed.
RUTH: They'll be cool, you know them. But Hannah's the one we have to worry about now. Phil, I feel like I've failed her.
PHIL: No you haven't!
RUTH: That's not how Hannah sees it.
Hannah is listening in on this exchange from the living room.
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