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Neighbours Episode 3173 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3173
Australian airdate: 23/09/98
UK airdate: 25/01/99
UK Gold: 25/09/04
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Chris Adshead and Mark Hancock
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Susan finds Lou having a funny turn in his car.
- Madge discovers Lou drowning in the spa. She shouts for help.
Harold hears Madge's frantic cries for help. He rushes in and help her to get Lou out of the spa. She then resuscitates him while Harold calls an ambulance (luckily he comes around quickly, much to Madge's relief)
Billy and Anne are opening each other's report cards. Anne has done well in everything except Biology. Billy has done quite well considering he had a lot of time off. He tells Anne that he might not apply for University -he might see if he passes the year first. Anne says she's thinking about doing psychology at Uni.
A street
Hannah is reading her report and tells Paul that Phil is going to kill her for failing Maths. Paul points out that it was only because she cheated on the test.
As they round the corner of Ramsay Street, they see Lou being put into an ambulance.
Ramsay Street
Lou is protesting that he doesn't need observation in hospital but Madge and Harold assure him they'll take care of Lolly.
Hannah tells Phil and Ruth that Lou has been taken to hospital. They are shocked.
Anne comes in and shows them her report card. Ruth congratulates her, saying Lance's was pretty good too. Hannah lurks in the background looking sheepish.
Phil turns to Hannah and asks about her report card. He's shocked to see it's not very good. She is defensive and says she'll have to work harder. She's not happy when Phil says she may have to trim back her work experience at the vet's. She stomps off, snapping at Ruth that the rabbit has been claimed.
Paul is playing with Lolly to keep her occupied. Harold congratulates Madge on her quick actions with Lou.
Hannah is ranting about her work experience at the vet's and says she's fed up of being compared to Lance and Anne.
Madge has rung Ruth to say that Lou is fine -his tests came up clear. Ruth also thinks that Hannah's work experience should go ahead. This rather takes the wind out of Hannah's sails. But Ruth suggests that maybe Hannah should have a tutor, so Hannah stomps off again.
Lolly has fallen asleep. Paul comes in with the post and says that his plane ticket from his father hasn't arrived yet. Madge suggests that Paul rings his father for an update.
Paul calls Leo, only to find that he's not there -apparently he left a week ago with no forwarding address. Madge and Harold try to reassure Paul, who is very upset. Harold tells Paul gently that if Leo has fallen off the wagon, he might be embarrassed to get in touch with Paul. Paul should try to be patient and understanding.
Madge, Harold and Lolly are visiting Lou. Lou is in fine form and insists that he isn't sick. Harold asks what happened. Lou says that he just felt weak suddenly and the next thing, Madge was leaning over him. He thanks them for saving his life.
Phil is off to the hospital to see Lou. Hannah is still sulking. She pouts that her report is none of Ruth's business, but Phil tells her that it is -Ruth is her step-mother now. It's not about comparing Hannah to Anne and Lance, she just needs to live up to her own ability. This gives Hannah food for thought.
When Phil has gone, Ruth comes in and says she doesn't want Hannah to feel like she's being compared to Anne and Lance. Hannah stomps off to see Paul.
Phil is visiting Lou. Lou is sitting up playing cards and admits to Phil that he had a bit of a scare. Phil gets through to Lou about his health a bit, saying he must take care of himself.
Hannah is moaning about her report card to Paul. Paul agrees with Phil -Ruth does have a say in Hannah's life now. He tells Hannah about his dad doing a runner.
Harold, Madge and Lolly return from the hospital with Chinese takeaway. They invite Hannah to join them, but she decides to head home.
Ruth is cooking dinner when Hannah comes in. Anna and Lance are out. Ruth tells Hannah that she's found an IOU in the phone money box and points out that it's an awful lot of money -perhaps she should call France outside peak times. Hannah moans that Ruth doesn't want her to call her friends now. She starts ranting that the house is like a "prison farm".
HANNAH: Before you came along, no-one cared what phone-calls were made and when! You've brought all these ridiculous rules! Look, what is your problem? Are you trying to win Dictator of the Year?
RUTH: That's enough, Hannah! I won't have you speaking to me like that. I am not the monster you make me out to be! This whole phone business only started because of Mystic Mariah, remember?
HANNAH: Yeah, well I don't call Claire on the telephone anymore, anyway! I email her. So that should make you happy, yet another saving that Ruth's made in the household!
RUTH: Hannah, that is enough!
Just then Phil comes in.
PHIL: What's going on?!
HANNAH: Oh, why would you care? I can't do anything right!
Hannah stomps off to her room.
RUTH: Welcome home, dear(!)
Madge has popped back to see Lou. She tells him that she feels a bit guilty about whacking him in the stomach with the basketball earlier. He tells her it had nothing to do with his collapse -he just had another panic attack. He teases her that he would have liked more resuscitation from her(!)
LOU: Madge, I'm serious. I owe you one.
Phil and Ruth are discussing what to do about Hannah. Phil says that Hannah will just have to wake up to reality. He doesn't think they can treat Hannah any differently to the other kids. Ruth feels really helpless. Phil thinks he's spoiled Hannah too much through her life.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Paul gets the mail from the box and is delighted to see a letter from his father.
Paul tells Madge and Harold delightedly that the plane ticket from his father has finally come. He's off to Port Lincoln the day after tomorrow. The letter says that Leo has moved out of the guest house and into a house of his own -so now Paul can come and stay with him. He goes off to pack.
Anne wants to study today, saying they should get their work finished so they can have the rest of the holiday free.
Hannah is on the computer and snaps at Ruth that she's talking to Claire. Ruth reminds her about her orthodontist appointment tomorrow and Hannah practically growls at her, getting Billy and Anne's attention. When Ruth has gone, Billy asks Hannah what's up with her. She stomps off to her room. Anne tells Billy it's all about her report card.
Anne starts to look through University prospectuses and Billy says he's definitely not going inter-state. He's alarmed to hear that Anne is considering going to Dawber (Queensland) to do Fine Art.
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