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Neighbours Episode 3172 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3172
Australian airdate: 22/09/98
UK airdate: 22/01/99
UK Gold: 24/09/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Chris Adshead/Mark Hancock
Guests: Alex Fenton: Guy Hooper
Zara Wolfe: Elizabeth Rule
Sally Upton: Sally Davis
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl and Susan walk in on a surprise party for their 25th wedding anniversary
- They open the door and find Sarah there.
Sarah tells Karl and Susan awkwardly that she needs to talk to Toadie. While Susan goes to get him, Karl asks if she's OK. She says she is (but clearly isn't)
Toadie goes off with Sarah.
Outside No.28
Sarah has had a phonecall from a man who said that he knows there's a party going on across the street -so he's obviously watching her. Toadie tries to calm her down but Sarah is freaking.
Just then, Toadie sees a man in the street. He goes over and punches him(!) -it turns out to be Alex.
Toadie and Sarah ask Alex why he's sneaking around. He says he was just checking that Sarah was OK. Sarah explains about the phone call from the stalker. Apparently he said that he liked Sarah's red pyjamas. She goes off to make them all a coffee. There's a lot of tension between Toadie and Alex.
Karl and Susan are just seeing off the last of the guests. Susan says that she did have a good night, despite Sarah's interruption. She's glad the kids forced the issue, even though it's a bit awkward after their split.
SUSAN: Twenty-five years.
KARL: No mean feat.
SUSAN: Does it seem that long to you?
She kisses him.
SUSAN: Happy anniversary, Dr Kennedy.
KARL: Happy anniversary, Mrs Kennedy.
Sarah and Toadie are still up. Alex has gone home, much to Toadie's relief as he hates him for stealing Karen off him.
TOADIE: We make a good pair, don't we? The dumped and the stalked!
SARAH: This is seriously not how I expected my life to turn out.
TOADIE: What did you expect?
SARAH: Some stability, normality, it's like I'm not in control of anything. You know, at fifteen I got my photograph taken, sixteen it turns into a modelling career. London, living the high life. End up engaged, marriage falls through, I had to take a good, hard look at myself. Realise I've just been floating along. I mean, what good have I done, what have I achieved? Nothing and, oh, nothing.
TOADIE: That's a bit hard on yourself.
SARAH: You ever have a picture of a perfect life? Who your friends are, where you live? The kind of guy you're going out with? Just...the way you want things to be. You know what I mean?
TOADIE: I always had trouble when I got to the imaginary guy bit!
SARAH: Yeah, good one.
TOADIE: No, I know what you mean.
SARAH: Thought I'd moved closer to my picture when I came to Erinsborough. Thought I'd meet someone, you know? The real thing?
TOADIE: I thought that I had that with Karen.
SARAH: Maybe you still do.
SARAH: Well, anyway, you're doing better than me. All I've managed to attract is a weirdo. I mean, is it me, or am I cursed?
TOADIE: Sarah, we're all cursed in our own little way. But, um, you're *multi* cursed mate(!)
SARAH: Thanks!
TOADIE: Well, you asked me my opinion!
SARAH: At least you always give me the truth.
TOADIE: That's why I'm your number one mate!
SARAH: You must be to put up with all my whinging.
TOADIE: Mate, everyone deserves a good wallow now and then. Don't worry, SB. You've picked yourself up before, you'll do it again.
SARAH: It's kind of hard when there's some freak stalking you.
TOADIE: Well, they've got to get through me to get to you.
SARAH: Yeah, I saw your form with Alex, could be in for some trouble.
TOADIE: You'll be right.
SARAH: Do you really think so?

No.28, the following morning
The kids seem to have disappeared this morning. Apparently Libby is still very cool with Karl.
KARL: We can't go back, can we?
SUSAN: Going forward's not so bad.
KARL: No, it's not.
Susan wonders how Sarah is. Karl says that Joel told him that Sarah is going through a rough time. Susan says she feels a bit sorry for her -no-one deserves to go through being stalked.
Sarah is worried that she ruined the Kennedys' party last night, but Joel assures her that he explained the situation to them. Toadie says he's been up thinking about Alex all night.
TOADIE: I think Alex is the stalker.
JOEL: Go back to bed, mate, you need the sleep!
SARAH: Are you serious?
TOADIE: Yeah. Think about it. The guy came on strong when he first met you, right?
SARAH: Right.
TOADIE: And then he got all shirty when you rejected him...
SARAH: Yeah, but that doesn't make him a criminal.
TOADIE: Let me finish. He left frogs on the doorstep. Now, if that isn't kookily obsessive behaviour, I don't know what is.
SARAH: Well, you liked it when you thought it was Karen leaving them.
TOADIE: That's different. He was supposed to be working at the hospital last night and he wasn't. He knows your routine, he knows where you work, where you live, who you live with, he knows the whole deal. It all adds up to one thing -Alex is the stalker.
Sarah and Joel are digesting the fact that Alex might be the stalker. Toadie insists that it's not just because he's bitter over losing Karen -he really thinks Alex is the stalker. Sarah says it wasn't his voice on the phone, but Toadie counters that anyone can change their voice. The car wasn't his either, but that could be borrowed or hired. He wants to call the police, but Sarah says they need more proof first.
SARAH: What about my journal?
JOEL: What?
SARAH: My journal, or the stalking incidents. If I can find out whether Alex was working on those dates or not...we could have something like evidence.
TOADIE: Yes, now we're talking! I think it's about time we started taking a bit of action!
Karl is playing tennis with balloons(!) Susan is doing the laundry.
Lou pops round to apologise for not coming to their party last night. He's brought them a present instead -it's a model of Karl's car!
SUSAN: Lou, this is lovely. Do you know I've never actually seen one that wasn't attached to a tow truck(!)
Karl moans that Lou hasn't serviced his car properly, so he's had his car taken to a classic car specialist!
Sarah is manning the tea trolley when Alex comes over to say hello. He invites her to have lunch with him today. She agrees.
SARAH: Alex, were you working the night before last?
ALEX: Why?
SARAH: Oh, there was just a car accident that came in, the drive was deranged, apparently they had to restrain him.
ALEX: No, I was off.
Sarah drops a cup of tea and Alex observes that she's very jumpy.
As she walks off, she finds a photo of herself on her tea trolley -looking out of the window of No.30. She rushes to the phone.
Radio Station
Sarah tells Toadie on the phone that Alex must be the stalker as the photo is of herself from the night he was in the street. He tells her to call the police.
In the broadcasting room, Toadie is introduced to Zara who is a representative of the Erinsborough Women's Alliance. Toadie is not happy, and apparently he has to have an on-air debate with her.
Madge tells Joel that she might join the Grey Growlers for a bit of exercise.
Alex tells Sarah that he's had a visit from the police.
ALEX: What exactly are you playing at?
Radio Station
Toadie and Zara are on the air. Zara is very aggressive and says that Toadie is neanderthal. Toadie insists that he is a feminist -he doesn't discriminate against women, what she took offence at was just a joke. He challenges her to tell him a joke that doesn't offend any group at all.
ZARA: What's the quickest way to a man's heart?
TOADIE: I don't know.
ZARA: Straight through his chest.
Toadie points out that her joke could be seen as attacking men.
TOADIE: Let's stop fighting. You've made some really good points and I respect you for standing up for what you believe in if I do disagree on *how* you do it. And I'm sorry if you chose to take offence over what I said. Alright. I really am sorry. I guess I should watch what I say sometimes.
ZARA: Good.
TOADIE: And now that we've established that I'm one of the sisters, here's a track that you'll enjoy from the Big Fat Hairy Women!
The station manager looks a bit disappointed at the lack of on-air fighting(!)
Alex asks why on earth Sarah thinks he's her stalker. She doesn't want to talk about it but he insists it's not him. She tells him to keep his distance.
Ramsay Street
Madge and Joel are back from their training session. Lou sees them and mocks Madge a bit. Madge playfully hits him with her ball and hurts him. He pretends that he's fine(!) and goes off for a spa.
Coffee Shop
Toadie and the Station Manager are discussing Alex being the stalker. She thinks that Toadie might be biased because of Karen. He decides to go to the hospital to pick Sarah up.
Madge and Joel are having a glass of water and discussing Lou. Madge feels a bit guilty about hitting him with the ball and decides to go over and apologise.
Madge goes round to the spa to find Lou. Shockingly, she finds him face-down in the spa -has he drowned? She quickly drags him out of the water and shouts for help.
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