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Neighbours Episode 3174 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3174
Australian airdate: 24/09/98
UK airdate: 26/01/99
UK Gold: 27/09/04
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Chris Adshead, Mark Hancock
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: David
- Anne asks Billy if he's decided which university to apply for, but he wants to wait and see if he passes first.
- Anne tells Billy that she's considering applying for a course in Queensland.
Number 26
Billy wonders when Anne was going to tell him, when she was packing up to leave? She says it is a really good course. Billy's upset that she made it her first preference and she never even discussed this with him. She says she didn't think she'd get in.
BILLY: Of course you're going to get in, you're talented! It just makes me think maybe I'm more serious in our relationship than you are.
ANNE: Oh, get real Bill. Me wanting to get into the best university has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel about you. And so what if I do have to move interstate? It doesn't mean it is the end of us. Being apart can actually be good for a relationship.
BILLY: Anne, people who say that are not serious about their relationships.
ANNE: Look on the bright side, we'd never fight. We wouldn't get the opportunity. Come on, you can't tell me if you found the perfect course and it was interstate that you wouldn't apply for it.
BILLY: Not without discussing it with you first.
Billy leaves.
Number 28
Karl cleans a slice of toast that has been dropped on the floor. Susan is looking for papers for the IT conference, she tells him that this place is so disorganised. Karl says he will help her look for the papers, then she can go to work and he'll do the house work.
SUSAN: I might find that offer to good to refuse, will you clean the fridge?
KARL: I'll even do the vegetable crisper. I'll even do the grill.
SUSAN: Ooh, in that case I accept.
Billy returns and Karl says he'll be a volunteer to help him. Billy says he's not in the mood and goes to his room.
KARL: Tell me again why we had children.
SUSAN: Because the budgies kept dying.
Number 26
Amy complains to Lance about her dad getting all red in the face and screaming at her during her driving lesson. She says Patrick would be a better instructor except he's underage. She's decided to sack her dad, and her mum refused to give her lessons. Lance suggests she ask Phil, but Anne thinks it could be risky. If she and Phil don't get on it would make things very awkward here. Anne suggests Harold, but Lance sniggers, thinking Harold is a bit pedantic about things. Anne suggests Drew. Amy thinks Drew would be perfect.
LANCE: No he's not perfect, he's actually far too, um...
ANNE: Good looking.
Amy agrees to ask Drew. Anne tells Amy that she and Billy had a fight.
AMY: Alright, girl talk time. Lance could you go make some coffee.
LANCE: You can make some coffee.
AMY: Girl talk time, comprehendez vous.
LANCE: Alright, I get the message, vous.
Number 22
Paul shows Drew his plans for his glider. Drew says he's really good at drawing and suggests Paul might want to consider being an architect. Paul hasn't given it much thought. Drew asks about Paul's dad. Paul says he doesn't do much, he's tuna fishing at the moment. Drew asks if Paul is looking forward to spending some time with his dad, he says he is but doesn't sound too convincing.
Number 26
Anne tells Amy that she thought she may as well apply and then see what happens. Lance brings them coffee and biscuits. Amy doesn't think she should forget about applying, this is her life she should think about. Lance thinks she should consider Billy. Amy tells Lance he shouldn't listen in on their conversation. Amy thinks Anne is a legend at art and she owes it to herself to get into the best school.
AMY: This is the 90s, women have to be aggressive about pursuing a career. You don't want to rely on a guy to pay for your Mastercard do you?
LANCE: Oh, I can't believe I'm hearing this.
ANNE: I can't say I've ever thought of it that way.
AMY: Well tell me I'm wrong.
LANCE: You are wrong!
AMY: No I'm not.
ANNE: Personally, I'd prefer Bill over a Mastercard, and don't tell me I've got my priorities wrong.
Amy says that if Bill really loves Anne he won't stand in the way of her going to Dawber. Anne asks Amy about the courses she's applying for. She has picked a photography course, a Bachelor of Arts in Photography first, then Multimedia Arts and her final preference is Chinese Medicine, because the lecturer is cute. Anne asks if Amy had to go interstate, would she leave Lance?
AMY: Get real.
ANNE: Come on, you were just telling me to leave Bill.
AMY: No, you misunderstood me. See wherever I go, Lance will just come too.
ANNE: Will he get a choice?
AMY: A what?
Number 28
Karl hoovers and knocks over Dahl's perch. Karl tells Dahl not to say a word to Susan about this. As Karl goes to get a brush, Dahl walks out the door.
KARL: We have a pact of silence alright! If you break it I will make you into Galah soup?
Karl looks around for Dahl and realises he's gone outside.
Ramsay Street
Billy and Karl look for Dahl. They spot him up in a tree.
KARL: Come to daddy, come on, come on! Stupid feather duster.
BILLY: I cannot wait to tell mum this!
KARL: How about a little less of the mocking and a little more of the helping?
LANCE (arriving): What's going on?
BILLY: Dad chased Dahl outside.
KARL: I didn't chase him.
BILLY: He was just about to tell me how much its worth for me not to tell mum.
KARL: Don't be ridiculous, your mother's a rational woman, I don't have to lie to her.
Billy and Lance discuss how long they've had Dahl, how Libby got it from Brett Stark years ago, but how Susan looks after it, talks to it, feeds it. Billy goes to get a net, and they'll work out how much it will cost Karl later.
Number 26
Billy gets the broom which they hope Dahl will think is his perch. Lance suggests they throw a table cloth over it. It might suffocate Dahl but its worth a shot. Lance says Amy kicked him out, she and Anne are having a big discussion about how irrational Billy is being. Billy is annoyed that Anne didn't even consider him or talk to him about this before applying.
BILLY: Now if Amy did that to you, you'd be pretty upset, wouldn't you?
LANCE: Good on you. Amy does that to me every day of my life!
BILLY: You're a wimp.
LANCE: If she actually decided to consult me before making a decision she would shock the life out of me.
BILLY: Yeah well, I'm not a wimp.
Lance tells Billy to talk to Anne. Billy asks what Lance is considering doing. Lance says 'Horticultural Production and Landscape Architecture.' Karl comes in and tells them to hurry up. He gets some of Dahl's food in a tray and hopes to lure him down with that.
Number 22
Paul asks Drew if there is any chance they'll be able to build the glider before he goes away. Drew will see what he can do but it might have to wait until he gets back. Paul explains that he saw his Dad a few weeks ago, but before that it was 10 years since he last saw him. They don't know each other at all, they might not even like each other. Drew says his dad is probably feeling the same way. Drew asks him to concentrate on how he handles the first time they meet, if they can get things off to a good start it might all kick off from there. Drew suggests Paul buys him a present, it gives them something to talk about and shows him that he wants to make an effort. Amy arrives and tells Drew she has a huge favour to ask, but not to worry, he'll love it.
Number 26
Karl, Lance and Billy come in, defeated.
BILLY: I reckon we let Dahl become cat food, it serves him right.
As they gather more tools to try to get Dahl back, Susan comes in the door, and they all quickly hide the stuff behind their backs. Susan notices how odd they're behaving. She sees the broken broom, the birdfeed on the ground and the dirty tablecloth Lance is holding.
SUSAN: What's been going on here?
BILLY: Over to you Dad.
KARL: Don't get alarmed...
SUSAN: Just tell me Karl, the more you put it off, the more alarmed I get!
KARL: Dahl flew away, he's in a tree outside, we're just trying to get him down.
SUSAN: With a tablecloth?
LANCE: It was going to be a net, except we dropped it on the ground a few times.
BILLY: We? You dropped it on the ground a few times.
LANCE: It's a team effort Bill...
SUSAN: I'm not going to even ask what you were going to do with half a broom! Dahl likes people, he's used to people, did anyone think to just climb the tree and lift him down.
Number 22
Drew isn't sure about teaching Amy to drive, they might not be friends afterwards. She says she already knows how to drive, she just needs someone with a licence to sit with her while she practises, someone who isn't her father. She explains that her dad didn't quit, she sacked him as he was screaming at her the whole time. This doesn't fill Drew with much confidence. She assures him she's a very good driver. He agrees to take her out for one lesson to see if they get on. She suggests they go out now, they can use his car. He says he'll need to check he's paid the insurance.
Ramsay Street
Susan helps Karl up the tree.
SUSAN: Just be nice to him, don't speak sharply, honestly Karl I think I should be doing this.
KARL: It's a bit late to volunteer!
SUSAN: Don't shout you'll startle him.
KARL: I'm not shouting!
SUSAN: You don't sound very gentle!
KARL: Susan, I'm halfway up a tree, I've got twigs in my ears, how gentle do you expect me to be.
Amy and Drew join them as they watch Karl climb the tree. Amy explains Drew is taking her for a driving lesson. Lance and Billy wish Drew good luck. Karl swings down onto a branch as Susan covers her eyes.
Car park somewhere
Amy is struggling to drive Drew's car. Drew asks Amy to show him the gears, and then she starts to move off in first gear. As the car jolts forward Drew asks if she ever thought about getting an automatic licence.
Number 26
Lance is mocking Amy as she practises driving on the sofa. Drew told Amy this was the best way to get balance. She wants to get an automatic licence, but her dad's car is a manual. Lance tells her it just needs practise. Billy arrives to see Anne, laughing as he sees Amy practising on the sofa. Amy suggests she can practise driving the ute. Lance says the ute isn't finished yet, but Amy says that's better as if it gets bent it won't matter. Amy says it isn't a problem as she's a really good driver, Drew said so apparently. Amy begs Lance, and he looks like he's about to agree.
Number 28
Susan helps Karl sweep up the bird feed.
SUSAN: Something always goes missing when you do the housework, usually its something small like a pen, or a bit of the vacuum. I never thought you'd actually lose the family pet.
KARL: I can't believe he'd just fly away like that. He knows me, he won't survive out in the wild world, he won't last five minutes.
SUSAN: Oh thanks for that positive thought. I feel so much better.
Susan says Dahl will probably look for someone to feed him, she suggests they put a notice up in the coffee shop and put up a photo. Karl says he's a pink and grey Galah, they all look the same, but after a sharp look from Susan he goes to see what he can find. Susan asks if Karl found out why Billy was in a bad mood. Karl didn't get a chance with the avian drama, but no doubt it has something to do with Anne.
Number 26
Billy tells Anne he feels guilty as she's decided not to apply. Billy thinks she should apply. He's not against her applying, she just didn't talk to him about it first. He says he felt left out, like his opinion didn't matter. Anne says she didn't think, she just got caught up in it all. She's changed her mind, she doesn't want to worry about what she'll do if she does get accepted. She isn't sure it's the right course, but Billy says she should still apply even if she isn't sure. Billy tells her to apply otherwise she'll have regrets and hate him. If she does get in, they'll decide what to do when the time comes. Anne and Billy hug.
Number 28
Susan has made a poster, but she bets she won't see her pet again. Susan thinks it is silly to be upset as its just a bird, but Karl says it's a member of the family. Karl fixes the broom and takes the poster to the coffee shop. As he leaves he sees Dahl perched on the door, he tells Susan they have a visitor. Susan is delighted.
KARL: Ran out of cash, huh?
Amy is inside the ute, Drew tells her he needs to finish working on a car first, but she should continue working on the gears in order to master the basics. As Drew goes to work under a car behind the ute, Lance jokes with Amy that she thought Harold would be pedantic. He doesn't think she can do much damage with the engine off. Amy then switches on the engine and the ute suddenly reverses. We see a shot of Drew's legs as the ute moves towards them, then the ute crashes into the shelves at the back of the garage.
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Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3174
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson

Drew Kirk, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3174
Drew Kirk, Paul McClain

Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3174
Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson

Dahl in Neighbours Episode 3174

Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Dahl in Neighbours Episode 3174
Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Dahl

Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3174
Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Lance Wilkinson

Drew Kirk, Amy Greenwood, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3174
Drew Kirk, Amy Greenwood, Paul McClain

Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Lance Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3174
Drew Kirk, Amy Greenwood

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Billy Kennedy, Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Drew Kirk, Billy Kennedy, Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3174
Amy Greenwood, Drew Kirk

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3174
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Dahl, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3174
Dahl, Susan Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3174
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

 in Neighbours Episode 3174

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3174
Amy Greenwood

Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3174
Lance Wilkinson

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