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Neighbours Episode 3169 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3169
Australian airdate: 17/09/98
UK airdate: 19/01/99
UK Gold: 23/09/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ian Fowler: Nicholas Cassim
Bonnie, Dahl & Kurt: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lance gives Billy $40 to put on a horse for him.
- Lance tells Amy he's taking her out to somewhere classy.
- The horse Lance backed loses.
- Lance is forced to tell Amy that there's been a slight hitch with their date.
Amy is not happy. Lance explains that the money for the date was coming from a race this afternoon, but for the first time, his system failed. Amy is not impressed and storms out, calling him a loser.
Karl and Susan are sitting in the living room rather awkwardly. Karl asks if Susan wants to go and see a movie, but she'd rather continue reading her book. He picks up a paper, looking bored.
Paul comes round to hang out with Hannah and the Kurt the rabbit. Hannah moans about Ruth and Paul says she's probably just not used to living with Ruth. Hannah ignores this and continues to rant about Ruth claiming Ruth always gets her own way(!) Paul thinks the rabbit is off his food - they should take him to the vet. Hannah's worried that the vet will take him away, but Paul points out his original owner will be worried.
Coffee Shop
Lou and Lolly are off to the zoo for a picnic and have called in to get some sandwiches from Madge. Madge tells Lou he's lucky that the turn he had the other day wasn't worse. Lou didn't realise his "turn" was common knowledge(!)
Madge mentions that Harold is off "pampering his pumpkins" and is hoping to win a prize.
LOU: Speaking of gardening, have you had a snail problem recently?
MADGE:(alert) Snails?! No, I don't think so, why?
LOU: Well, I only usually get the odd one or two, but suddenly they're all over the place! They would pick on me, wouldn't they, I don't even have a veggie garden!
MADGE: No, you don't. It is strange, isn't it? (!)
Hannah has lost Kurt the rabbit and is looking round the house for him. Paul finds a note on the table from Ruth, saying she's taken the rabbit to the vet on her way to work. Instead of being grateful, Hannah immediately embarks on a rant about Ruth. She vows to go down to the vet and make sure they know who Kurt's owner is.
A road
Susan is following a car that is going really slowly, and then runs off the road. She gets out to see if the driver is OK, and it's Lou, having some kind of a fit.
Lance is moaning to Anne over breakfast that he struck out with Amy last night. He asks Anne for advice on how to make it up to Amy.
Just then, Amy herself arrives to go shopping with Anne. She sarcastically tells Lance that they might put all their money on a horse at the TAB(!)
A road
Lou has come round and tells Susan it's just a dizzy spell. Lolly is in the back, but she's fine. Susan insists on driving Lou to the surgery to see Karl.
The vet tells Hannah that he can't give her the rabbit back because she's not the real owner. The rabbit's foot is doing well and Hannah tells him that she'd love to be a vet. The vet says they might be able to give her some work experience. In the meantime, the rabbit will have to stay at the vet.
Lou has apparently had another panic attack. Karl tells Lou that he *must* reduce his stress levels. Lou says he *was* calm at the time, except he started thinking about pumpkins. Karl tells him that he *must* stop fighting with Harold and take some exercise too.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Susan are chatting about Lou when Lou himself arrives. He thanks Susan for looking after Lolly and Madge brings him a plain glass of water(!) Susan tells Lou she'll babysit Louise while Lou has a rest (Drew has already collected Lou's car)
Anne comes home from shopping with Amy. Lance asks if Amy mentions him, but she says she didn't. Anne advises him to take Amy out somewhere nice, and also cheap(!)
Hannah asks Paul if he wants to go down to the vet, but Paul says it'll be shut by now. Hannah decides to go anyway.
Lance is on the phone to Amy saying he's arranged them a very nice date and he'll pick her up in an hour. He then makes a call to someone else.
Hannah and Paul have arrived. Apparently if the rabbit isn't claimed in 24 hours, Hannah can have him, so she can call back tomorrow night. Also, she can be a volunteer helper in the holidays - as long as her parents agree.
Coffee Shop
Lance has brought Amy to the Coffee Shop, blindfold. Madge is helping him and has lowered the lights. He puts nice tablecloth and flowers and candles out on the table. He also puts soft music on the tape recorder. He finally removes the blindfold, and Amy isn't too impressed to find herself in the Coffee Shop. Lance says it's the best he can do, and it *is* a romantic candlelit dinner. Amy agrees to stay as Madge brings them over a menu.
MADGE: It isn't often we have the honour of hosting such an elegant soirée!
Susan and Karl discuss Lou, and then move on to their 25th anniversary - tonight is the 25th anniversary of their last night as an unmarried couple. Susan has still got the wristwatch Karl gave her that night somewhere. He has bought her another present - a lovely ring. He's got another surprise too and goes off to get it. Susan looks a bit conflicted.
Coffee Shop
Lance tells Amy that he was silly to bet all his money. He vows not to bet again as he doesn't want to let Amy down again. Amy says she'll think about forgiving him.
Karl has put on an old green suit. Susan laughs and says that the 70s have a lot to answer for and thinks Karl looks like Krusty the Clown! Karl has also found Susan's wedding dress and wants her to put it on, but she evades him. He looks upset.
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