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Neighbours Episode 3170 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3170
Australian airdate: 18/09/98
UK airdate: 20/01/99
UK Gold: 23/09/04
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl asks Susan what she wants to do for their 25th wedding anniversary. She says something low- key.
- Susan tells Karl that she doesn't want to go away for the weekend with him. She can't forget what happened yet.
- Karl asks Susan to try on her wedding dress but she evades him.
Karl and Susan are having a rather silent dinner with some awkward conversation. Susan apologises for hurting Karl's feelings.
SUSAN: I'm not doing this on purpose, I just can't react the way you want me to, no matter how much I'd like to?
KARL: Doesn't make me feel a whole lot better.
SUSAN: What did you expect? That I'd just be all over you like a rash?
KARL:(bitchily) No. No, but from where I sit you don't seem to be trying very hard.
SUSAN: You're entitled to your opinion.
KARL: I am trying to get our marriage back on track, but everything I try is just not good enough.
SUSAN: Maybe you're trying too hard.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Harold asks Billy if he's got any final numbers for the party and he promises to have them for Harold later today.
Billy sits down with Joel. Joel asks if he can bring his girlfriend to Karl and Susan's party. Billy is chuffed to hear that Joel has a girlfriend, and asks him all about her.
Karl has had a call that his car is ready, so Susan offers to give him a lift to pick it up. Billy comes in and Susan asks where he's been. He unconvincingly says he was "getting a thing off a thing"(!)
Billy notices Susan's ring and admires it, Libby is less enthusiastic. Karl tells Susan on the way out that she doesn't have to wear the ring if she doesn't like it, but she insists she does.
Billy asks Libby when she's going to give Karl a chance.
Sarah opens the door to Billy, who has come to look for Toadie (but he's already left for school). He tells Sarah that there's a red ribbon tied on the screendoor. When he's gone, Sarah quickly shuts the door.
Coffee Shop
Joel asks Madge if she'd be interested in playing basketball - for a team called the Grey Growlers. Madge isn't sure, but Harold says she should give it a go. She takes the number.
At a table, Joel and Sally chat about their day. Sally is going to a meeting about Toadie's suspension. Apparently she saw Karen yesterday and she wants to get back with Toadie. She asks if she can come round and cook for Joel tonight, and put in a good word for Karen with Toadie, too.
Lou tells Drew that he's going to be a changed man in a month - "stress- free Lou". Karl comes to pick up his car and is surprised to see Lou there. Karl moans about his car bill again. Drew tells Karl that he could get the parts cheaper.
Mike pops round with a stuffed koala for Libby. They apologise to each other for their conversation yesterday (about the divorce etc). They decide to go out to buy Karl and Susan's anniversary present.
Karl is telling Phil that Lou is ripping him off. They talk about the anniversary and Karl says he's starting to think he should play the whole thing down.
KARL: I thought we could start afresh. I mean, one glitch in 25 years isn't that bad, is it?
PHIL: Well, maybe Susan's just going to need more time to adjust than you have. It was always going to be harder for her.
KARL: That's a little bit harsh, don't you think?
PHIL: I've got to call a spade a spade, mate. You're just going to have to try harder!
Well said, Phil.
Joel has made himself and Sarah a sandwich. They are talking about the stalker and the ribbon on the door. The phone rings and Sarah reluctantly answers it. There's nobody on the other end. Joel says it could have been a wrong number, but Sarah is convinced it's the stalker. The phone rings again and Joel answers it - but it's only Karen.
Drew wonders if he might give Harold a run for his money at the gardening competition.
Karl comes in with a quote for parts from "Classic Parts" and has revised his invoice from Lou accordingly. Lou is not pleased and says he's not running a charity. Karl is unmoved though.
Billy asks Susan how things are going between her and Karl. She admits that she's finding it hard to be enthusiastic about the anniversary, but she's not in the mood to celebrate. Billy tells her to just forget what's happened just for one day.
BILLY: I want whatever will make things better. More like they used to be.
SUSAN: Things will never be exactly the way they used to be no matter how hard we try.
BILLY: I still think it is a good idea to celebrate your 25th. Even if it's only because you're back together again.
Libby and Mike have bought a champagne bucket as a present for Karl and Susan. Mike says he'll come to the party and Libby is pleased. Libby asks if she can meet Sasha again, but Mike's not sure it's a good idea - Sasha dislikes anyone who isn't her mother. Libby takes offence and says that Mike doesn't want to upset Victoria or Sasha, but it's fine to upset her! Mike is nonplussed.
Joel has got Lou doing step aerobics. Lou isn't amused to have Sarah as an audience. Lou finally reaches 100 steps and Joel takes his pulse, saying it's a bit high. He'll start Lou off with some light powerwalking and work out a nutrition plan. They can go for their first walk today!
Libby is moaning about Mike.
LIBBY: What's the point of having a relationship with someone if you never see them?
BILLY:(unsympathetic) You knew what the story was when you went out with him.
LIBBY: It doesn't have to be *this* hard. If Sasha saw me more often, she'd get used to the fact that I'm around.
BILLY: What do you expect Mike to do? She's his daughter.
LIBBY: That's what he said.
BILLY: Maybe you should listen.
LIBBY: Why do I get the feeling that everybody thinks I'm being selfish just because I want to spend more time with the man I love?
BILLY: Of course you do, but you've got to give Mike the benefit of the doubt. It can't be easy for him, either.
There's a knock at the door and Billy answers it - it's Phil. He wants to know if the party is still on. Billy insists that the party is going ahead, and it will be a success!
Ramsay Street
Joel and Lou are back from their walk and are mocked a little bit by Madge who is gardening with Harold.
Sally arrives and Joel goes over to meet her.
Susan arrives home and tells them she's got some ostrich sausages to try from the Butcher. Apparently Susan has bought Karl an anniversary present - a small pewter gnome. Billy thinks it's great!
SUSAN: Thanks for this afternoon, too. That really made a difference.
BILLY:(smiling) You owe me one!
The Kennedys are just finishing their ostrich sausages. Billy drags Libby off to his room to give Karl and Susan a chance to talk.
SUSAN: Our very caring son, who I suspect has whisked Libby off to his room so we can be alone, has pointed out that I may have been a bit negative.
KARL: ...
SUSAN: I haven't finished. He also pointed out that I should be remembering the good times, and not the bad times. So...(giving him the gnome) happy anniversary. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow!
KARL: Thank you. I know I've...been pushing hard...and I should have realised how difficult it is for you. I was just thinking of myself.
SUSAN: I hope you like it.
KARL: I'm sure I will. It's from you.
SUSAN: Smooth- talker!
Karl opens the box with gnome in it and laughs.
KARL: I love it! [...] I love you. thank you.
Joel and Sally have had a horrible dinner(!) Joel says he'll cook next time, or they could get takeaway. Sarah comes in and moans that Bob is barking. She opens the curtains to look out window and there is a flash.
SARAH: There's someone out there taking photos of me!
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