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Neighbours Episode 3168 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3168
Australian airdate: 16/09/98
UK airdate: 18/01/99
UK Gold: 22/09/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tony Simpson: Stan Tsitas
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Toadie's beauty tips doesn't impress some of his callers
- Toadie feels he's being unfairly criticised and vows to carry on, but the power is cut at the station.
Radio Station
After a few seconds, the power comes back on - the University Women's Alliance did it as they've left a note "Get that sexist pig to apologise on air or our campaign will continue!" Tony the station manager wants Toadie to apologise. Toadie insists the beauty segment was just a joke and he won't apologise. Tony says he'll have to take him off air, so Toadie walks out.
Amy and Anne are having a beauty session with cucumbers on their eyes. Anne tells Amy that Billy won some money on one of Lance's gambling tips and is taking her out. Amy isn't impressed and says Lance should be taking her out too!
Coffee Shop
Harold tells Lance off for dabbling in gambling. Lance tries to tell him he's just "observing" as a break from study, and Harold looks very dubious.
Toadie marches in and starts ranting about the "hairy armpit brigade" getting him suspended. Toadie asks Harold and Lance to back him up by calling in, but they are not keen.
Billy is telling Libby about the plans for the surprise party. Libby is rather disparaging and doesn't think the party is a good idea - after all, their parents have only just got back together. Billy says they can't just let a 25th anniversary drift past.
Mike pops round to see if Libby is free for lunch. They talk about a present for Susan and Karl - Mike suggests a photo frame with a picture of the kids in it (how original).
The Pub
Lou is on the phone to a supplier talking about prices. Toadie then comes in and Lou advises him to just apologise and not mean it. Toadie asks Lou to call in a counter- complaint but he isn't interested.
Coffee Shop
Lance is still working on his "system" for gambling. He tries to get Billy to put some money on for him - $40. Billy thinks he's mad, but Lance is confident.
Amy is on the phone reading a prepared speech (written by Toadie) to the radio station in support of Toadie. She does go a bit off- script and ends up ranting then banging the phone down(!)
Lou has fixed Karl's car and he's a bit surprised at the scale of the bill(!) Lou insists that parts for the Thunderbird are very expensive and he didn't even charge Karl for towing(!)
Amy is lying on the sofa reading a book when Lance comes in, pretty much treating the place as her own(!) She rants at Lance that he's not taking her out and he apologises, saying he's definitely going to take her out too, and to somewhere with class.
Toadie is phoning in a message of support in a French accent(!) Billy drops round.
BILLY: Hey, I heard you got kicked off your show!
TOADIE: Yeah, don't worry, there will be a public outcry! Even if I have to do it myself(!)
Apparently he's rung in tonnes of calls in all different accents(!) Toadie is almost resigned to his fate, but Billy encourages him to keep fighting. He suggests suing against unfair dismissal(!) Toadie likes this idea and rushes off to the law library(!)
COffee Shop
Libby and Mike have been shopping and Libby didn't like anything they saw. She's in a bit of a mood and Mike asks if he's done anything wrong. She tells him that he hasn't, she's just concerned about the anniversary plans. Mike thinks the fact that Karl and Susan are back together is cause to celebrate in itself. Libby asks about Mike's marriage - is that just going through a rough patch too, like Karl and Susan?
LIBBY: I've been going along trying to pretend that Victoria was never a big part of your life. Of course, she was.
MIKE: Libby, I've never hidden anything from you...
LIBBY: I know you haven't. Is Victoria in the past? Or do you guys think you might be able to patch things up again, like Mum and Dad did?
MIKE: ...
Susan tells Karl awkwardly that she doesn't want to go away for the weekend with him - she's not ready, particularly after the last time they went away - she felt like Karl used the last weekend to test his feelings - her or Sarah. She'd rather have a quiet celebration. Karl is not pleased and says he's very disappointed.
KARL: I just feel so sad for what we've lost.
SUSAN: Me too.
Coffee Shop
Mike insists that he and Victoria have grown apart - they want different things, and that's why they made the decision to separate.
LIBBY:(bluntly) Are you getting a divorce?
MIKE: A divorce?...I don't know, that's not a topic that's been put on the table. Anyway, who wants to start thinking lawyers and custody and god only knows what?
LIBBY: So it's not a consideration, then?
MIKE: The truth is, I guess neither of us have felt the need to make that final step.
Libby doesn't look happy.
Lance is massaging Amy's neck while she asks if she can have roses and have their photo taken on their date. Anne walks through and Amy boasts that she and Lance are going somewhere posh for dinner.
When Amy has gone, Anne observes that Lance has been gambling again.
Libby and Mike tell Billy that they didn't manage to get a present. Libby tells Billy that he'll have to take charge of it - she's out. Mike leaves and Libby is left to study, grumpily.
Radio Station
Tony tells Toadie that he has a broad- based multicultural audience of supporters(!) but he hasn't changed his mind. Toadie gives Tony a copy of the Australian Broadcasting Regulations and he flicks through it, but tells Toadie that he's only suspended, so unfair dismissal doesn't apply(!) Toadie is a bit floored by that, but insists he's coming in for his next shift.
Lance is listening to a race on the radio. Unfortunately it all goes horribly wrong and his horse comes in second.
LANCE: There has got to be a mistake!
Billy and Anne are talking about the logistics of the surprise party. As she's leaving, Susan and Karl come in. Libby tells her that she and Mike had lunch. and that Susan was right - Mike does have a fair bit of baggage.
SUSAN: What happened?
LIBBY: Oh, nothing, we just talked. I asked him if he was thinking about a divorce.
LIBBY: He's happy with the way things are.
SUSAN: ...
LIBBY: It's not that I want him to, necessarily, I've got no intention of getting married tomorrow...
SUSAN: That's a relief - tomorrow's no good for me(!)
LIBBY: You know what I mean.
SUSAN: Yes, I do.
LIBBY: I guess it's just playing things by ear too, and taking things as they come.
SUSAN: Trouble is, you're one of those things.
LIBBY: Yeah...yeah. And I kind of got upset about it, and I shouldn't have. He's done nothing wrong.
SUSAN: No - he could have just told you what you wanted to hear, strung you along, plenty would have.
LIBBY: Yeah. I like his honesty...but then there's the whole Sasha issue...and, you know...
SUSAN: It's very complicated! Sweetheart, I don't know what to tell you, life is. I think we're all just plodding along doing the best we can. You obviously like Mike a lot.
LIBBY: Yeah.
SUSAN: Just be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt.
Amy arrives for her date with Lance.
LANCE:(stricken) Amy - look, there's been a slight hitch.
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