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Neighbours Episode 3167 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3167
Australian airdate: 15/09/98
UK airdate: 15/01/99
UK Gold: 22/09/04
Writer: John Holding
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Graham Pinders: Jim Daly
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Bonnie & Kurt: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Pinhead confronts Ruth about accusing his Dad of faking his pain.
- Ruth sees Graham Pinders at the supermarket with some shopping. He drives off quickly.
Toadie comes in, clearly upset. He shows Sarah that he's had a complaint about his beauty tip section from a "hard- core feminist". Sarah has been to the police about the stalker, but they can't do anything without hard evidence, and advised her to keep a journal of weird stuff that happens.
Ruth tells Phil that she caught Graham Pinders red- handed. She'll give him until tomorrow to contact her, then she'll tell Karl - he's the doctor on Graham Pinders' case. Hannah comes in and moans at Ruth for not getting her biscuits at the shops.
Radio Station
Toadie is presenting Beauty Tips For The Modern Male(!) starting with leg- waxing, live on air. A couple of his colleagues look on incredulously.
Toadie apologies for anyone who was offended previously. The station manager rings up and tells him to drop the segment completely. Toadie casually rips off the wax strip and then screams in pain and surprise(!)
Apparently Karl and Susan's 25th annniversary is coming up, and Billy has invited Ruth and Phil to a surprise bash.
Graham rings Ruth and asks to meet up at the pub for a chat and a drink. She heads off.
Graham apologises to Ruth for his behaviour. He had felt pain, but not as much as he led Ruth to believe - he's been under a lot of pressure at work and he's worried about being laid off. How will a man his age get another job? Ruth says it will be worse if a private investigator catches him out. Ruth tells him that Craig came to see her. Graham asks if he doesn't claim the pay- out, can Ruth keep this just between them?
Harold and Paul are tending their pumpkins while Madge relaxes in a deckchair. They talk about the skiing trip and Paul observes there are a lot of snails around today.
HAROLD: Obviously those beer traps I set for them didn't work.
MADGE: I'm not surprised, they were non- alcoholic(!)
Harold insists he won't lay snail bait after what happened to the Martin's dog. Paul and Madge start stepping on them, but Harold insists that relocation is the answer. Paul starts to look for snails, but actually finds a rabbit, with a sore foot as he's got wire through it. Harold immediately starts sneezing.
Graham doesn't want the family thinking he's a cheat. Ruth is in a very difficult position and eventually reluctantly agrees to keep it between themselves. She'll continue to treat him and he'll get better quickly and go back to work. Graham thanks her gratefully.
Toadie comes in, once again in a very bad mood. Sarah is amused that Toadie waxed his legs. Toadie says he doesn't care how many complaints he gets - from now on it's full steam ahea. Toadie insists that he's a feminist himself, it's just the wackos that give it a bad name.
Paul is tending to the rabbit, which he has nicknamed "Kurt". Harold wonders what to do with all the snails they've collected.
Hannah is on the phone while Phil and Ruth make dinner. Phil and Ruth talk about Graham - she does feel sorry for him, facing unemployment.
In the living room, Hannah is moaning to a friend that she has to pay for phonecalls now.
Paul brings the rabbit round and Hannah hugs him. He asks Hannah to hold on to him for a while, due to Harold's allergies. Ruth agrees, but they'll have to take him to the vet and look for his owner.
Madge has found a nice haven for the snails - Lou's garden! Harold laughs. He goes off to look for the things he and Madge got Paul for the skiing trip - Madge has hidden them in the pots cupbaord, because he wouldn't look there(!)
Hannah is teding to the rabbit. Paul is hoping to get to know his dad a bit better over the holidays, but he isn't sure how to tell Madge and Harold. Hannah doesn't think it's a big deal, but Paul says Harold and Madge are set on him going on the ski- ing trip.
When Paul has gone, Ruth asks Hannah to put the rabbit in the laundry while they eat. Phil agrees but Hannah apparently thinks this is an unreasonable request(!) Ruth doesn't help by saying that Hannah can't keep bringing animals home constantly. Hannah says she might decide to be a vet and Phil comments that her Maths and Science will have to improve(!) Finally, Phil orders Hannah to put the rabbit in the laundry. She goes into the laundry and slam the door behind her.
Harold and Madge are messing about trying on Paul's new ski gear when Paul himself comes in. They excitedly tell him that they've got him some stuff to go on the ski- ing trip. He looks a bit conflicted.
Toadie is looking for some edible leftovers(!) while Sarah writes in her stalker journal. Toadie is still banging on that he's being censored by the feminists. Sarah is unsympathetic and says the feminists are entitled to their opinion. Toadie ignores this and decides to write to the editor of the Uni paper. After all, Universities are breeding ground for social satirists and he's one(!) Sarah laughs and says he's not exactly a freedom fighter(!) Toadie says that his grandfather was a fire- fighter(!)
Paul is reluctantly trying on the new ski- ing gear. He is about to ask them about his dad, but instead, he just says the flying machine he's working on with Drew is going well.
(The following morning)
Madge is on the phone to Paul's dad, who has rung to thank them for giving permission for Paul to spend the holidays with him(!) Needless to say Madge and Harold are very surprised. Harold is worried that Paul wants to live with his father permanently, but Madge says it's probably not that serious - but why didn't Paul tell them?
Toadie tells Sarah he's going to do what he likes on the radio today. Sarah is concerned that his breakup with Karen has soured him on *all* women but he insits he's fine.
Paul comes in. Madge and Harold broach the subject of Paul's holiday plans. He admits he didn't know what to say - they've gone to so much trouble over the ski- ing trip, he felt rude. Paul explains he doesn't want to live with Leo, he just wants to get to know him better. Madge and Harold tell him everything is fine, and they'll sort out him missing the ski- ing trip.
Radio Station
Toadie is banging on about pea- brained, radical spinter groups giving feminism a bad name(!)
TOADIE: Just remember, The Toad may be controversial from time to time, but you'll never silence him.
With that, the power in the station goes out(!)
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