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Neighbours Episode 3166 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3166
Australian airdate: 14/09/98
UK airdate: 14/01/99
UK Gold: 21/09/04
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Richard Downing: John Arnold
Graham Pinders: Jim Daly
Simone Welsh: Stephanie Turner
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sarah thinks a car has been following her.
- Someone is outside No.30 looking through the window.
- Toadie and Joel tell Sarah not to worry.
- Ruth has a strange patient who insists he's ill, but she's not so sure.
Joel is up early to train with Drew. Sarah is also up early, worrying about the stalker.
Joel asks Sarah for advice about girls - Sally came on to him, but now she's pulled back - should he chase her? Sarah advises him to let her make the first move. He'll seem more alluring if he seems a bit less available(!)
Phil is pleased to find that his piggybank is filling up for phone calls made by Hannah. He's pleased that Hannah is working hard to pay off her debts. He and Ruth have a discussion about Graham Pinders - it's difficult because he's a friend. Ruth wonders if she should have a conversation with him about it, but then, she's worried he'll be offended.
Drew has arrived with new trainers - $150! Joel says he could have got them for $120(!)
Ramsay Street
Joel tells Drew that he likes living with Sarah and Toadie. They talk about Sally. Drew advises him to ring her - he should grab her before she cools down, or she'll think he isn't interested(!)
Coffee Shop
Pinhead admits to Lance that he's not going on the field- trip because money is tight at home. Lance offers to lend him some cash and Pinhead gets very offended.
Graham seems to be in pain everywhere and Ruth looks pretty mystified. He asks her to sign the "Capacity to Work" forms. Ruth tells him she's concerned - she's been seeing him for six weeks and there is no improvement. She asks him gently if he's faking it and he gets offended.
RUTH: Let me say this Graham. If you're not genuine, then let's forget this. We'll call it quits. But if you continue with this and you're malingering, it won't just hurt you. It'll hurt your whole family.
Uni FM
Joel calls in to see Sally who is doing her show. She pretends to announce on the air that Joel has arrived and that he's her boyfriend(!) Joel invites her out after work and she agrees to meet him at the pub.
Ramsay Street
Sarah is walking Bob. She sees a car similar to the suspicious one and goes over to it, but the owner comes back. Around the corner, the actual suspicious car waits.
Coffee Shop
Drew joins Sarah at a table. She is upset and tells Drew about the suspicious car - it's as if someone is trying to scare her. Drew tells her to get the numberplate of the car and give it to the police. Also, she can call him if she's on her own and she'll come over. He offers her a lift home.
Ruth is convinced that Graham Pinders is faking. Lance comes in and steals Ruth's sandwich(!)
Lance tells Ruth about Pinhead's family being broke, and wonders if it has anything to do with his dad's injury.
When Lance has gone, Ruth says it's a conflict of interest, as she doesn't have information about the families of all her patients.
Joel and Sally are playing pool. Sally's mobile phone rings and Joel snatches it. He turns it off.
Phil and Ruth are still talking about Mr Pinders.
Sarah sees that Bob has a new collar on, and thinks that Toadie must have bought it. At that moment, the phone rings and she looks worried. And with good reason, as scary music is playing(!) She answers the phone, and it's only Toadie. But he tells her that he didn't buy Bob a new collar.
Joel invites Sally back to No.30. As they're leaving, Joel introduces her to Drew. Drew offers them a drink and they decide to stay at the pub after all. She starts chatting to Drew about Oakie and Joel is left out in the cold. He goes to sit on a table on his own and neither Drew or Sally notice(!)
Pinhead comes round to see Ruth. He lays into her for not believing his Dad about his pain.
PINHEAD: So what are you trying to do? Wreck our family?! Because that's exactly what going to happen if he doesn't get his payment.
RUTH: Craig, wait...
PINHEAD: I just thought you should know how he's feeling!
RUTH: Please, just tell your dad that I'm only trying to do my job!#
PINHEAD: Which is to make him feel better, not worse!
He stalks off leaving Ruth looking conflicted.
Joel didn't buy the dog collar either. Sarah tells Joel and Sally that she's not staying on her own anymore - she's going to pop over the Drew's. Joel thinks she should call the police, but Sarah doesn't know what she'd say to them.
When she's gone, Joel wants to know more about Sally, but she's cagey. She kisses him instead.
Ramsay Street
Drew is just off for a run. Sarah tells him about the mystery collar. Drew tells her they have to go to the police.
Sally suddenly decides to head off, telling Joel that she has a family thing. Joel asks her if she's interested in him or not. She says she is. He says it's so hard to get to know her, but she just says all he needs to know is that she loves chocolate and old movies(!)
Ruth sees Graham Pinder carrying heavy shopping at a supermarket and tells him they need to have a chat. He quickly drives off.
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