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Neighbours Episode 3149 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3149
Australian airdate: 20/08/98
UK airdate: 21/12/98
UK Gold: 09/09/04
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Lily Madigan Alethea McGrath
Karen Oldman Pia Miranda
Alex Fenton Guy Hooper
Jake Nichols Hugh Sexton
Summary/Images by: Graham
Lou telling Harold and Madge that he's selling Lou's Place and that he hears it's going to be turned into a nightclub.
Harold and Madge telling Paul that they're making up a petition about the nightclub.
Lou accusing Madge of having changed as a result of living with the boring bible-basher, Harold.
No. 24
Harold is muttering to Madge angrily:
HAROLD: Fancy trying to match our petition with one of his own.
MADGE: It's a cheap tactic.
HAROLD (sighs): And I thought we were starting to be friends, too...
Madge says they're just going to have to take action: how about a picket line outside the pub so everyone knows what Jake Nichols is going to do if the proposal goes through?
HAROLD (looking taken aback): A picket line? Isn't that a little extreme?
MADGE (sarcastically): What do *you* suggest: a prayer meeting?
Madge goes on that they've got to let people know they're serious. She sighs that she wishes they'd been able to get Susan's signature on the petition: having the High School principal on-side would be a feather in their cap. Harold points out that Susan didn't sign Lou's petition either. Madge suggests they start organising the picket line.

No. 26
Hannah and Lance are sitting on the couch, playing a computer game on the TV. Philip walks in from the kitchen, holding a diary, muttering:
PHILIP: Look at this: 'Friday - cancelled.' 'Wednesday - cancelled.' 'Saturday morning breakfast - cancelled.' Three times we've tried to have a family meal and three times something else has come up. I don't know why I bother.
Hannah calls from the sofa that it's no big deal; it's only food.
PHILIP: If we don't spend some time together, how can we become a family?
HANNAH: How about we have a family dinner tomorrow night, then? It's not like *I'll* be going anywhere...
PHILIP: And whose fault is *that*?
Lance, however, starts to say that he and Amy are off to--. He realises everyone is staring at him, though, and says quickly that it can wait. Philip declares that that's it, then. The front door opens suddenly and Anne comes in. Ruth comments that she'd been wondering where she'd got to. Anne reminds her that she's been to Lily's. Philip tells Anne that they've decided they're having a family meal tomorrow night. Anne, however, replies that Lily's hot water is busted and she was wondering if she could stay with them tomorrow night.
PHILIP: Where are we going to put her? It's a pretty full house, you know.
RUTH: It's not a problem - we'll work something out.
Lance asks if that means the family dinner's off.
RUTH: Don't even think about it, mister!
Ramsay Street
Sarah is walking up to No. 30 with some bags of shopping. Karl pulls away from outside No. 28 in his Thunderbird. Sarah turns and watches him go, a look on her face... She then heads inside, where Toadie is ironing in the kitchen. She comments to him that Karl's back home, then...
TOADIE: Hardly. Who told you that?
SARAH: I just saw his car in the street, that's all.
TOADIE (shrugs): He's been around a bit since Libby had the accident.
Sarah starts to put away the shopping, muttering as she does so that this is the fifth time in a row that she's had to get the groceries. Toadie retorts that he does shopping all the time. Sarah tells him curtly that takeaway doesn't count!
No. 24
Madge is talking on the 'phone, saying:
MADGE: That *is* good news.
Paul comes in through the front door and goes and tells Harold that Lou gave him twenty bucks for helping him catch the chop-shop crims. Harold, however, suggests curtly that they agree not to use a certain pub-owner's name. He then goes on that he doesn't think Paul understands how important this is: it could change the whole face of Erinsborough. Looking uninterested, Paul heads outside to empty the rubbish. Madge hangs up the 'phone and tells Harold:
MADGE: *That* has restored my faith in human nature.
HAROLD: Good news?
MADGE: *Fantastic* news! Do you realise we have three-quarters of the local businesses on-side? People are worried about property damage after hours.
Madge adds that there are some businesses which are anxious to get new people into the area, but that would be the Lou Carpenter touch. She then tells Harold that they'll fix Lou tomorrow...
No. 30
Sarah sits down at the kitchen table with her dinner. Toadie runs in, looks around and comments:
TOADIE: Jeez, what did you do - use every pot in the house? I hope you're going to clean up after yourself!
SARAH (aghast): Give me a break!
TOADIE: So how does it feel when the shoe's on the other foot, eh?
SARAH (curtly): Hey, buddy, there is no comparison between my housekeeping and yours.
TOADIE: Fine - but at least I don't leave all the lights on when I leave the house.
SARAH: I do *not*.
TOADIE: You do so. And why are you in such a snitchy mood? Has it got anything to do with Karl?
SARAH (snaps): Don't be ridiculous.
TOADIE: Right. Fair cop. But whatever's got you in this mood, get over it. And you'd better eat up 'cos your dinner's getting cold!
With that, Toadie goes to head out - but finds Lou standing on the step when he opens the front door. Lou stares at him and asks if he shouldn't be at the pub. Toadie replies that he's running late. Lou calls to Sarah.
No. 26
Lance is preparing pizza in the kitchen. Harold and Madge come in with Ruth, Madge telling Ruth that she wants to get all their signatures on the petition. Ruth asks how it's going.
HAROLD: Rather well, actually, yes. It seems that we're not the only ones against this nightclub.
LANCE (looking up in surprise): You're not trying to stop the nightclub development?
MADGE: Yeah!
ANNE: Why would you want to do that? I mean, it's going to be great!
Madge asks them interestedly why they think it's such a good idea.
HANNAH: Why have a daggy old club when you have a groovy nightclub?
MADGE: They've got a club over at Warratah, and the people over there have had a lot of problems.
ANNE: What *sort* of problems?
MADGE: Parking... security... and a lot of them are very angry about the noise levels.
LANCE (dismissively): Is that all?
HAROLD: Don't forget about the unsavoury types that this sort of venue attracts.
RUTH (chuckling): I think you'll have a bit of a job convincing these three - but *I'm* happy to sign: I like the pub as it is.
HAROLD: That's what it's all about, isn't it, eh? Keeping the pub as something the whole community can enjoy.
Madge then goes to hand the petition to Philip. Philip, however, tells her:
PHILIP: It's not that I don't agree with you - I'd miss the pub if it went - but I'm Lou's accountant.
MADGE: What's *that* got to do with it?
PHILIP: I don't think he'd be too happy if he saw my signature on your petition.
With that, Madge and Harold make a hasty exist, Madge commenting to Philip that if it's a problem for him... Philip stands there, looking annoyed.
Ramsay Street
Lou is standing outside No. 26 when Harold and Madge emerge. He smiles as he tells them that his petition is going great guns: Sarah's already signed, and Toadie would have too if he hadn't been running late for work.
MADGE (sourly): Anyone on your petition who *doesn't* work for you?
LOU: They are just the tip of the iceberg. There's a groundswell of opinion in my favour - just you wait and see.
As Harold and Madge walk off, Lou calls after them with a chuckle:
LOU: Remember: you can't stop progress...
No. 30
The next morning, Sarah opens a cupboard in the kitchen to find a note stuck to the jam saying that it's running out. Alex suddenly comes in the back door and Sarah jumps. She turns to him and comments that it's good to see him.
ALEX (hesitantly): I wasn't sure about, um...
SARAH: When I said I needed some space, I didn't mean I never wanted to see you again; I just needed some time by myself.
ALEX: You were right, though: I *was* being pushy.
Alex then asks Sarah if she's free today: he thought they could go for a ride along the beach. Sarah nods that she could *do* with a change of scenery.
ALEX: Is everything OK?
SARAH: I'm just having a few hassles with Toadie - bit of a communication problem...
No. 26
The front door opens and Ruth comes in with Lily. Ruth tells Lance that Lily's bag is in the car, and Lance goes to get it. Anne tells Lily that she'll show her where she's sleeping.
LILY (beaming at everyone): I've been looking forward to this ever since Anne mentioned it.
Philip joins them and Anne introduces him to Lily.
LILY: Pleasure to meet you - I've heard so much about you.
Lance comes back in with Lily's case and an ornamental wooden box. Hannah comments that the box is lovely.
LILY: That's my Memory Box. I thought you might like to have a little look at some of my old things - old photos and such.
PHILIP: What a great idea! Anne tells us you spent some time in France.
LILY: Have *I* got some stories for *you*, Philip!
PHILIP: Oo-la-la!
Outside the Coffee Shop
A large number of people have gathered and are holding up placards protesting against the proposed nightclub development. Harold comments to Madge, who's handing banners to people, that Lou will have a fit! He then starts addressing the crowd:
HAROLD: Hello. Welcome, everybody. I just thought before we start, it might be a good time to remind you that this is a non-violent protest.
MADGE (to the crowd): Come on, now, let's get over there and show them how we feel!
As the crowd walks over to Lou's Place, Harold begins a chant:
HAROLD: No club, yes to pub. No club, yes to pub.
The other members of the throng quickly join in.
No. 26
Lily is showing the Wilkinsons, Philip and Hannah her old photos. She also reveals that she knew Renoir. Hannah comments that her clothes must have been wonderful as well. Lily, however, changes the subject suddenly and says she should have waited for the plumber. Philip asks when he's due, and Lily replies that he should be there in about half an hour. Philip says he'll go. Lily says quietly to Anne that she has something important she wants to discuss with her.
Outside Lou's Place
The demonstration is still going on. Inside the pub, Toadie opens the door and lets Karen in. She comments in surprise:
KAREN: Those guys are pretty serious.
Toadie tells her that Lou is going to spew when he gets back: they've had four customers since they protestors turned up.
KAREN: I can't believe you're working *again*.
TOADIE (shrugs): I've got to pay the rent, babe.
KAREN: But this is getting ridiculous: all you do is *work* these days.
TOADIE: We went out to the movies the other night
KAREN (tersely): That was two weeks ago. Toadie, we're turning into one of those couples who just say 'hi' as they pass in the street.
TOADIE: All right - I'll make it up to you. I'm nearly finished here, and after that I'm all yours - every inch of me! So that means we can go back to my joint and have a nice home-cooked meal and then relax on the couch...
KAREN: Oh what, on old milk crates? No thanks!
TOADIE: No, the cops gave our stuff back. That means we can shnog in style!
Changing the subject, Toadie offers Karen a drink. She says she'd love one. As he goes behind the bar, Karen asks him if he reckons Lou will have second thoughts about the sale.
TOADIE: Why should he? A nightclub in Erinsborough's just what we need.
Raising his voice, he yells:
TOADIE: Might shock a few people into *living* for a change!
KAREN: But what about the pub? I mean, heaps of families come here all the time.
TOADIE: But think about all the new jobs it'll create, and all the new people coming into the area. It can't be that bad, can it?
KAREN: It's only a nightclub, Toadie, not a major resort; it's hardly going to solve unemployment.
TOADIE: Maybe not, but I think it's about time someone pumped a bit of life into this place - and as for that lot outside, I reckon the more they chant, the more Lou will get his back up.
No. 26
Philip walks into the kitchen, where everyone is tidying things away, and announces that he's heading off. Ruth comments that it's nice of him to do this for Lily. She then goes on that she's glad Anne and Lily met up: Lily really cares for Anne. Hannah goes to lay the table and asks what they're having for dinner: they should do something French. Ruth smiles that that's a good idea! Hannah dashes off to find things to decorate the house with. When she's gone, Philip says he doesn't know if they should be encouraging all this French business too much.
RUTH: Why not?
PHILIP: You have to admit: isn't Lily's life just a little bit *too* sensational?
RUTH: She's just a natural storyteller, that's all.
PHILIP: I just can't believe one person can know so many famous writers and actors.
RUTH: That's just the accountant in you talking. Where's the romantic, hey?!
No. 30
Toadie and Karen head inside, but as Toadie opens the front door, he knocks down the ironing board, which is resting against it. He picks it up and finds a note attached to it, saying 'Put this away'. He then comments to Karen that Sarah has *lost* it.
KAREN: I thought you guys were getting on OK?
TOADIE: Yeah - she's just gone all psycho over this house-cleaning thing. She's trying to turn me into the next Harold Bishop!
KAREN: And how long has that ironing board being lying around?
TOADIE: Just a day or so. Not even that.
The two of them wander into the kitchen, where *everything* has been labelled! Toadie reads in astonishment:
TOADIE: 'Shut fridge door'... 'Turn off the light'... 'Clean microwave'... Talk about psycho chicken!
KAREN: Hang about - *you* do notes like this, though.
TOADIE: Yeah, for stuff we need to buy - but this is just *crazy*.
KAREN (laughs): Sarah must be really mad with *you*!
Lassiter's Complex
Lou is walking across the complex with Jake Nichols, but they stop in their tracks as they see the demonstration outside the pub.
NICHOLS: What's this? I thought you said there wasn't going to be any trouble.
LOU (quickly): Oh, it's nothing to worry about - just a few of those crackpots we talked about the other day.
NICHOLS: I thought there were only *two* crackpots, not a whole regiment.
The two of them approach the protestors. Madge walks up to them and smiles:
MADGE: Good afternoon, gentlemen, I hope it's not too noisy for you.
LOU: Er, what's going on, Madge?
MADGE: It's nothing personal, you understand; it's just that if you insist on putting this club in, we're not taking it lying down.
LOU: Take *what*? What do you think we're trying to *do* here?
MADGE: If you don't understand, I suggest you read the signs. This is just the tip of the iceberg, gentlemen.
Madge then begins a chant of:
MADGE: No disco, save our bistro. No disco, save our bistro.
Lou looks at Nichols warily.
No. 26
Lance is talking on the 'phone to Amy, telling her that he'll do his best, but he can't promise. He hangs up and joins Anne, Hannah and Ruth at the kitchen table. Ruth tells him they have a menu. Hannah tries to read it out in her best French accent, but fails miserably to sound at all French! She asks where Lily is, and Anne replies that she's having a nap. Lance then asks his mother if Amy could pop in this evening...
RUTH (wearily): Haven't we had this conversation? This family dinner means a lot to Phil and you can do without Amy for one night.
No. 30
Sarah comes in through the front door with Alex. Toadie joins them straight away and says to Sarah:
TOADIE: I was *wondering* when you were going to get home.
SARAH: Well here I am.
TOADIE: I got your notes. Very mature.
SARAH: Well *I'm* not the one who's incapable of putting an ironing board away, am I?
They head into the kitchen, where Karen is sitting at the table. They go on:
TOADIE: *I'm* not the one who sets up traps like a five-year-old.
SARAH: *I'm* not the one who leaves my stuff around the whole time.
TOADIE (sarcastically): Yeah, you're just perfect, aren't you? [He taunts:] Knickers in the shower...?
Sarah then asks Toadie if he isn't working. Toadie replies that he's taken the night off.
SARAH: Alex and I have made plans.
TOADIE: And Karen and *I* have made plans.
Alex starts to say that they can go out. Sarah, however, says quickly:
SARAH: We're not going anywhere.
TOADIE: I live here too and I can do whatever I like without running it by you first.
SARAH: It's called 'common courtesy' - but you wouldn't know about *that*, would you?
Toadie tells Sarah that he and Karen are not going anywhere, so she and Alex might as well change their plans.
Lou's Place
Lou is sitting at a table with Jake Nichols, who comments that the protestors are pretty persistent for a bunch of crackpots. Lou, however, insists:
LOU: This is the ideal place in the perfect position: loads of young people around here... no competition... what could be better?
NICHOLS: We can't afford to start up a new business with this sort of community opposition. I mean, Lou, look around you: you've had no customers at all for the past hour.
Lou insists that all the free publicity from the protest will mean the place is booming tomorrow.
NICHOLS: When dad and I talked this over, we had no idea there'd be this sort of reaction. I need to talk to him; see if it changes things.
With that, Nichols heads off out the back way. Lou steps behind the bar, looking thoughtful.
No. 26
Phil has arrived home and he tells Lily that the plumber said she'd have hot water by tomorrow afternoon. Lance walks in suddenly, dressed in a stripy black-and-white top, wearing a red neck-scarf, a black beret and a fake moustache! He attempts to speak French, but fails dismally! Philip suggests they look at Lance's translation book, and they head into the lounge room. Hannah and Ruth realise they don't have any cardamom pods, and the two of them head out to see if they can get some in a shop. Lily and Anne are left alone at the table. Lily says:
LILY: When I was a girl, my grandmother took me for a trip overseas.
ANNE (looking fascinated): Did you go by boat? That would have been fantastic - providing it wasn't the Titanic!
LILY: No! The trip was a wonderful experience, and I've been thinking: you look just like my own granddaughter, you know that - and I want to take you with me to France.
Anne stares at her in surprise.
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Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3149
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3149
Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Philip Martin

Sarah Beaumont, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3149
Sarah Beaumont, Toadie Rebecchi

Paul McClain, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3149
Paul McClain, Harold Bishop

Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3149
Sarah Beaumont

 in Neighbours Episode 3149

Lily Madigan, Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3149
Lily Madigan, Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

 in Neighbours Episode 3149

Lily Madigan, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3149
Lily Madigan, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Karen Oldman, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3149
Karen Oldman, Toadie Rebecchi

 in Neighbours Episode 3149

Jake Nichols, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3149
Jake Nichols, Lou Carpenter

Sarah Beaumont, Alex Fenton, Karen Oldman, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3149
Sarah Beaumont, Alex Fenton, Karen Oldman, Toadie Rebecchi

Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Lily Madigan in Neighbours Episode 3149
Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Lily Madigan

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3149
Anne Wilkinson

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