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Neighbours Episode 3148 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3148
Australian airdate: 19/08/98
UK airdate: 18/12/98
UK Gold: 08/09/04
Writer: Sam Genocchio
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Graham
Susan snapping at Libby that they're trying to put their family back together again.
Billy telling Libby that their parents don't need her making it any more difficult for them to get back together.
Libby sobbing to Susan that she always looked up to Karl and now she's seen a side of him that she really doesn't like, and she doesn't know if she can love him.
Karl and Susan kissing by the front door of No. 28.
No. 28
Karl and Susan pull apart. Karl murmurs that he'd really like to stay. Susan, however, says gently:
SUSAN: Part of me wants that too. I just don't think I'm ready.
KARL (nods): Slow and steady wins the race, huh?
SUSAN (murmurs): Yeah...
Susan goes on that they'll know when the time's right; this is just all new territory for her. Karl suddenly bursts out laughing and Susan asks what's funny.
KARL: I was thinking about the old days when we first started going out. You were waiting for me to make the first move.
SUSAN: Which took forever, you were so shy - and you kept coming up with all these excuses why you had to get going!
KARL: I was a conscientious student!
Susan looks at him lovingly - but her face then begins to drop slowly. She puts her hand to Karl's face.
SUSAN (softly): Go on - off you go.
KARL: Goodnight.
SUSAN: Goodnight.
Karl heads off. Susan stands by the door and sighs heavily.
No. 22
Lou is making a cup of tea and muttering to Drew, who's sitting on the couch, that the Bishops are self-righteous busy-bodies who stick their noses into everything. He goes on that he expects it from Harold, but not from Madge as well; what's wrong with a bit of good, honest business? Drew murmurs that he's sure Lou will work it out. Sensing that Drew is miles away, Lou tells him to spit it out.
DREW: OK. Joe Langer: I reckon he's dodgy.
LOU (sitting down): Joe?! You've got your wires crossed.
He then asks Drew what brought this on.
DREW: The other day, he offered me a job after hours: working on his cars; cutting *you* out of the deal.
LOU (looking intrigued): Really?!
DREW: I wasn't going to say anything, but I think there's something about the whole deal with this guy that smells fishy.
LOU: You can't blame a bloke for wanting to make a buck...
Lou then asks Drew if he's going to take up the offer. Drew, however, says he wouldn't work for the guy; something about Joe Langer just doesn't add up.
LOU: You're serious, aren't you?
DREW: Put it this way: he tried to cut *you* out of the deal. Do *you* trust him?
Lou sits there, looking thoughtful.
No. 24
The next morning, Harold is sitting at the kitchen table, trying to come up with a list of the objections to the nightclub development at Lou's Place. Madge sits down with him and suggests that they point out the noise issues. Paul joins them and asks what they're talking about.
HAROLD: We're making up a petition for the proposed nightclub at Lou's pub.
PAUL: A nightclub? That'd pump!
HAROLD (sternly): I don't think *you'll* be going.
PAUL: In a couple of years I will. Anyway, I'm glad you're all for it!
Harold looks at him in astonishment, and retorts that they disapprove completely.
HAROLD: Lou intends selling the pub to the manager of the Red Dog nightclub at West Warratah. The Red Dog's got a very bad reputation.
PAUL (sitting down at the table with his breakfast): That's not what *I've* heard.
HAROLD: Yes. Well. He intends turning the pub into a similar sort of nightclub.
PAUL (shrugs): What's wrong with that? I've heard the Red Dog goes off!
Harold tells Paul curtly that it could bring in a criminal element. Madge adds that it could disrupt a decent neighbourhood. Paul says he thinks it'll make Erinsborough a cool place to live.
HAROLD: I disagree - and so will lots of other people, as this petition will prove.
Madge says that, in the name of friendship, she's going to go over and give Lou one more chance to change his mind; see if he can be reasonable.
No. 28
Susan is making breakfast when Joel emerges from his room. He comments that she looks bright and chirpy. Susan tells him that she got out of the right side of bed this morning; that hasn't happened for a long time.
JOEL: So how was dinner?
SUSAN (smiles): Things are improving.
JOEL: I'm glad to hear it.
SUSAN: Thanks. It's early days yet, though.
There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Susan calls that it's open and Lance comes in. He asks Joel if he's got any plans for the day. Joel replies that he's going down to the beach to hunt around in rock pools. He asks Lance if he wants to come. Lance, however, explains that he and Amy are off to the movies: that's why he's there: to see if Joel wanted to join them.
JOEL: Thanks for the thought, but I think I'll stick to the seashore.
Looking suddenly thoughtful, Lance muses:
LANCE: *Would* be good. Bit of fresh air... it's educational...
JOEL: Does that mean you're coming?
LANCE: Yeah. Guess it does! Just have to talk Amy around now!
No. 26
A short time later, Amy has arrived. As Lance closes the front door, she mutters:
AMY: You've got to be joking. What am *I* going to do? I *hate* going to the movies by myself.
She adds that the two of them could sit in the back row, in the dark... She then points out that she's hardly dressed for rock pools.
LANCE: I'm sorry, but I've made up my mind. We can go to the movies any old time, but today I'm off to the beach.
AMY (groans): It'll be so boring.
LANCE: I'm sorry, but if you want to spend the day with me, rock pools it is.
AMY: Oh, all right - but I know it'll be tragic.
With that, she heads off to get changed into something of Anne's. Lance says quickly that he doesn't think she should do that. Amy, however, points out that she and Anne swap clothes all the time; she won't mind. Lance doesn't look convinced.
No. 22
Madge is standing in the lounge room with Lou, saying:
MADGE: Do you really want another Red Dog? I mean, it's going to change the face of Erinsborough forever - and it'll probably affect property values: doesn't that bother you?
LOU: Why should it bother *me*? *I'm* the *vendor*!
Madge sighs that, right now, the pub is a friendly local; it's a family place, and he and Cheryl gave it that atmosphere; what he's planning is the direct opposite.
MADGE: What do you think *Cheryl* would think about this?
LOU (looking annoyed): That's a bit unfair, isn't it, bringing Cheryl into this?
Madge starts to apologise. Lou, however, just tells her:
LOU: You and Harold can do what you like - I couldn't care less; but I've gotta say something, Madge: you used to enjoy a bit of fun, but obviously living with that boring bible-basher's changed you—
MADGE (furiously): Now just a minute - don't you dare talk like that—
LOU (snaps): This is a war I intend to win. The pub's going to be sold.
Madge storms off.
No. 24
A few moments later, Madge marches into No. 24 and tells Harold that she's going to sign the petition right now: if Lou Carpenter wants war, then war it is. She suggests they get down to the Coffee Shop and start working on the customers.
Lou's Garage
Karl has dropped off his car and is telling Lou angrily that it broke down in the middle of an emergency - and he only had it serviced a few weeks ago; when you pay as much as he did, you expect your vehicle to get you from A to B.
LOU: It's an old car.
KARL (curtly): It might be old; it's in an excellent condition.
Drew, who's looking under the bonnet, chips in that, actually, those old American cars have never been too reliable. Karl asks if they can look at it this afternoon. Lou wanders over to where Paul is cleaning a car on the other side of the lot, and asks him if he's heard anything about the nightclub business.
PAUL: Yeah, yeah, you're selling the pub.
LOU: Exactly. I was wondering if you knew what Madge and Harold's thoughts were on it. Have you chanced upon a conversation...? Overheard something...?
PAUL (quickly): No, no, nothing.
LOU: Oh. Well. Keep up the good work.
With that, Lou rejoins Karl and Drew and offers Karl a lift. He adds that he's going to meet the new owners of the pub, fingers crossed.
Coffee Shop
Harold is telling a group of young customers seated at a table about the noise pollution and the litter and the parking issues that a nightclub would cause. A man comes in and heads over to the counter, where Madge is serving. She asks him what she can do for him. The man tells her that he's just dropping by to introduce himself: he's Jake Nicholls - prospective owner of Lou's place. Shaking his hand, Madge says coolly:
MADGE: How do you do, Mr. Nicholls. I'm Madge Bishop. So, I gather you've got big plans for the pub?
NICHOLLS (smiling): Yeah, that's right, Madge. I can call you 'Madge', can't I?
MADGE (shrugging): Go right ahead.
NICHOLLS: Well, Madge, I want to inject some life into the neighbourhood; I want to put in a nightclub; get a late licence and start bringing in a new clientele.
MADGE (coolly): That's what I *heard*.
Nicholls goes on that he can't stay - he has to go and meet Lou - but he's really looking forward to bringing some new business into the area. As he goes to leave, Harold calls after him:
HAROLD: Excuse me, sir, my name's Harold Bishop. I'm putting together a petition for a little—
Madge tries to stop him, but Harold ignores her, saying:
HAROLD: I'm telling the gentleman about—
MADGE: This gentleman is Jake Nicholls: prospective owner of Lou's place.
Harold turns back to Nicholls, who has a frown on his face...
Lou's Garage
Paul is washing a car with a hose, but notices suddenly that the water is leaking into the car. He calls Drew over, saying in concern that Lou is going to go mental. Drew has a look, but then assures Paul that it isn't his fault.
DREW: It's a cut-and-shut job.
PAUL: A what?
DREW: Two cars joined together. This is one of Joe Langer's.
PAUL: I don't get it.
Drew explains about how two old cars are joined together and sold at a profit.
PAUL: Is it legal?
DREW: Yeah, it's legal - if it's done properly; but this hasn't been done properly: it's possible the welds could break and the car could split in two.
Drew then murmurs that he thinks it's time he *investigated* Joe Langer...
Lance, Amy and Joel are walking down a ramp to the sand, Amy whinging as they do so that they could be in a comfortable cinema right now, watching a movie... eating popcorn...
LANCE: Instead, we're in the great outdoors!
AMY (mutters): What's so great about it?
LANCE: Plenty - and I'm sure Joel, here, is just about to open up our minds to the wondrous worlds of marine life!
AMY: Wow! How much excitement can a girl *take*?!
JOEL (sighs): You didn't *have* to come.
AMY: Don't I know it...
LANCE: Hey - you keep whinging, you're in the water.
AMY (sarcastically): OK, then, I'm fine. I'm having a great time. I *love* nature. I'm having a great time!
Joel suggests they make their way to some rock pools on the other side of the beach. Amy decides she doesn't want to walk that far - but Lance and Joel leave her to sit alone on the sand, and a few seconds later she starts running after them!
Lou's Place
Lou shakes Jake Nicholls' hand and suggests that they go in the office and talk. As they do so, Nicholls tells Lou that he just met Harold and Madge Bishop.
LOU: Really? And what did *they* have to say?
NICHOLLS: They've started a petition against my plans for the pub. Quite frankly, they've got me worried.
Nicholls goes on that he doesn't want any protracted legal disputes with irate residents. Lou, however, insists:
LOU: Don't worry about Harold and Madge: they're just a couple of nutcases. They're forever tilting at windmills.
NICHOLLS: So no one takes any notice of them?
LOU: They don't have any support whatsoever. They're a couple of nutcases.
Nicholls insists that his plans can only bring more business to the area. Lou says he couldn't agree more - and he's been canvassing a lot of the public and most people agree that Erinsborough can't lose.
Lance lifts up a small rock and picks up a creature from the water underneath. He tells Joel that he's very impressed: he never knew so many mysterious creatures existed. Amy is walking along the rocks a few yards away, looking bored. Joel glances at her before saying to Lance:
JOEL: How bad a mood is *she* in?
LANCE (shrugs): She'll get over it.
JOEL (pointedly): Will *you*?
At that moment, Amy appears to trip and fall. Joel and Lance run over to her. She's fallen into a pool, and has landed on her backside. As Joel and Lance lift her up, Joel takes a sea urchin from out of the water under her. Lance begins to examine her posterior to see what the damage is! As the two of them then begin to lead her back across the beach, Lance suggests they take her to see Dr. Kennedy. Amy cries that it's so embarrassing.
LANCE: Look, Amy, somebody has got to get those sea urchin spikes out of your backside, and it's not going to be me!
Lou's Place
Lou is talking on the 'phone behind the bar, asking the person:
LOU: Can you guarantee me your signature? ... Good one, mate. I owe you. Bye.
He hangs up and then turns to the bar as Drew comes in. Drew tells him:
DREW: I've done some digging on Joe Langer. He's not kosher.
LOU: What is he, then?
DREW: Those cars he's given you are two cars chopped in half and welded together.
LOU: Yeah, cut-and-shut: that's legal.
DREW: But not the way *he's* doing it. And also, it's not legal to trade as a car dealer without a licence - which is exactly what this shonkster's up to.
LOU: What are you talking about? He does up the odd car and sells it, as a hobby.
DREW: No, no, he's pulled a swifty on you.
LOU: Mate, you're confusing me. How can he be an unlicensed dealer?
DREW: The law says you're a car dealer if selling cars is your major source of income, right?
LOU: Yeah, right, right, but have you got proof of that?
DREW: Look here. [He shows Lou a newspaper.] I've counted ten vehicles for private sale with the same telephone number. It's Joe Langer's number.
LOU (looking at the newspaper): Strewth, you're right.
DREW: Yeah. The guy is a crook. And I've already worked on three of his cars, so technically I'm an accessory and the garage is liable.
LOU: You'd better stop working on them, then.
DREW: Yeah - and *you'd* better call the police.
Reception area at the surgery
Joel and Lance are giggling as Joel laughs that he did warn Amy those rocks were covered in slippery algae!
LANCE: At least she landed on the soft part of her anatomy, though!
They suddenly hear a cry of pain from the consulting room.
LANCE (groans): Oh, am *I* going to get it...
JOEL: It *was* just an accident.
LANCE: Do you really think that matters, Joel? I mean, give the girl ten seconds and *everything* can be my fault - even the atom bomb!
In the consulting room, Amy has her teeth gritted as she leans over the examining table and Karl pulls the sea urchin spines out of her backside! Karl tells her that her jeans acted as a first line of defence against any venom getting into her. He then adds:
KARL: Speaking of jeans, you can pull them up, now, if you like.
Amy gets dressed again as Karl writes a script for some antiseptic cream for her to put on. As Amy takes it, she cries:
AMY: I'm so embarrassed. Doctor Kennedy, you won't tell anyone, will you? You swear you won't tell anyone?
KARL: Well... there *is* such a thing as doctor-patient confidentiality. Your secret is safe with me.
With that, Karl opens the consulting room door. Lance goes to put his arm round Amy, but she pushes him away and snaps:
AMY: Don't you even *try* and speak to me.
AMY: No. I will *die* of embarrassment.
LANCE (smiling): Come on, Amy!
AMY (furiously): Look - you two breathe a word of this to anyone and your lives will not be worth living.
Lance and Joel look at each other.
Lou's Place
Drew is sitting at a table when Lou emerges from the office and tells him that the boys in blue were most impressed. Drew asks what's happening.
LOU: Firstly, we're in the clear. Secondly, they're going to impound all the illegal vehicles. I'm afraid that means no money for *us*.
DREW (glaring at Lou): *Us*? *You*, more like it. Lou, *I* get paid regardless—
LOU: OK, OK, don't get worked up.
Lou then tells Drew that he could do him a favour.
LOU: You know I'm countering Harold and Madge's petition with one of my own? Take that down the garage [he hands Drew a clipboard] and get some positive feedback from the customers, will you?
DREW: OK. I've got nothing against a well-run nightclub. Fact, I quite like the idea!
No. 26
Lance opens the front door to find Amy on the step. He invites her in and tells her to take a seat! He then bursts out sniggering!
AMY (coolly): Don't even joke about it - you *know* I can't even sit down.
Amy then hands Lance the clothes she borrowed and tells him that he's going to have to wash the jeans.
LANCE: *Me* wash them? *You* borrowed them.
AMY: I didn't have much choice, did I?
LANCE: What?
AMY: Lance, it was your idea to go to the beach, so it's your responsibility. Anyway, I'm going.
Amy goes to head off. Lance, however, tells her quickly that he's got something for her. He unfolds a sheet of paper and says:
LANCE: A signed affidavit.
He then reads:
LANCE: "We the undersigned, Lance Wilkinson and Joel Samuels, hereby agree to keep secret the incident which befell Amy Greenwood" - that's you - "at the beach. This incident will remain undisclosed for the period of our natural lives." And we've both signed it, see? So - am I out of the bad books?
AMY (smiling reluctantly): All right, yes.
Lance gives her a hug, squeezing her bottom as he does so! He quickly apologises and pulls back. He then tells her that he has something else for her. He reaches behind the desk and picks up a yellow inflatable ring.
LANCE: I got you this: something to sit on. It's your size!
Amy doesn't look impressed!
No. 28
Susan opens the front door to Madge, who explains that she's popped over to see if she can get Susan's support for her and Harold's petition. Looking hesitant, Susan suggests that Madge come in and they'll discuss it further.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3148
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3148
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3148
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Joel Samuels, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3148
Joel Samuels, Susan Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3148
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3148
Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop

Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3148
Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3148
Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3148
Drew Kirk, Paul McClain

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3148
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels

Lou Carpenter, Jake Nichols in Neighbours Episode 3148
Lou Carpenter, Jake Nichols

Karl Kennedy, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3148
Karl Kennedy, Amy Greenwood

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3148
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3148
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Madge Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3148
Madge Bishop, Susan Kennedy

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