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Neighbours Episode 3150 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3150
Australian airdate: 21/08/98
UK airdate: 22/12/98
UK Gold: 09/09/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Lily Madigan – Alethea McGrath
Karen Oldman – Pia Miranda
Alex Fenton – Guy Hooper
Summary/Images by: Graham
Philip announcing that there's going to be a family meal tomorrow night.
Anne asking if Lily could stay at No. 26 tomorrow because her hot water service is busted.
Philip commenting to Lily that he heard she spent some time in France.
Philip asking Ruth if Lily's life isn't just a little bit too sensational.
Lily telling Anne that she wants to take her with her to France.
No. 28
Anne asks Lily in surprise if she really means that. Lily replies that of course she does: for years she's been wanting to revisit the magic haunts of her misspent youth, but it's no fun alone.
ANNE (excitedly): I'd love to! But when did you want to go, because I'd need some time to get some money together.
LILY: Oh you don't have to worry about that - it's all expenses paid.
ANNE: No. No, I don't think mum and Phil would go for that. Me either; I'd like to pay my own way - well, partly, anyway.
Lily suggests that there's no hurry: they could go early in the new year, after Anne has finished school. Anne smiles that that would be perfect: it'll give her time to get a casual job and get some money together. She then suggests that perhaps Lily should ask her mum and Ruth about it - but they need to pick their moment...
No. 30
Toadie is preparing some food in the kitchen as Sarah suggests to him that he and Karen set up the camp cooker in the back garden and have a romantic barbecue for two - well away from her and Alex.
TOADIE: I'd love to. Now, if you could just tell me how to barbecue tacos...
Karen, who's sitting at the table with Alex, says quickly that it's not like they can't *all* fit at the table, so why don't they have a nice dinner for four? Alex says it's fine by him. Sarah mutters that she only bought two steaks. Karen insists that it doesn't matter: they've each got their own food and they'll eat it together. Sarah doesn't look impressed.
No. 26
Philip is trying a taster of some soup that Ruth has made in the kitchen. Lance is trying to decide what his contribution to the meal is going to be, and he suggests he make French fries! Lily then says:
LILY: Since everyone is in such a good mood, it seems the right time to make a very special announcement!
She glances at Anne, but Anne quickly shakes her head, unnoticed by anyone else.
PHILIP: What announcement's that, Lily?
LILY (hesitantly): The announcement is that, er, it's time to open the wine!
There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Lance says it might be Amy: she said she might drop in. Ruth looks annoyed, but Lance tells her to chill: she won't be staying. He goes to the door, leaving Lily to tell the others about the time she was painted by Picasso.
RUTH: Did you really know him?
LILY: Not as well as some of my girlfriends did, if you know what I mean(!) - but well enough!
No. 30
Toadie is still cooking in the kitchen when Sarah comes in and mutters at him that she found the ironing board on her bed before. Toadie smiles that it was tired! Meanwhile, Alex and Karen are sitting at the table, enjoying a sprightly conversation. Karen bursts into laughter at Sarah and Toadie's arguing, which causes Sarah to snap:
SARAH: *Hello*? This isn't funny.
ALEX (seriously): No, you're right.
Alex and Karen then look at each other and burst into laughter again!
No. 28
Amy has turned up and is telling Joel that she couldn't even get a step in the door at No. 26. She explains about the Martins and the Wilkinsons having a big family bonding night:
AMY (coolly): No outsiders, except for dotty old Lily, who apparently is so part of the family that they're cooking fake French food in her honour.
Joel asks her if she wants to stay for pasta. Amy sighs that it doesn't look like she's going to be getting any *better* offers.
No. 28
Philip is topping up glasses of wine as he comments that the family meal has gone very well: it was a great idea and they should do it more often.
LILY (warily): I still feel like an intruder...
PHILIP: Absolutely not. The French food idea was your idea; if you hadn't been here, we would never have done it.
Philip then announces that he'd like to propose a toast:
PHILIP: To our family and to our friend.
Everyone raises their glasses to Lily. She then says:
LILY: If I may, *I'd* like to make a toast: to the Wilkinsons... and Martins... and specially to my friend Anne.
Everyone raises their glasses again.
LILY: And another thing - [Looking at Anne.] I think this might be a good time to say it. [Turning to Ruth.] Anne has done so very much for me. I'd dearly love to do something in return. I want her to come with me, early in the new year, on a trip to France.
HANNAH: Can I come as well?!
LILY: I know what a wonderful thing it was for me when I was young - and I'm sure Anne will gain as much from the experience as I did; and I dearly hope you'll think so too. Do you agree that she can come?
Ruth sits there, hesitantly. Anne tells her that it's OK: she doesn't have to make a decision right now. Ruth admits that she needs a few minutes to recover. She then says:
RUTH: It's a very generous offer, Lily, and I'm sure Anne appreciates it... I think that I - *we* - might need some time to think about it.
No. 30
Sarah serves a plate of food to Alex and apologises for it having taken so long: somebody turned the griller off... Toadie then serves a plate of food to Karen and apologises for them taking so long: someone set fire to the first set of shells... Karen insists that everything looks fine. As Toadie and Sarah start arguing again, Alex comments to Karen that her tacos smell great. Karen offers him some. Alex asks her if she'd like some steak. Karen smiles that maybe she'll have a little taste.
ALEX: Frankly, I'm more in the mood for tacos. Do you think they'd mind if we swapped?
KAREN: I don't think they'd even notice!
With that, Alex and Karen swap plates. Sarah and Toadie sit down at the table and Sarah says curtly:
SARAH: I'm sure we can all manage to have a nice meal together, despite certain people trying to ruin it for everyone...
TOADIE (retorts): Funny - *I* was thinking the same thing.
Sarah and Toadie then both notice that Alex and Karen have swapped plates. There's a sudden silence. Karen and Alex look at each other and swap their plates back again!
No. 28
Amy is looking at an advert in the Erinsborough News for dog walkers. She asks Joel incredulously who's going to pay someone $15 an hour to walk their dog round the block. Joel points out that lots of people do: it's all part of the domestic-outsourcing craze.
AMY: *I* could do this. *I* could hold on to a leash!
Joel finishes writing something on a pad and says:
JOEL: How's this? "Personal trainer available. Erinsborough area. Fully qualified and experienced. Work with male or female clients."
AMY (ignoring Joel): I could really do this. It's money for nothing. What do you say? I'm serious.
JOEL: Yeah... I should really concentrate on the training thing, though - but if you organise it, I'll come along for some moral support and a bit of exercise.
AMY: All right - I'll do it.
Amy then adds:
AMY: What a brilliant idea to get rich. Why didn't someone tell me this earlier?!
No. 26
Everyone stands up to clear the table as Anne comments that those French desserts really are rich! Lily asks if she can help in the kitchen. Ruth, however, insists that she sit down in the lounge room with the kids. Everyone leaves Ruth and Philip to it. Philip then says to Ruth quietly:
PHILIP: What do you think?
RUTH: I don't know: given Lily's age and medical history... It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Anne...
PHILIP: Do we treat it as a real offer? You've got to admit: there's a lot of fanciful elements in Lily's stories...
RUTH: You think? It sounded to me like she was talking from experience.
PHILIP: But what's she really said? I mean, she drops a lot of impressive names, but she never goes into details. And even if it was true, I mean how could she afford—
Philip breaks off as Anne walks over to them and comments that there's a lot of whispering going on. She then says:
ANNE: You're going to let me go, aren't you?
PHILIP: Well, we were just saying that apart from anything else, how can Lily afford it? She's on the pension.
ANNE: That's what I thought at first too, but then she showed me her bank book and, believe me, she can afford it. It's a genuine offer. So can I go?
No. 26
The next morning, Amy is sitting on the couch waiting for Lance to get ready for school. As he emerges from his bedroom, still getting dressed, he comments that she's a bit early, isn't she? Amy retorts coolly:
AMY: Yes, well, I thought that family night would be officially over by now, but if it's not and I'm intruding, just say so.
LANCE (sighs): Would you stop giving me a hard time about that?
Lance then gives Amy a kiss and she smiles that he's forgiven - as long as he helps her out with her idea to get incredibly rich. She explains about the dog walking plan and how you can get paid for it.
AMY: It would be fun, because it's time that we can spend together; and we'd be making money: $15 an hour.
LANCE: There must be a catch.
AMY: Per dog... three dogs each... morning and afternoon... that's $180 a day... that's nearly a thousand dollars a week!
Amy goes on that she wants to have a trial run this afternoon for practice: they can take Bonnie, and she can go and ask Sarah for Bob. Anne interjects suddenly and says;
ANNE: If *he's* not interested, *I* am - that'd pay my way to France!
Lance tells Amy quickly that he's interested! Amy says she's going to go and ask Sarah if they can have Bob. She then asks what Anne meant about France!
No. 30
Toadie goes to look for the ironing board, but it's not where he expects to find it. He asks Sarah where it is, but she snaps that she's not in the mood. She goes to look in the same place, though, only to find that it's not there. She asks Toadie angrily where it is.
TOADIE: *I* get it - this is your way of paying me back for last night, is it?
SARAH: I cannot believe you've even got the gall to mention that after ruining the evening for everyone.
TOADIE (incredulously): *I* ruined it? *I* wasn't the one who tried to force-feed my boyfriend raw steak when obviously he wanted one of my tacos.
There's a knock on the door at that moment, and Sarah answers it. Amy comes in and tells Sarah that she's starting a dog walking service and wanted to ask about Bob.
SARAH (tersely): How much?
AMY: $15 an hour, but—
SARAH: Fine. That's fine. Look, I haven't walked him all week, so your timing's quite good.
Amy tells Sarah that she'll pick him up after school. With that, she heads off. Sarah walks into the kitchen, where Toadie is taking a note off the fridge. He hands it to Sarah, who reads:
SARAH: "We are holding your ironing board hostage. If you don't call a truce immediately, you'll never see it alive again. Signed: The Ironing Board Liberation Army - alias Alex and Karen."
Sarah then smiles that they are *so* going to pay for this!
No. 26
Anne is pleading with Ruth that she has to know; *Lily* has to know.
RUTH: Why? If it's not 'til next year, that means that there's plenty of time to think about it.
Anne points out that it's the chance of a lifetime; she'd be mad not to go. Philip, however, tells her that Ruth is right: there's a lot to consider; what if Lily got sick? Anne retorts that she'd call an ambulance. Lance interrupts and tells Ruth that he and Amy are starting a dog walking service, so how about signing Bonnie up?
RUTH: Absolutely. Just don't expect me to pay you for it - she's supposed to be your dog anyway.
Amy comes back at that moment and announces that they've got Bob. Ruth just reiterates to Lance that she's not going to pay him for looking after his own dog, unless he wants to pay her and Phil for feeding her. Amy tells Lance that they'll get some real customers at school. The kids all head off to school, except Hannah, who realises she's forgotten her science book and says she'll catch up with the other guys.
Ramsay Street
As Lance, Anne and Amy head down the driveway of No. 26, Lance says to his sister that having to play nurse-maid for poor old Lily is hardly a thrill a minute.
ANNE: *I* think it all depends on what you're looking for. For me, half the fun of the trip will be doing it with someone who's already been there and knows the country.
LANCE: And goes to bed at 8:30!
ANNE: You are just jealous!
Joel cycles past them and Amy calls to him that the first big dog-walk's on this afternoon if he still wants to come. She then says to Lance:
AMY: Who *cares* what time she goes to bed?
LANCE: What?
AMY: Lily! I mean, when you've got all this time by yourself, you can do what you want. It's Paris! Discos... cafes... It'd be unreal!
ANNE: Exactly. I *have* to go - and if mum and Phil think that they can change my mind, then they can think again.
No. 26
Lily is sitting at the table in the kitchen, having breakfast. Philip sits down with her and comments that it must be very exciting, the thought of seeing France again after all these years.
LILY: It's been a life-long dream. I can't believe I've left it 'til now.
RUTH: In a lot of ways, it'll be a whole new experience: just a day on a plane and you'll be there. I imagine last time you'd have had to spend weeks on board ship.
LILY: That was half the fun! I almost wish I could go by ship again. It's so romantic!
PHILIP: You must remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was... what?
LILY: 1938, dear!
PHILIP: I suppose you even remember the name of the ship?
LILY: I do indeed: the SS Carlisle.
Lily then announces that she'd better get dressed: the plumbers will be finished this afternoon. Philip smiles that he'll go over and check that everything is in order, and if it is he'll drop her home this afternoon. Left alone with Philip, Ruth remarks:
RUTH: She certainly seemed to have all the details at her fingertips.
PHILIP: Yes...
RUTH: You still don't sound convinced...
PHILIP: I'm not. I don't know: something doesn't feel right.
Ramsay Street
Joel is staring into the eyes of Casserole, saying to the sheep:
JOEL: Woof!
Cassie doesn't respond! Amy, Anne and Lance walk over to him and ask what's going on.
JOEL: Haven't you ever heard of a sheepdog?!
Joel then explains that he made the mistake of mentioning the dog walking to Libby! Amy says she'll go and get Bonnie, and she hands Lance a list of the other dogs they have to pick up.
No. 26
Philip is sitting at the desk in the lounge room, looking up something on the computer. Ruth is peering over his shoulder as he declares:
PHILIP: There. You see?
RUTH (looking concerned): Yeah...
Lily joins them and smiles at Philip that he's back. Philip replies that the hot water's fine and he can take her home whenever she likes. Lily heads off to pack her bag. Anne comes in through the front door at that moment and Philip says to her:
PHILIP: I just got back from Lily's. I got to talk to her next-door neighbour, Mrs. Crockett. Lily's never *been* to France. It was her and her husband's dream, but they never made it.
ANNE (looking taken aback): What would *she* know? She's just the neighbour.
PHILIP: And has been for the last fifty years. But to be sure, I've just been on the internet, checking ship registration records. Lily told me she sailed to France in the SS Carlisle.
ANNE: And what?
PHILIP: It's a coastal vessel. It's never left Australian waters.
ANNE (dismissively): Why would she lie?
PHILIP: I don't think she *is* lying - or *knows* she's lying; she's just been telling the stories for so long now, she believes them.
Ruth adds that Phil went through Anne's art books: Modigliani and Renoir were both dead years before Lily was meant to have been there.
ANNE (looking upset): But if it's what she's wanted all her life, isn't that all the more reason to go? I mean, we could finally make her dream real.
RUTH (gently): Sweetheart, it's a huge responsibility, and you've never *travelled* before.
ANNE (hesitantly): Do we have to tell her? I mean, if she believes that it's real...
PHILIP: I don't think we have to say *anything* to Lily. We don't want to upset her; we just want *you* to know the truth.
At that moment, Lily emerges from her room and announces that she's ready. Phil tells her that he'll go and get her Memory Box. Lily turns to Anne and Ruth and says:
LILY: I want to thank you again for having me, and for that lovely French dinner last night - it brought back all those wonderful memories.
ANNE (smiling): That was the idea. We'll do it again soon.
LILY: That would be lovely. Good practice for the real thing.
As Philip leads Lily out through the front door, Anne stands there, looking upset.
No. 30
The front door opens and Toadie sneaks in with an ironing board under his arm. He clatters it against the wall, though, and Sarah calls out to ask what the noise was.
TOADIE: Nothing, nothing. I was just watching where I was going. Don't yell at me!
He heads into the kitchen, where Sarah apologises for having been a pain to live with recently. Toadie apologises to her, as well.
SARAH: Let's say from now on we just say what's on our mind, yeah, instead of stewing on it and sniping at each other and leaving notes everywhere?
TOADIE: Yeah, yeah, fine - but all that stuff was kind of fun, wasn't it?
SARAH: Not really...
Toadie then says:
TOADIE: I guess it's got to do with this Karl thing, huh?
SARAH (sighs): I guess I should be over it, but I'm not - and if he gets back with Susan and they move in next door, I think I might have to think about going away for *good*.
TOADIE: No you wouldn't! You'd face up to it and deal with it; put it in the past where it belongs. But then again, what would I know, eh?
SARAH (sincerely): Maybe a few things!
TOADIE: Anyway, you can't leave - not now that we've made friends again and I've just bought you a...
With that, he opens the door to reveal the ironing board. Sarah stares at it. She then crosses the kitchen and picks up an ironing board that *she's* just bought!
Ramsay Street
Amy is being pulled up the street by two frisky dogs. She's calling to them to slow down. Lance and Joel aren't doing any better with the dogs - and Cassie - that *they're* trying to control!
AMY (angrily): I'm sick of this; I can't wait to get these dogs home.
Amy then suddenly notices something.
AMY: Where's Bob?
LANCE: I thought *you* had him.
AMY: No, I don't.
LANCE: I gave Bob to you when I was helping Joel with the sheep.
AMY (indignantly): You did not.
LANCE: Well I thought that I *did*.
AMY (looking worried): Where's Bob?
LANCE: Hey, hey, *I* didn't lose Bob. Don't ask *me*.
With that, Lance and Amy hand the leads of more than half a dozen dogs, plus Casserole, over to Joel and run off down the road, calling for Bob. None of them notices that high up in a tree overhanging the street, a lonely ironing board is lodged in the branches, looking for an owner!
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Lily Madigan, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3150
Lily Madigan, Anne Wilkinson

Alex Fenton, Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont, Karen Oldman in Neighbours Episode 3150
Alex Fenton, Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont, Karen Oldman

Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3150
Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3150
Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels

Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Lily Madigan, Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3150
Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Lily Madigan, Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Hannah Martin

Lily Madigan in Neighbours Episode 3150
Lily Madigan

Alex Fenton, Karen Oldman in Neighbours Episode 3150
Alex Fenton, Karen Oldman

 in Neighbours Episode 3150

Ruth Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3150
Ruth Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin

Sarah Beaumont, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3150
Sarah Beaumont, Toadie Rebecchi

Lily Madigan, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3150
Lily Madigan, Philip Martin

Casserole the sheep, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3150
Casserole the sheep, Joel Samuels

Anne Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, Lily Madigan in Neighbours Episode 3150
Anne Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, Lily Madigan

Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3150
Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson

 in Neighbours Episode 3150

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