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Neighbours Episode 3137 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3137
Australian airdate: 04/08/98
UK airdate: 03/12/98
UK Gold: 01/09/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: David Myles
Guests: Alex Fenton: Guy Hooper
Sandy Hutchens: Susan Paterno
Tim Hutchens: Stephen Jenkins
Bonnie: Trained by Anne Hura
Tracey Cox: Margot Knight (uncredited)
Leo McClain: Ross Thompson (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Ruth suggests that she and Hannah come with Phil and Lance on their camping trip.
- Hannah says she's not coming camping, but Phil insists.
Phil is explaining to Hannah that going away on trips is what families do. Hannah says she won't have any fun and Phil tells her to change her attitude. Hannah rolls her eyes and goes off to pack.
Sarah and Alex are having dinner. They talk about nicknames and Sarah admits that her nickname at school was "Froggy" - because she couldn't cut her frog up in Biology and took it home as a pet instead.
Ruth invites Amy to doing them all for dinner. Amy is carrying the dance trophy around with her(!)
They all sit down to dinner. Hannah asks Anne if she can borrow her black dress for a date later in the week (she's put off her weekend date because of the camping trip). Hannah moans that Anne doesn't have to come on the camping trip, but Phil says she has schoolwork. They are all getting on reasonably well, though.
Libby is watching footage of Ruth on the video when Drew comes round. She tells him she's thinking about a weekend break away. Drew tells her that he's met a girl that he can take to the wedding - Sandy who's been in to the garage.
DREW: It's early days, but you know when you get a feeling about someone?
LIBBY: Yeah, it's nice when that happens.
Libby tells him she's really happy for him. Drew looks at the paused footage of Ruth, and sees a figure in the background.
Everyone is getting on quite well. Amy warns Lance not to eat too much - she wants them to enter more dancing competitions. Lance drags Amy into the living room.
LANCE: Shut up Amy, just shut up, I've had a gutful.
AMY: You can't treat me like that!
LANCE: In case you haven't noticed, I've got bigger things to content with, like going camping with Hannah and Phil.
AMY: Yeah, well I was just trying to tell you...
LANCE: What, that I'll get fat? So what, who cares? It's my body, I'll look after it the way I want to!
He tells her to stop bragging about the trophy - they only won because Anne and Bill took a dive! Amy is shocked and looks upset. She walks off home, clearly wanting Lance to follow her, but he doesn't.
(The following morning)
Phil is finishing his packing. Hannah is practically dragging herself to the car. They all say goodbye to Anne and Phil struggles out with his mounds of luggage!
Madge and Harold are anxiously awaiting Paul's arrival. Madge has baked a cake and wonders whether to ice it.
Drew has shown the video to Sarah - her attacker is the figure behind Ruth in the footage. She is a bit shaken up at the sight of him.
As Drew is leaving, he finds a china frog on the doorstep. Sarah is delighted - it must be from Alex.
Amy pops around to confront Anne about letting her win the competition. Anne admits that they did let her win, but nobody else knows.
AMY: So, do you think I'm a show- off too?
ANNE: No, you just like being at the centre of all the action, that's all.
AMY: Sounds like a show- off to me.
Amy suggests that they could have a girls day, but Anne wants to study.
Just then, Libby comes around looking for Ruth. Amy invites her to join their girls day. Anne does not look impressed.
Alex calls round to see Sarah. She tells him that they've found the thief. He tells her that he wants them to be discreet about their relationship at work. She isn't too impressed that he wants to keep it a secret.
Paul and Tracey the social worker have arrived. Madge is delighted to see him (Harold is out the back icing a cake). Madge thinks Paul needs fattening up(!)
Harold comes in and is delighted to see Paul. He restrains his delight, but does shake his hand madly!
PAUL: Tracey told me some stuff about my dad. I just didn't want to see him, that's why I took off.
HAROLD: And have you thought any more about it since you and Tracey talked it over? Would you mind seeing your father?
PAUL: Yeah, yeah, I've thought about it. But I still don't want to see him.
TRACEY: I've told him that he doesn't have to.
PAUL: But I'd still like to stay here, if that's OK?
HAROLD:(mock casual) That'd be OK...OK with you, Madge?
MADGE: Oh, yeah, I suppose it's OK!
They both hug Paul.
Hannah wants to go to the toilet, so Ruth hands her a toilet roll and a shovel(!) She is not impressed. Lance is fascinated playing with the worm bait(!)
Libby, Anne and Amy have been watching a sad movie. They agree to watch the sequel with chocolate cake.
Lance, Hannah, Ruth and Phil are sitting around the campfire in the dark, chatting. Ruth is cooking ragu as Phil hasn't caught anything. Unfortunately, some possum poo falls from a tree into the ragu(!) They all laugh, except Hannah, who stomps off.
A man comes in looking for Drew. He has a picture of Sandy's car. Drew confirms that he worked on the car, and the man, without warning, punches him, knocking him to the ground. Then he picks drew up by the front of his shirt.
MAN: Keep away from my car, and keep your filthy hands off my wife!
Sarah and Alex arrive back. She is very off with him, and is clearly still upset about them hiding their relationship at the hospital. Alex says it's not a big deal, but Sarah says she won't go into another relationship where she has to hide.
Paul is deep in thought - he tells Madge and Harold that he's thinking back to his childhood.
MADGE: Do you remember very much about your father?
PAUL: You shouldn't trust him, he's a liar.
MADGE: Is that what your mother said, or is that how you remember him?
PAUL: My mother wasn't a liar!
HAROLD: No, no, of course not. It's just that people remember different things. They remember people differently.
PAUL: He said he was going to buy me a puppy once.
PAUL: And he forgot.
HAROLD: Do you remember what your father looked like?
PAUL: ...Sort of tall, and big. Fair hair. And he was really loud, he used to yell and shout all the time.
HAROLD: Go on.
PAUL: Our kitchen at home...he was yelling, and I just wanted to get out of there and get away from him. But I knew if he saw me move, he'd stop yelling at mum and start on me. I just had to get out...and then he...
MADGE: Then what, love?
PAUL: He just...he just always hit out, he always did it, and mum fell over and I ran outside. There was an old dog kennel, I used to hide in there when I was scared.
HAROLD: Did he come looking for you?
PAUL: He called out and stuff, but I didn't answer. I just wanted mum, I thought he must have...
MADGE: You thought she might have been dead.
PAUL: I thought if she was dead it'd have been my fault because I ran away.
HAROLD: But she wasn't dead, was she?
PAUL: I should have stayed with her, I should have picked up something and chucked it at him.
There is a knock at the door.
HAROLD: Oh dear.
PAUL:(panicked) Is that him?!
HAROLD: I'll tell him you don't want to see him, it's alright, Paul!
Paul rushes off to his bedroom.
Harold opens the door, and it is indeed Paul's father.
HAROLD: Leo, this possibly isn't the best time.
LEO: Did you tell him I came looking?
There is a long pause.
LEO: No, I understand. Well, at least now I know where Paul lives and where he hangs out. Went past his school the other day, just to...get the feeling what sort of a life he has. Who knows, maybe in...
Paul is listening and decides to make an appearance.
MADGE: Paul, this is your dad.
Paul just looks at him.
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