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Neighbours Episode 3136 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3136
Australian airdate: 03/08/98
UK airdate: 02/12/98
UK Gold: 31/08/04
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: David Myles
Guests: Sandy Hutchens: Susan Paterno
Denny Cook: Katie Ditchburn
Leo McClain: Ross Thompson (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Hannah rants at Phil that Ruth and Susan made her be friends with Denny and she's been dragged into trouble ever since.
- Phil doesn't believe that Hannah didn't do the graffiti.
- Hannah cries that she doesn't want to live in a house with people who don't trust her and don't believe a word she says. She rants that she wishes Julie was there because she wouldn't have doubted her.
Bill tells Joel that he had a great night last night. Joel is still in pain from his injury and is going for an x- ray later.
Bill goes off to sleep, saying he's won something that's a lot better than a "hunk of metal".
Ruth doesn't know what to do about Hannah hating her. Phil says he was expecting them to be the new Brady Bunch(!) but instead, Ruth is the wicked stepmother!
RUTH: It's not fair. My kids like *you*.
PHIL: They're older.
RUTH: Hannah and I used to get on really well when I lived across the road.
PHIL: Guess she's just got used to being Queen Bee. Especially after Helen died.
RUTH: I give up. Nothing seems to work.
Phil tries to resassure her, but they don't have any answers.
Drew is working on a car when Sandy drives up. There's yet another problem with her car(!) She flirts with Drew outrageously and says she'll make them both a cup of tea(!)
Phil tells Hannah that they'll have to go to the school soon. Hannah is still upset that Phil and Ruth didn't believe her, even when they try to reassure her. Hannah rudely tells Ruth that only Phil needs to come down the school with her.
Sandy is still flirting with Drew and says she's happy to wait for him to work on her car. She says she'll got and get Drew some takeaway for lunch(!)
Susan tells Hannah that all the evidence points to her - she did have a spraycan in her pocket and paint on her hands. Hannah says she's been framed, and she can prove that the graffiti is Denny's tag. Hannah suggests that Susan looks in Denny's locker.
Susan has got Denny down the school and instructs her to open her locker. She refuses initially, but Susan is insistent. Inside is the tag, and a can of spray paint. Susan takes Denny off for "a chat".
Denny tells Susan that Hannah might be framing her, not the other way around(!) Susan talks her into confessing, and says she knows Denny is having a hard time. She will help her to manage her anger as much as she can, but Denny must realise that she's committed a criminal offence. Susan *could* call the police, but she'd like to handle it in- house instead.
Sandy has brought Drew lucnh. He invites her out for a drink tonight in return.
Phil has woken Bill up. He's come to tell Bill that a client of his, Jack O'Connor, runs a furniture business and is looking to take on a trainee woodworker.
PHIL: Yeah, I told him about you.
BILL: Hang on, you told him about *me*?!
PHIL: Yeah, it's a great opportunity. Not only would you learn about furniture making, but you'd also learn about management. It's a small business, so you'd handle a bit of everything.
Bill looks stunned.
BILL: Um, do you mind if I get myself a drink, I want to make sure I'm not dreaming!
PHIL: You'd also be expected to do a TAFE course, part- time.
Bill offers Phil a beer and thanks Phil. Phil explains that Bill would have to start straightaway, and also he'd have to get along alright with Jack. He gives him Jack's card.
BILL: This is absolutely fantastic! Oh...only one problem.
PHIL: You're allergic to wood?
BILL: Dad. He might be a little bit unhappy about me leaving school. But don't worry, I can deal with that. Besides, I'd still be studying.
He decides to call Jack straightaway. He goes to shake Phil's hand, but changes his mind and gives him a hug instead!
Ruth is pleased that the accusation against Hannah over the spray paint has been resolved. Hannah is still moaning that nobody believed her (what a brat).
Hannah answers the phone to Mark and then scowls at Phil and Ruth for "listening in on her call" (leave the room, then!)
Madge is on the phone to the Social Services people. Harold is delighted to hear that Tracey will be bringing Paul around tomorrow. He's not necessarily coming back though, so they mustn't get too excited. They worry about Paul and his father - maybe Paul won't want to come back?
Phil is sorting through his fishing stuff. Ruth thanks Phil for taking Lance away on a bonding expedition. Phil isn't sure he should be going - he's worried about leaving Ruth and Hannah on their own. Ruth says it's fine, but doesn't look convinced(!)
Bill comes to see Karl.
KARL: You got a problem?
BILL: A nice one.
KARL: No such thing as a nice problem.
BILL: I've got an interview, for a job.
KARL: Oh, well, then, you're right, that is a nice problem. Depending on what it is.
BILL: It's basically furniture- making. Good stuff. None of your glue and staple guns. It's like the antiques of tomorrow. But, well, see, the thing is, it is a small business, so I would need to learn management skills. Which would involved going to TAFE.
KARL: Ah- huh.
BILL: Before you say anything - I know I've had some bizarre ideas in the past, and you've always been at me to apply myself and see things through...but I really think this job could give me the incentive to do just that.
KARL: Yeah. I can see how it could, yeah.
BILL:(surprised) Really?
KARL: Yes!
BILL: ...Great! You mean, you approve?
KARL: Well, you're grownup now. It has to be your decision. Is that all you needed to talk to me about?
BILL: Have you got another appointment?
KARL: No, not yet.
BILL:(offended) Well, er...thanks for the chat.
KARL: Bill, Bill, wait. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be off- hand with you...just...my mind's all over the place at the moment.
BILL: Oh. You and mum. Anything happened?
KARL: Not much. To be honest, I think we're growing further apart.
BILL: Well, at least you're talking. You seemed to be spending a lot of time together at the dance.
KARL: That was purely professional. She was the school principal, I was the doctor. I think that's the only way she sees me.
No.26 (Garden)
Phil is digging for worms. He hopes that Lance will enjoy the fishing weekend. Ruth suggests that she and Hannah join them for the fishing expedition - perhaps they can talk in the bush without any distractions. Phil isn't sure they'll be able to talk Hannah into it.
Joel comes in late and finds Bill still up - he's thinking about his future. He tells Joel that he's worried about Karl - it's almost as if he wasn't interested when he told him. He asks about Joel's x- ray, but Joel is still waiting for the result. It's really hard to find sponsors when injured.
Sandy and Drew are having a drink. Drew says he doesn't know anything about her, and she says she feels the same about him.
SANDY: Have you...got anyone you're interested in?
DREW: No. Not until now.
SANDY: Good.
Harold and Madge are preparing dinner when there's a knock at the door - it's Paul's father, Leo. He explains that he's got a job on a boat in Port Lincoln.
LEO: Just...when you see Paul...if you could tell him that I was here. I mean, I know he probably wouldn't want to talk to me...that's OK, I can't blame him, but...if you could just tell him that I came looking.
MADGE: Well, actually...
HAROLD: He'll be here tomorrow, yes.
LEO: Tomorrow?
MADGE: Yeah, that's what we've been told.
LEO: Oh...well...ah...I mean, he, he probably wouldn't be interest...I mean, he probably thinks I'm long gone and that's why he's coming back.
HAROLD: Yes, well, it's hard to know what he thinks, but it's just that *I* think, that if he does suddenly decide he wants to see you and you're not here...well...
Hannah asks Phil for his advice on what to wear to the movies with Mark tomorrow. Phil instead invites Hannah to join their camping trip, but she doesn't want to - she'd rather stay home and go to the movies with Mark.
PHIL: You know what I think?
HANNAH: If I did you wouldn't be asking.
PHIL: I think it's about time you gave Ruth a break.
HANNAH: Dad, I am sick of talking about this.
PHIL: Yeah, so am I, unfortunately, it's not getting us anywhere. I want you to come away with us, Hannah.
HANNAH: Yeah, I know you do, but I don't want to go.
PHIL: I know you usually manage to get your own way, but not this time.
HANNAH: I hardly ever get my own way!
PHIL: Nonsense. I've spoilt you. I've spoiled you because I love you and...because we've been through some tough times together. Everyone else is trying to make a go of this family. Everyone but you.
HANNAH: Dad, I am not going camping!
PHIL: That's where you're wrong. You're coming with us, and that's final. It's time you became part of this family.
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