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Neighbours Episode 3138 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3138
Australian airdate: 05/08/98
UK airdate: 04/12/98
UK Gold: 01/09/04
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: David Myles
Guests: Hilary Grant: Olivia Hamnett
Allan Marshall: Roger O'Connor
David Carey: Kiran D'Costa
Kate Williamson: Bree Heffernan
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Leo McClain: Ross Thompson (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul is back, but tells Madge and Harold that he doesn't want to see his father.
- Leo (Paul's father) calls round and Paul comes out of his room.
LEO: I'm not staying or anything. Just come to say sorry, that's all. I was pretty rough on the both of you, I can't say it to your mum, but I do hope I can say it to you.
There is a long pause.
LEO: I'm an alcoholic, Paul. I didn't know it at the time and I, well...I *did* know it. I was just too afraid to have to face it. Not much of an excuse. Not that I was looking for an excuse, really, just...
PAUL: Mum used to pour the bottles down the sink.
LEO: You remember that, do you? Didn't do much good, did it?
PAUL: Made you worse.
LEO: Yeah, it did. I did wrong by her, Paul. If I could undo it, I would.
There is another long pause.
LEO: Anyway...that's all I've come to say. (To Madge and Harold) Thanks for looking after him. You're obviously doing a better job than I could have done. (To Paul) See you.
PAUL: Yeah. See you later.
Leo turns and leaves, rather emotional. Paul closes the door.
Phil and Lance are up early to go fishing. Apparently Ruth and Hannah have gone off somewhere. Lance tells Phil that he doesn't know much about fishing, but Phil is confident that they'll catch loads of fish for breakfast.
Ruth comes into the tent and asks if they've seen Hannah - both she and her backpack are missing. They decide to go and look for her.
Toadie finds a present on the doorstep - another frog ornament. He raves to Bob how loved he is. There are now three frog ornaments on the side table.
Coffee Shop
Madge is hiding from Hilary Grant (from the business association) in the kitchen, but Hilary comes over to see her. She tells Madge that she's making a speech tomorrow, but it's the first Madge has heard of it, and she never makes speeches - ever. Apparently Madge was chosen at the last meeting. Madge says Hilary will just have to find a replacement.
HILARY: The members will be so, so disappointed! The businesswomen of Erinsborough look to you as a leading light!
MADGE: Well, you can just tell them that the light's gone out!
Hilary starts to imply that Madge is letting the community down and Madge takes offence. Hilary says she'll see her tomorrow for her speech!
By a river
Lance finds Hannah sitting down by a river. She doesn't response to his calls and appears to be sulking. She tells him she's miserable and wants to be on their own.
LANCE: This may come as a bit of a shock, but Mum was really worried about you.
HANNAH: (laughs derisively)
LANCE: What is that supposed to mean?
HANNAH: I don't need a lecture, Lance. I told you, I just need some time to be on my own. I have a lot of things to think through.
LANCE: Look, I am just trying to help! What's your problem? The whole point of this weekend was to come away to relax, to get to know each other...
HANNAH: I *was* relaxing until you found me!
Lance just sits in exasperated silence.
HANNAH: Look. Maybe this new family thing is really easy for you, but I'm having trouble with it. Can't you understand that?
Before Lance can answer, Phil and Ruth arrive and Hannah descends into silence again. Ruth suggests that the boys go and start a fire, and she sits down with Hannah.
Toadie is practising making cocktails as it's the Regional Finals this afternoon. He tells Libby that the prize is $500 and a trip to the Gold Coast! He can use the money to replace his stolen stuff and is quite confident that he'll win. Libby says she might enter herself! As it happens, the organiser is in the pub, so she goes over to talk to him.
By a river
HANNAH: This is really hard for me, Ruth. Just can't get used to the idea of you being my mum.
RUTH: I'm never going to be your mother, Hannah. You're never going to be my daughter.
HANNAH: Then why does Dad keep going on about us being a family?
RUTH: Cos we are...just not the regular sort. I'd rather be your friend.
HANNAH: Do you think that would work?
RUTH: I don't know. We could give it a go. Anything's got to be better than all this aggro.
HANNAH: Yeah. Bet you wish you could have strangled me recently.
RUTH: The thought has crossed my mind(!)
HANNAH: Sorry.
RUTH: What do you say? Can we give the friends thing a go?
HANNAH: I'll try. Can't promise it'll work, though.
RUTH: Trying'll have to be enough for now, then.
Coffee Shop
Leo comes in to see Madge. She says she thinks he was a lot different to what Paul was expecting. Leo is heading off today and gives Madge a shoebox of stuff for Paul - and it's got his address inside too, in case Paul does decide he wants to contact him.
Phil and Lance are chatting amiably - they've caught one fish between them(!) Lance says he could never clown around with his own father like he does with Phil - they never used to do anything together.
They arrive back at the campsite to find Ruth and Hannah already cooking a fish that Hannah has caught!
Coffee Shop
Hilary comes in to find Madge writing some notes for her speech. Madge says she wants to speak about small businesses. Hilary condescendingly tells her that she wants something more special - the Mayor will be there! Madge is not impressed, but says she will be there.
Madge arrives home looking tired. Harold and Paul come in from the garden and Madge gives Paul the shoebox from his father.
HAROLD: Who's for afternoon tea, eh?
MADGE: Gin and tonic!
HAROLD: Gin and tonic??...Right!
Paul looks in the shoebox and finds a photo of himself as a baby and also some old letters marked "Return to Sender". Madge says maybe his father isn't as bad as he thought - he could have just thrown the stuff away.
Madge tells Harold that she has to make a speech tomorrow but Harold is unconcerned. He says he has some tricks up his sleeves to help her through.
The cocktail competition has started. Over a musical montage, the contestant, including Libby and Toadie, chop up fruit and mix various alcohols.
Harold sees that Madge is in the paper - an advert for her speech! Madge rolls her eyes and begs Harold to give her some pointers. He tells her to remember to smile, but Madge is more worried about throwing up(!) He says she could imagine the audience naked(!) but she doesn't think it'll help - she doesn't want to imagine Hilary Grant naked! He then suggests that Madge practises her speech on him.
Neither Toadie or Libby have won the cocktail competition.
Madge is practising her speech and says she's shaking like a leaf. He suggests she tries talking over his head, but she says she can't see her notes. Madge says she doesn't really care - the most important thing is that they've got Paul back. They hug.
Coffee Shop
Toadie and Libby come in for a commiseratory coffee, when Toadie sees someone sitting at a table - with his stereo! He makes a citizen's arrest as the girl tries to run out.
TOADIE: Libby, call the cops!
GIRL: Get out of my way!
TOADIE: Not before we have a little chat!
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