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Neighbours Episode 3130 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3130
Australian airdate: 24/07/98
UK airdate: 24/11/98
UK Gold: 26/08/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Terri Childs: Rian Barlow
Michael Pollin: Michael Seymour
Karma: Trained by Wally Dalton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sarah asks Susan for "a word".
Ramsay Street
SUSAN: We have nothing to say to each other. Absolutely nothing.
She slams the car door and storms into the house.
Susan comes in looking a bit shaken and Libby has seen her talking to Sarah through the window. Susan doesn't want to talk about it and tells Libby about Lance's allergic reaction instead. She explains that Bill got Anne to call Karl to come to the school. Libby is amazed to hear that Susan and Karl are going out to dinner even if it is for "practical reasons".
Joel has come to talk to Sarah about the picnic at the hospital. She explains that things are a bit sticky regarding nursing care unless they can do the picnic tomorrow. Joel says that'll be fine - he'll organise everything today.
Karl tells Lou that things are looking up with Susan - he's taking her out tomorrow. He's thinking of taking her to a fancy French dinner. Lou advises him to be careful - Susan might just want to talk things over on neutral ground, and Karl shouldn't come on too strong. Karl says he knows what he's doing. Lou doesn't look convinced(!)
Susan heads off to bed early. When she's gone, Joel and Libby chat about the picnic. He suggests that Libby could get some publicity into the paper. She agrees, but isn't pleased when she hears that Sarah will be there. She finally says she'll come along for half an hour if Joel can keep Sarah out of the way for that much time.
Coffee Shop
Lou tells Drew that Libby is very pretty and smart too. Drew is more interested in reading about the sports news in the paper. Suddenly he sees an advert in the paper and mutters something about "She's got to know the guy's a jerk!" Lou reads the classifieds - Drew was looking at a piece about "Shelly and Ray" being engaged.
LOU: The plot thickens!
Joel and Hannah agree to meet up at the picnic soon.
Amy pops round to check on Lance. Hannah drags her off to check on No.32.
Hannah's tape recorder has vanished.
The kids are admiring the gypsy caravan. Joel awkwardly tries to get rid of Sarah and finally confesses that Libby is coming to do some publicity. Sarah refuses to make herself scarce, saying that she's not the bad guy in all this, and Libby will just have to wear it.
Libby is packing up her photographic equipment. Drew is very distracted.
DREW: Just thinking - why is it some women can be so *dumb* when it comes to men?
LIBBY: Talking about anyone specific here?
DREW: Um...no. Just something I read in the paper from back home.
Libby tells Drew that Karl and Susan are going out. He thinks it's a good thing, but Libby isn't so sure. They head off to the picnic.
Karl tells Lou that he's thought about what he said about the full- on romantic dinner. He's decided to scrap the French restaurant idea and come to the pub instead. He asks Lou to reserve them a table.
The kids are feeding the horse, and now it's time for dinner (the kids don't seem all that sick to be honest, running around with healthy appetites!)
Hannah arrives and starts helping out with the lunch, while Sarah nervously awaits Libby's arrival.
Amy comes in and takes out some sandwiches and a drink.
AMY: You can come out, it's safe. It's only me.
The cupboard door creaks open.
Joel, Sarah and Hannah are clearing up. Libby finally arrives. She sees Sarah is there and goes to leave. Sarah comes over.
SARAH: Is this how all professional journalists operate? Running out on an assignment because of a grudge?
LIBBY: It's a bit more than a grudge!
SARAH: No, it's not. And if was, a professional journalist wouldn't let her personal feelings get involved with her job.
DREW: That's a good point, Lib.
LIBBY:(to Drew) Shut up.
Libby agrees to go ahead, but Sarah isn't going to be in the photos. Drew and Joel look very awkward.
Drew moans to Lou that it's a minefield with the Kennedy situation. Lou asks about the advert in the paper - it seems the girl was a good friend of Drew's. Apparently the guy is awful.
DREW: I tell you, Lou, I don't understand women!
Susan has dressed up a bit, much to Libby's disdain.
SUSAN: Libby, I have *told* you what's going on. Your father and I have got some things to discuss. It is in no way a date and I have in no way made any effort to dress for it.
JOEL:(coming in) Hey, Mrs K, you look great tonight, you going out?
Susan rolls her eyes. There's a knock at the door and it's Karl. Susan invites him in for a minute, so Libby stalks off to her room without a word.
Karl and Susan are sitting at a table chatting about trivia going on at work. Susan says they should get some household bills sorted out and pulls out some paperwork.
Joel thinks that Libby is on edge. They talk about Karl and Susan. Joel says that it's their marriage, and they have to be the ones to decide what happens next, not them.
Susan and Karl finish the paperwork and gets up to go. Karl wants to talk about other things, but Susan says she doesn't want to spoil the evening (which hasn't been unpleasant). Karl smells her perfume and gets a bit familiar. Susan pulls away, upset.
Hannah is looking round with a torch. She pretends to leave, slamming the door, but then hides. Before long, the cupboard door opens and a figure steps out. Hannah screams!
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