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Neighbours Episode 3129 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3129
Australian airdate: 23/07/98
UK airdate: 23/11/98
UK Gold: 26/08/04
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Toadie receives a death threat at the radio station - "Make the most of today, because you don't have many days left"
Anne is planning the 40 hour danceathon with Amy. Although Amy is being pretty laid- back and just tells Anne that everything will be fine(!) Amy finds a protein shake belonging to Lance in the fridge and pours it out in disgust.
Lance comes in from jogging, and Bill pops round to invite Anne for coffee. When they've gone, Lance searches for his protein shake and Amy denies all knowledge(!)
Coffee Shop
Bill is finding the Karl and Susan situation very stressful. Anne advises Bill to stay out of it, but he thinks Susan should hear what Karl has to say. After all, things can't really get any worse between them.
Toadie and Karen are talking about the death threat. Toadie isn't worried, but Karen is a bit more concerned and wants to call the police. They decide to leave it for now though.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Phil buys a sticky bun and asks Madge if there is any news of Paul (there isn't). Madge feels bad that Paul can't turn to him for help. Phil protests and says his running away isn't a reflection on Madge or Harold.
Harold comes out with his hand stuck in a jar(!) Phil tries not to laugh. Then he tells Madge that he and Joel are thinking of hiring the gypsy caravan out for kids parties, and could the Coffee Shop do the catering? It could!
Bill is very pleased to have got a B for his assignment. Lance has got an A+, and Amy has got an A+ too! Now they can concentrate on organising the danceathon. Lance is going to go for a job at lunchtime to train for it.
Radio Station
Toadie is doing his show with Karen hanging out and choosing CDs. Suddenly the guy who made the death threat yesterday rings in again. He tells Toadie he knows where he lives. Karen interjects and tells him to get lost. She looks worries
School Field
Lance is jogging and doing calisthenics on the playground equipment! After a while Lance falls down. Anne, Bill and Amy laugh at first, but then realise Lance has is in trouble.
Bill, Anne and Amy help Lance into a chair. It seems he's been stung by a bee and is having an anaphylactic shock. Bill sends Anne off to get Karl while he tries to keep Lance calm.
Coffee Shop
Karen is trying to convince Toadie to go to the police, but he is unconvinced saying it's probably a practical joke.
Susan is on the scene trying to calm Lance. Phil rushes in, shortly followed by Phil. Karl opens his bag and assures Lance he'll be fine, he's just going to give him a shot of adrenaline.
Sarah is listening to an answerphone message from the guy who left the death threats. Karen and Toadie come in and Sarah isn't very happy. Both Sarah and Karen think that Toadie should go to the police. He insists that if the bloke was going to do anything, he'd have done it by now. Besides, it's great for the radio ratings(!)
Toadie gives Sarah the money he owes her ($50). She is not pleased that Toadie sold her clothes on the cheap(!)
Lance is feeling better, but is still a bit shaky. Karl tells Lance he'll have to carry adrenaline wherever he goes from now on. For now he should rest in bed for the rest of the day.
When Phil and the kids have helped Lance off, Susan awkwardly thanks Karl and says there'll be some paperwork for him to fill in.
KARL:(suddenly) Would you have dinner with me? Nothing fancy, just a simple meal...to talk. I'd understand if you didn't want to.
SUSAN: Sure.
KARL: You will?
SUSAN: That'll be fine. Tomorrow night suit you?
Sarah comes to the door and awkwardly knocks on it. Phil invites her in and she asks him if he'd be involved in the picnic for the long- term patients at the hospital (with the gypsy caravan). Phil agrees. He awkwardly asks her how everything is going and she says she'd doing OK. Phil says he isn't taking sides. Sarah thanks him.
Susan sees Bill and crossly tells him off for calling Karl to the school. He says it was Anne, not him. Bill confesses it was really him, and he wants Karl and Susan to talk. But he is pleased to hear that they are going out for dinner tomorrow night. She tells him sternly not to interfere again, though.
Karen is wearing Toadie's top when the phone rings. It goes through to the answerphone and the person just hangs up. Toadie is more concerned that they are out of chocolate biscuits(!) so Karen offers to go down the shops.
Bill has popped round to see Anne. Apparently Lance is doing OK. Anne isn't too happy with Bill either - she thinks Bill used Lance's crisis to try to get his parents back together. Bill says it all worked out for the best anyway - Karl and Susan are having dinner tomorrow night! Anne warns Bill not to get his hopes up in case it doesn't work out.
Hannah tells Amy that she thinks someone has been sneaking around No.32. Amy is skeptical, but Hannah says she has proof, playing the tape recorder audio footage. Amy looks a bit concerned and says she'll help Hannah get to the bottom of it...but looks very worried!
Karen comes in and finds Toadie recording his own death threats with a bin over his head(!) She is very unimpressed to learn that Toadie is his own psycho stalker. He tries to laugh it off, and awkwardly tells her that he was just trying to show her he was tough. She storms out.
Ramsay Street
Sarah is surprised to see Karen storming down Ramsay Street, but just then Susan's car draws up. Sarah goes over to talk to her.
SARAH: Susan. Can we have a word?
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