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Neighbours Episode 3128 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3128
Australian airdate: 22/07/98
UK airdate: 20/11/98
UK Gold: 25/08/04
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Hannah sees the curtains in No.32 twitch, and later sees torchlight.
Phil and Ruth are enjoying a quiet drink when Hannah rushes in to tell them about the torchlight at Ruth's house. Phil sighs and they all head off to look.
Karen and Toadie are looking for something to make for dinner. They talk about Karen's ex and Toadie thinks she might not be over him. She insists she is, and tells him that Greg was good for her at the time - she was young and lacking in ambition, and he did encourage her to do her arts course. But when she got herself sorted, they weren't right for each other anymore. Now she only wants Toadie. Toadie is pleased, and drags her off to see Lou about a jingle for Little Tommy Tucker's
No.32 and
Phil, Ruth and Hannah are looking around in the dark. They are all jumpy and Hannah screams at her own relection in a mirror(!) They decide to head home.
PHIL: There's nothing quite as sad as an empty house.
HANNAH: If it really is empty...
Toadie demonstrates his new jingle for Lou who doesn't like it(!) He refuses to pay Toadie and goes off to take Louise home. Karen is getting on well with Louise, and Lou decides to ask if she'd be interested in being her nanny.
Hannah insists that she did see torchlight over at No.32 and isn't pleased that Phil and Ruth are sceptical.
Coffee Shop
Karen and Toadie are having a cheap dinner in the Coffee Shop. Karen is pleased about Lou's job offer and is thinking about taking him up on it. She also suggests that Toadie takes a different tack with the jingle - find a different way to advertise Little Tommy Tucker's. How about some "vox pops" on the radio? Toadie thinks it's a brilliant idea!
Phil tells Hannah he's sick of all her snide remarks lately. Hannah says that she feels that nobody cares about her anymore. Phil points out that it is a time of adjustment, but she is being mean to everyone. The adjustment is difficult for everyone, and Hannah is being especially hard on Ruth.
PHIL: You're not the only one who's struggling here. You're being selfish.
No.26, the following morning
Hannah moans that the hot water has all gone, and so has the milk. She heads off to school. On the way out, she picks up Ruth's keys and removes one key from it.
Karen and Toadie have been interviewing people outside Little Tommy Tucker's and they've got some great feedback, and some terrible feedback as well! They'll just cut out the terrible feedback though(!)
Hannah tells Zoe that Paul is still AWOL. They talk about families and Hannah moans about how bad her home life is. She explains about the lights at No.32 and says she's going over there at lunchtime. Zoe says they can set up a tape recorder in there. Hannah thinks it's a great idea. Also, she'll have another key cut from Ruth's key!
Zoe and Hannah creep in. Zoe sees crumbs on the floor and thinks someone has been there. Hannah quickly sets up the tape recorder and they race out.
Toadie is playing Lou the footage from Little Tommy Tuckers. Lou says it's amateurish and that the public want a bit more pizazz. Toadie takes exception to this, and says he'll prove Lou wrong.
Eden FM
Toadie is doing his radio show. He puts on some of the vox pops, but unfortunately he plays the wrong tape - with the bad feedback!
Ruth is looking for her keys so she can go over to No.32. Phil suggests that she should try relaxing more and starts kissing her (yuck)
Hannah and Zoe come in and Zoe distracts Ruth while Hannah puts the keys back.
Eden FM
Toadie is mortified and thinks that Lou will kill him.
Ruth is cleaning as she's so worried about Hannah's attitude, treating her like the wicked stepmother. Phil suggests that they try some reverse psychology - let Hannah think she's winning some of the time.
Just then, Hannah comes in. Ruth tells Hannah that Mark called and Hannah gets excited that he's going to ask her to the 40 hour danceathon.
Eden FM
Lou arrives and Toadie thinks he's come to kill him(!) so he locks himself in the studio! But Lou just shows him some money through the window - it turns out the bad feedback adverts has translated into a load of bookings! He gives a shell- shocked Toadie a load of cash for the advert.
Zoe and Hannah play back the tape footage - there's the sound of a door opening and footsteps on it. When they've gone, a cupboard door creepily opens.
Eden FM
Toadie tells Karen that he's taking her out to dinner. She's not happy that he keeps mentioning her ex, Greg.
Toadie takes a phone- in and the first caller is a death threat(!)
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