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Neighbours Episode 3127 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3127
Australian airdate: 21/07/98
UK airdate: 19/11/98
UK Gold: 25/08/04
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Leo McClain: Ross Thompson
Tom Moreland: Earl Francis
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Leo McClain comes to see Paul
- Madge advises Leo to go away and demand to know what he's done to make Paul scared of him.
Leo says Paul was only a kid when he left, so anything he's scared of is in his imagination. Madge and Harold are unmoved. Leo says he left home and all the rowing behind. He used to write, but his ex just sent the letters back. Leo tells Madge that he "never deliberately" laid a hand on Paul, although he did hit his mother. Once, Paul got caught in the crossfire. He changes his story and did say that he hit Paul by accident, but he didn't mean to, he was in a drunken stupor.
MADGE: You were trying to hit his mother! That makes it alright then(!)
There is a long pause.
HAROLD: So you're an alcoholic?
LEO: Been sober for eighteen months.
HAROLD:(sincerely) Well done.
Lou is putting up posters advertising Drew's comedy act. Drew comes in and Lou and Libby persuade him to give them a sneak preview. He tells them a story about Oakie which is a bit boring, and Lou looks worried(!)
Hannah asks Phil to sponsor her for the 40 hour danceathon. Ruth comes in complaining about the lack of towels. Hannah calmly says that she always uses three for every shower - one for her hair, one for her body and one to stand on(!) Ruth rolls her eyes.
Lou tells Drew he has to be "cruel to be kind" - his act is rubbish. He rips the posters promoting Drew down. When Lou has gone, Drew and Libby laugh that their plan worked.
Harold and Leo are getting on quite well now and having a chat. Leo says that he did try to track down Angela and Paul, but they'd moved on. He went to lots of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to get himself straight. Finally he rang an old neighbour and found out about Angela's illness and that Paul was in care.
The social worker leaves, but Leo stays on for some sandwiches with Madge and Harold.
Libby comes in and Joel asks her to give him some publicity for his business in the local paper. Libby says there isn't a story in it, and anyway, she has bigger things on her mind.
A customer has brought a vintage car in for Drew to service. The customer says he's paranoid about the car getting damaged and puts sheets over the upholstery. Drew says he'll take good care of it.
Lou comes by and tells Drew he hopes he isn't offended about the comedy act thing. Also, he says he'll have to replace Paul's carwashing job.
Phil has washed some towels. Ruth suggests that they have a daily roster for cleaning, ironing and washing- up etc. Hannah is not pleased, but Phil thinks it's a good idea.
Libby is filming Drew's bum with her video camera(!) They talk about Libby's media assignment - she's decided to do it on "obsession". Drew shows her the vintage car and says the owner is obsessed with it. Libby thinks it's a good idea.
Hannah is ranting about the roster. Phil tries to calm her down, saying they need to act as one big family now.
Joel pops round to talk to Phil about "Operation Karma". He hasn't even been able to give away a horse and cart ride yet and wants Phil to pay for an advert. Phil refuses, advising Joel to think of a (free) publicity stunt!
Hannah pops in looking for Paul - they tell her that he's not back yet. Leo is impressed that Paul has such good friends.
Joel is talking to Lou about a potential stunt. Lou suggests some hot babes, or alternatively, some cute kids. Joel thinks it's a great idea. Lou tries to recruit Joel as an MC but he refuses.
Car Park
Ruth is just driving out of a car park, when she sees Libby and Drew, who are intercepting cars and talking to the drivers(!) They ask Ruth to act like she's obsessed with her car. Ruth plays along and says she dreams about her car every night(!)
Ramsay Street
Hannah is off to feed the horse and sees Joel. He tells her he's thought of a publicity stunt. Just then, Hannah sees the curtain in No.32 twitch. Joel thinks she is seeing things.
The social worked comes over to say that Paul has telephoned. She explained that he won't be forced to meet with his father and now the ball's in his court. Madge and Harold are very relieved.
Hannah comes in and says she thinks she saw the curtain twitch at No.32. Phil says he'll go over and check. Hannah has made a list of demands in return for the chores she has to do (eg unlimited TV, choice of channels, 1am curfew, etc)!
Pub (evening)
Libby is looking through the footage for her assignment and says she needs someone with more energy. She decides to interview Lou. He's only too happy to be filmed and waxes lyrical about his first car, but then he starts advertising the garage(!)
Madge and Harold are having a cuppa and wondering what to do about Leo, and how they will help Paul cope. Madge isn't sure what to make of Leo, but Harold says he's trying very hard to be a decent man.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is walking Bonnie when she sees torchlight inside No.32.
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