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Neighbours Episode 3119 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3119
Australian airdate: 09/07/98
UK airdate: 09/11/98
UK Gold: 19/08/04
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: David Myles
Guests: Bonnie, Dahl and Axel: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby tells Drew that he can't be friends with both her and Sarah.
Lou's Place
LOU: A full- on ultimatum, eh? I thought that only came with married life!
DREW: No, I can see her point of view - well, sort of. But the whole idea that I can only be friends with one of them is...
LOU: That's just not on.
LOU: Strewth, it's a mess, isn't it! I feel as though I'm being torn in three directions - Karl's a mate, Susan's a very good friend and I really like Sarah too!
DREW: Yeah! And the last thing you want to do it sit in judgement trying to decide who's been right, who's been wrong, who's good, who's bad...
LOU: My old granny used to say, unless you're a fly on the wall you never really know what's going on. Leave that to the gossips.
DREW: I just don't want to lose Lib's friendship.
LOU: I think you should stick to your guns. If you don't want to get involved, don't. Libby'll come around.
DREW: Do you reckon?
LOU: Well, it's her choice, mate. She's got to decide if her grudge against Sarah is worth the loss of your friendship.
Libby arrives home to find Joel on the couch listening to music. He quickly turns it off and heads off to his room. He admits that he's not feeling very comfortable around the house at the moment - he feels so awkward. He's wondering whether he should disappear, but Libby says noone wants him to go. She offers to cook him dinner tonight.
Phil has made dinner for Lance, Anne and Hannah. Lance and Anne look suspiciously at the food, and when Phil has gone, Anne gives hers to the dog!
Paul and his mate are discussing rocket launching. Paul isn't sure, but his mate reassures him saying it'll be fine - Axel will have a parachute on. It's either that or go straight for a human test(!). Paul says they'll have to keep it from Hannah.
Hannah is annoyed by Anne and Lance making noise.
Libby and Joel are chatting about Malcolm. Libby really misses Malcolm and wishes he was here now - she hasn't been able to contact him about the separation as he's away on a trip. She wonders if he might come home.
Hannah is still irritated by Hannah and Anne. She tells Lance off for putting the stereo on loudly and Anne for screaming down the phone. As they're arguing, Phil and Ruth arrive home.
Hannah explains that she just wanted a bit less noise. Ruth tells them that they'll need time to adjust to living together. She gives Anne and Lance a hug, and then Hannah too. Apparently Ruth's mother and father are OK, but her mother will need a lot of rehab.
Hannah asks Phil if there was any post for her, but there wasn't. Lance, Anne and Hannah go off to bed.
When they've gone, Phil and Ruth are just getting comfy when there's a knock at the door. It's Lou! He's brought them a bottle of wine.
No.28, the following morning
Libby is disgusted to see Joel so energetic first thing in the morning(!) She tells him she was supposed to be going to the movies with Drew, but they're not speaking at the moment. Joel says it can't be that bad as Drew is a nice guy. He suggests Libby calls him, but she says it's up to Drew.
Phil tells Lance, Anne and Hannah that there needs to be some rules - they need to respect each other's space. Also, that they should have regular family meetings. Ruth has apparently gone over to No.32 to pick up the last of their stuff.
Phil gives Hannah a Horse magazine that he got at the airport and she pretends to look pleased(!)
Garden of Number 26
Hannah goes out into the garden with the magazine, only to find Paul stealing her guinea pig(!) He quickly tells her the lump under his shirt is her birthday present. Hannah is touched, saying everyone else has forgotten. Paul says he'll give it to her later - it's not quite ready yet.
Coffee Shop
Joel sees Drew and asks what's happened between him and Libby. He tells him about the Sarah ultimatum and Joel can see Drew's point of view.
Paul's mate is talking about rocket trajectories and the terminal velocity of a guinea pig(!) Lou comes over and looks at them suspiciously(!) Paul looks a bit worried that Axel the guinea pig will die(!)
As they load Axel into the cockpit, Hannah comes over and sees what they're doing.
HANNAH: What the hell are you doing with Axel?!
Hannah is ranting at Paul and his mate for kidnapping Axel and attempting to murder him(!) She tells them they're sick. Paul's mate is not pleased that Paul hasn't told him there's a prize for the first unpowered vehicle to cross Erinslake, and goes off to make his own flying machine.
Ruth has brought her furniture into the living room and rearranged everything else. Phil doesn't like it - it makes the room "look cluttered".
Joel returns from his jog. He tells Libby that he saw Drew.
JOEL: I know why you two aren't talking. You aren't going to want to hear this, but...
LIBBY: Yeah, you're right, I don't want to hear it!
JOEL: Libby...
LIBBY: Look, Joel, you don't know how I feel, OK? It's not your father that had an affair with your best friend, is it.
JOEL: No, you're right, we don't know how you feel. Which is exactly why I think it's unfair that you're expecting Drew to react the same way as you. You can't tell him not to be friends with Sarah just because you don't want to be.
LIBBY: OK, fine, so he can't fully comprehend. But is it too much to expect a bit of loyalty from my friends?
JOEL: Well, if your idea of loyalty is totally pushing the boundaries of friendship then yes. I know Drew's upset about what's happened between you guys. He knows you need your friends right now and he wants to be there for you. But not with those conditions. Anyway, it's up to you.
Ruth and Phil are still arguing about the chairs. Ruth isn't happy when Phil suggests giving her furniture to the Salvos(!)
Suddenly, Ruth has an idea. They could store the furniture at Number 32, and Ruth could set up her practice there too. Phil says she'll have to pay him the going rate(!)
Drew is waiting for Libby at the pub (apparently she called him). Lou thinks this is a good sign, but Drew isn't sure Libby will back down.
Just then, Libby comes in and apologises to Drew about the Sarah thing. He gets up and hugs her, agreeing he won't mention Sarah much around her. They decide to go to the movies as per their original plan.
Ruth is stressed and Phil says it wouldn't make financial sense to use No.32 as an office. Phil wonders if Ruth wants to use No.32 as a safety net.
PHIL: Maybe you enjoyed your single life so much you want to keep a piece of it. I don't know, maybe you just preferred your old life more.
RUTH: Yeah. Maybe I did.
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