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Neighbours Episode 3118 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3118
Australian airdate: 08/07/98
UK airdate: 06/11/98
UK Gold: 18/08/04
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: David Myles
Guests: Carol Maitland: Helen Trenos
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Merrin Ford: Kelly Sulikowski
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah assures Toadie that they won't lose the house, even if she has to hock everything she owns.
Toadie is furious to find that Sarah has sold all the kitchen appliances!
Ramsay Street
Amy is out jogging and sees Lance, she tells him she's decided to get fit for the Foxtrot marathon. She suggests that Lance joins her on her jog, but he isn't keen.
Toadie can't believe that Sarah has pawned their appliances - they can't get by without a fridge, toaster, etc! Sarah says they're Catherine's appliances, so hers by association so she can hock them if she wants(!) Drew just sits there looking confused. Sarah gives Toadie the money, and shows him an esky that they can use(!)
TOADIE: What next? The sofa, your bed maybe?
SARAH: No! Next, I get a job!
TOADIE: Well, let's hope you actually do!
Lou tells Carol that he feels bad about Sarah, but he doesn't have any work for her at the moment. He does have a waitress position at Tommy Tuckers, but he knows Sarah hates waitressing. Carol says she might be glad of even a waitress position now.
Harold is tending his patch when Madge comes to see him. He is still a little depressed at being unemployed, but says at least he has more time on the allotment and with the Salvos. Madge suggests Harold tries apologising to Karl, but Harold says he won't, on principle. Madge asks Harold to give her a hand in the Coffee Shop.
Sarah gratefully accepts Lou's offer of the waitress job and agrees to start tonight. Lou asks Toadie if he can advertise Tommy Tucker's on the Uni Radio. Toadie says they don't do adverts, but he can do sponsorship. Lou says he'd only need a catchy jingle. Toadie says that "Toadfish Productions" could do it for him for $400. Surprisingly, Lou agrees, but says it depends what Toadie comes up with!
Suddenly, Lou asks where all the appliances are and Toadie tells him about the pawning.
Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy are having breakfast. Harold is serving, and Lance goes over and asks if he can have a look at his experiment. But when Harold goes to the fridge, he can't find it. Cassandra tells them that she put them in Amy's salad(!)
Drew comes around to see Libby - they're going on a picnic. She's not pleased to hear that Drew has been helping Sarah with something.
Coffee Shop
Amy is horrified that she's eaten Lance's experiment. Harold assures her that they're not poisonous in any way and offers her a free meal. She orders a double cheeseburger. Lance despairs that he'll fail his course without his experiment.
Toadie asks Billy to help him write a jingle to Lou. Billy says he's too busy, but relents when Toadie offers him cash(!) He insists on $50 cash upfront. Toadie gives him $20.
TOADIE: Now. Can you think of something that rhymes with 'Tucker' that is amusing...
BILLY: Yeah!
TOADIE: ...musical...
BILLY: Yeah!
TOADIE: ...tasteful?
BILLY: *looks stumped*
Libby asks Drew what he was doing with Sarah. She is very hostile, though is surprised to hear that Sarah has been hocking her appliances. She is unsympathetic that Sarah is having money troubles though.
DREW: Look, Lib, can we change the subject? It makes me uncomfortable.
DREW: I know you don't like her. But I do.
LIBBY: Fine, suits me. Last thing I want to talk about is poor Sarah Beaumont.
Billy tells Toadie that all his jingles suck. He says he has too much work to do, and will only spend another half an hour on the jingle.
TOADIE: It doesn't matter who you are, if you're a student or a trucker...
BILLY: When your stomach starts to rumble go see Little Tommy Tucker!
Agreeing that the words are half- decent, Billy starts working on the music.
Lou and Carol interviewing a lady called Merrin for nanny. She seems very good on paper. She gets on well with Lolly and goes off with her to see her room.
Lou tells Carol quietly that he'd better check Merrin's references, she seems too good to be true.
Coffee Shop
Lance is brooding about his experiment. He can't redo it as there's no time. Amy says Lance's original idea might work (classifying street vegetation), but Lance says there's no time. Harold, Madge and Amy offer to help Lance out. He looks a bit more hopeful and asks Harold to go to the council to get street plans for him.
Sarah leaps on Toadie as soon as he comes in, thanking him profusely. He is confused. She explains that the guy from the pawn shop rang - their appliances have been paid for and they'll be returned tonight. Toadie says it wasn't him.
Lou has confirmed Merrin's references by phone. In the background, Merrin and Lolly are singing. Carol urges him to engage Merrin, so he does. They agree that she'll start first thing Monday morning.
As Merrin is leaving, Toadie and Billy come around to show Lou the jingle. Accompanied by Billy on the guitar, they launch into it. Lou thinks it's awful and says it's not $400 worth!
TOADIE: But Lou, it's genius!
LOU: Genius? If it was a horse, I'd take it out and shoot it!
BILLY: What's this about 400 bucks?
TOADIE: Er, Bill, not in front of the client!
LOU: There's no way I'm paying for that!
TOADIE: Don't worry, mate, we'll come up with something better.
BILLY: We are not doing anything until you tell me about this 400 bucks!
Lou decides to head off to work, leaving Toadie to explain himself to Billy!
SARAH: You're late!
LOU: What shall I do? Sack myself?!
Sarah thanks Lou for retrieving her appliances and he admits it was him. He says she can pay him back whenever she can.
SARAH: I know I'm not exactly Miss Popularity in Ramsay Street at the moment.
LOU: Hey, you're alright by me.
SARAH: Thanks, Lou. It was a wonderful surprise.
Ramsay Street
Harold has managed to get the plans from the Council - apparently one of the staff members is in the Salvos and helped Harold out. Lance is taking soil samples while Amy takes photos. Harold invites him in to look at some plant books.
HAROLD: There is no problem that can sustain itself against determined thinking and cooperation.
LANCE: Albert Einstein!
HAROLD: No, me, I just made it up!
Sarah heads off to Little Tommy Tucker's. Drew and Libby are just coming in. Libby pushes past Sarah and says snottily that she'll be at the bar.
DREW: Hey, Sarah, sorry about that.
SARAH: WHy should you apologise? I am, after all, the scarlet woman of Ramsay Street!
DREW: Sarah, don't talk like that.
SARAH: Don't let Libby see you being nice to me.
DREW: Well, I'm not taking sides.
SARAH: Thanks, Drew. I'll see you later.
At the bar, Drew talks to Libby.
DREW: I don't think you have any reason to be upset.
LIBBY: You think I should just calmly accept you being all matesy with the woman who split up my parents, do you?
DREW: Keep your voice down.
LIBBY: Why, am I embarrassing you?
DREW: No, you're embarrasing yourself.
LIBBY: Answer my question!
DREW: I don't intend to take sides, Libby, I don't know the full story, and neither do you.
LIBBY: Yeah, I know enough.
DREW: I am sorry, Libby, but Sarah is a friend.
LIBBY: Get off the fence, Drew, you'll get nasty splinters.
DREW: What's that supposed to mean?
LIBBY: You can't have it both ways. You're either my friend, or you're hers.
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