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Neighbours Episode 3117 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3117
Australian airdate: 07/07/98
UK airdate: 05/11/98
UK Gold: 18/08/04
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: David Myles
Guests: Carol Maitland: Helen Trenos
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Bob Scott: Christopher Bildo
Tammy Gruner: Tanie Hewlett
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Holing
- Karl is asking Billy how everyone is and Billy is answering curtly
No. 30
Toadie is overjoyed that Sarah has bought takeaway ribs. Sarah comments that she didn't get the job that she was going for and bought the ribs as she walked past the takeaway place even though she can't afford it. She looks through the want ads in the paper and notices a job offer for a nanny, and the phone number looks very familiar...
Country Cabin somewhere
Susan shimmies open the door with a credit card and Kim is impressed as he was planning to just break the window! He asks who she learnt it off and she says "Karl", before looking quite wistful. Kim asks if she's OK to which she answers to the affirmative and Kim suggests they go inside and he'll fix her a cuppa.
Lou's Pub
Carol walks in and Lou asks what she'd like to drink. She says she doesn't want a drink - she wants to treat him to dinner, and no, he doesn't need to worry about a babysitter as she'll bring dinner to his place. As Carol leaves, Sarah strolls into the pub. As it turns out, the want ad in the paper looking for a nanny was advertised by Lou. Sarah offers herself for the job but Lou is after someone with qualifications. She pushes for the job though, and Lou says he'll give her an interview.
No. 26
Billy and Anne are sorting out things that she needs to get rid of, but she refuses to throw out the last cup leftover from her tiny tottie teaset. She doesn't really want to have to throw her old stuff out but it'd be hard to fit everything into the house when they all move in. Talk turns to Susan/Karl and how things have been tough the last few weeks. They decide to head out to the coffee shop and as they get up, Bonnie the dog digs her nose into one of Anne's boxes. Bill picks up something that fell out of the box and finds that it is an old letter that he wrote her but Anne suddenly turns somewhat possessive and demands that he gives it back.
No. 22
Lou and Carol chat about whether Sarah is suitable for the job of being a nanny. The problem on Lou's mind is loyalty - Susan is a very good friend and he doesn't want to seem like he is taking sides. He's reluctant to refuse Sarah though, as she seemed so keen. Carol offers to screen his applicants for him as a "dispassionate outsider".
Country Cabin
Kim and Susan are chatting while BBQing and Susan accidentally mentions Karl again. She apologises but Kim says that he doesn't mind if she talks about Karl. She keeps thinking that she's done something wrong but Kim assures her that Karl had made his own choices. Susan asks Kim if he still cares for Sarah and she's surprised to hear that Sarah never gave Kim any encouragement at all because there was "someone else".
Coffee Shop
Billy and Anne are at a table drinking and talking while Karl stares at them in the background. Anne says that she'll take Billy out the next day on a surprise and they leave without seeing Karl who is still looking at them.
Country Cabin
Susan is lost in her thoughts with a game of solitaire in front of her. Kim brings her a drink and continues the game for her. Susan randomly asks what she'd look like with short hair - she wants a change. Kim sarcastically suggests silicone implants, before kindly telling her that it won't change a thing and she definitely shouldn't feel the need to change herself - it is not her fault. And whatever she feels like she needs to do? They can tackle the world tomorrow.
Ramsay Street
A young lady dressed like a goth strolls down the street. Carol drives up and finds out that the girl is after the nanny job and thinks that Lou is "loaded". Carol tells her that unfortunately, the job is taken.
No. 22
Lou opens the door to Carol who tells him that the first applicant isn't coming. He offers a cup of tea as they wait for the second applicant to arrive.
Country Cabin
Susan is chopping wood and comments how powerful it feels to have an axe in ones hands.
Kim: I think Lizzie Borden said something like that...
She laughs but admits to having some violent thoughts - like sharpening the axe on a certain powder blue sportscar! Kim wants to know whether Karl ever admitted to having and affair and Susan says no. She doesn't think he ever will and she also doesn't believe it was really an affair until the very end, as Karl isn't brave enough. Just doe- eyed looks across the waiting room. She begins quoting William Congreve (a little bit incorrectly...):
Susan: Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned; and hell no fury like a woman scorned.
No. 22
Lou and Carol are interviewing another applicant: a big tattooed man who worked in the fisheries moving the crocodiles. He talks about having hurt his back in his last job and not being able to bend down. Lou quickly tells him that it may be a problem when looking after a child. They politely end the interview and see the gentleman out.
Lou: No man with the nickname of "Jack-knife" is going to look after my daughter.
They lament about the lack of suitable candidates as Sarah knocks on the door. Lou directly tells her that he thinks it wouldn't be appropriate to hire someone in Ramsay street - he'll be hiring someone with proper childcare qualifications. Sarah snarks "like that guy who just left", before thanking Lou and leaving.
Ice- skating Rink
Anne has taken Billy to his surprise - they're going to ice- skating! Bill thinks he'll humiliate himself out there, but...
Anne: Look at it as a challenge, you know, humiliation is character building.
They step onto the rink and Billy pretends to stumble several times before showing that he can actually skate very well.
Coffee Shop
Sarah rants to Toadie about how everyone hates her while he awkwardly stays silent. Money- wise, they're back to square one but she assures him that somehow she'll get the money for the rent, even if she has to hawk everything she owns.
Ice- skating Rink
Anne and Billy are skating together but he goes too fast for her and they fall down together. They have a bit of a 'moment' before getting up and skating again.
No. 30
Toadie comes home to find the kitchen appliances missing. He mutters "Sarah, you dipstick" before frustratedly yelling out "Sarah!!".
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