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Neighbours Episode 3116 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3116
Australian airdate: 06/07/98
UK airdate: 04/11/98
UK Gold: 17/08/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: David Myles
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Ted Long: Stephen Curry
Clara Britton: Cheryl Ballantine
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Holing
- Libby suggests that Susan goes away for a few days.
- Billy can't understand why Susan is going on a 'holiday' when the family is falling apart.
- Susan tells Billy that she tried not to be the hysterical woman but bursts into tears.
No. 30
Sarah is reading through the paper and lamenting that there's nothing worthwhile in the employment section. The milk in the house is off, the bread is green and Toadie mentions that it is rent day but Sarah doesn't have the money. Toadie says the only offer for a new tenant was a lady with 2 pit bulls, 3 cats and a budgie that swears. He promises that he'll pick up Sarah's stuff and her reference from Karl.
No. 28 - Kennedys
Libby questions Billy as to what he said to make Susan cry, since she's been holding up pretty well. Billy admits that he said it was a bad idea for Susan to go away - Libby calls him an insensitive moron, and Billy acknowledges that it was stupid, but at the time it seemed right. Susan walks out of her room and says that she feels a little silly for being a cry-baby. The kids hug her and Billy apologises for being out of line. Libby convinces her mum to go on the trip and jokes that they'll have a party every night that Susan is gone.
No. 24
Madge complains that Harold is shadowing her, but he claims there's nothing on his mind and nothing he needs to talk about. As Madge walks away, he changes his mind and calls her back. He talks about his work with alcoholics for the Salvation Army, and how alcoholics need to reach out. Madge asks if he has a point, and he says that he is reaching out to her. She's confused though, because he's not an alcoholic - he doesn't even drink! Harold thinks that he has an image problem - people call him boorish and pontificating. Madge suggests therapy - but it's just something simple that they can do right there and then.
No. 28
Billy and Libby are joking about the parties that they'll be having. There's a knock on the door:
BILLY: Phil.
PHIL: Bill.
Phil gives Susan her newspaper which was put on his front lawn by mistake. Susan asks when Ruth will be back, Phil says that it'll be a few days. Before he leaves, he reiterates that Susan can go to him if she needs anything. Kim comes to pick Susan up for the trip.
Drew is helping Joel to fix his bike. They talk about how friendly rivalry got tedious when Toadie hijacked the competition, and Joel suggests that they play a bit of a prank of Toadie as revenge.
No. 24
Madge is pinching Harold's finger. Her suggestion is that he pinches his finger very hard while he says the phrase "I shall not judge". Whenever he feels like judging, he should pinch his finger to remind himself to keep his mouth shut. She wants to test it out - she'll say a name and Harold is to say the first thing about the person that comes to mind.
MADGE: Lou Carpenter.
HAROLD: Dishonest...uhhhh (pinches his own finger) ....unethical?
MADGE: Squeeze harder!
HAROLD: Uhhhhm...hard...working?
Madge looks unimpressed.
No. 30
Sarah has an interview as a hotel receptionist in the afternoon. Toadie has bought back her stuff, but he didn't get her reference because Karl didn't have it ready. She needs it for the interview in the afternoon, but Toadie refuses to go back down to ask again because he has a shift at the pub. Sarah pouts and says that she'll need it get it herself.
Coffee Shop
Susan wants Kim to choose drinks that don't say "diet" or "low-fat". Harold stands behind the counter judging them and Madge tells him to squeeze his finger. He smiles and serves them, and Susan asks for something indulgent - cakes, chocolate, donuts - for the trip. Harold realises that they're going away to a cabin on their own, and he squeezes his finger under the counter with Madge smirking in the background. Susan comments that it'll set a few "tongues wagging", but Harold thinks that two friends going away is harmless - while squeezing his finger really hard. Susan and Kim leave, and Madge tells Harold that he got 10/10.
Joel suggests to Toadie that they have a tug-of-war across Lassiters Lake. He wants Toadie to be on his team, however Toadie is more of a spectator than a participator. Joel convinces him that they'll win with his athleticism and Toad's brute force - and a few bets wouldn't hurt - and Toadie is on board.
Toadie tries to hawk his new and improved drink, the flaming toad, to Billy. Bill's not interested, and casually asks if Toadie's seen Karl. Toadie doesn't want to be in the middle of the mess, and tells Billy to consider him as neutral ground. Billy apologises - he just can't think of anything else at the moment - and Toadie tells him that it's got to get better.
Karl is dictating Sarah's reference letter to his receptionist. Things are mighty awkward and he wishes her luck for the interview.
Joel and Drew are playing pool while Toadie is still trying to get people to try his drink. Drew pulls Libby aside and tells her about the tug-of-war competition and their plan to prank Toadie. Libby agrees to join in and be on Drew's team, and Toadie is certain of victory.
Phil and Karl sit around with a couple of beers. Phil isn't really sure what to say to Karl. Karl wants to talk to Susan that night, but Phil hesitantly tells Karl that Susan has gone away for a few days.
Coffee Shop
Madge sympathises with Sarah about her lack of employment, and Sarah comments that not many people are feeling that sympathetic. Madge's policy is not to judge, especially when she doesn't know the facts, and she wishes Sarah luck for her interview.
Lassiter's Lake
The tug-of-war is underway, and Joel gets Toadie to stand at the front. Joel lets go and Toadie falls into the lake, throwing his hat down in annoyance while everyone else is laughing.
No. 28
Karl is over to pick up some things when Billy walks in. Billy tells Karl that Susan's gone away, and Karl is bothered but pretending not to be. He asks how things are, and Billy says they're good. They look awkwardly at each other, and Karl leaves.
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