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Neighbours Episode 3115 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3115
Australian airdate: 03/07/98
UK airdate: 03/11/98
UK Gold: 17/08/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Ted Long: Stephen Curry
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Medicine Man" by Chris Wilson
Summary/Images by: Sal/Jeremai
- Susan says it's easier to talk to Kim than it is to her own kids. Kim says that's because he's an outsider.
- Kim asks if Susan wants Karl back in her life. Susan says no.
Number 22
Drew is picking up shards of glass from the broken window. He tells Lolly to stay away. Lou comes in with Paul and Patrick's launching machine - Icarus 1 - which is to blame for the broken window. Lou rants about how they couldn't set the spring themselves, so Harold did it for them! Drew wonders how they managed to talk Harold into it, but Lou says he wasn't interested in excuses - now he's got to get an after hours window repairer out, which will cost an arm and a leg.
Drew thinks that Harold must've tried to wangle his way out of it, but Lou admits that Harold confessed straight away - like a contrite schoolboy! Drew thinks it must be the scout leader influence that's caused Harold's honesty! Harold's gone to get his chequebook and Lou says that he needs to get a quote before whatever it is that Harold's on wears off! Drew laughs.
Number 28
Susan has pulled all of the cupboards out in a big cleaning frenzy. Libby peers at each item and wonders where Susan got it all from. Susan tells her it came out of the cupboards and explains that some of it has never been used - it's just been moved from house to house! Susan points to the contraption Libby is holding.
SUSAN: That's a butter curler. Can you believe that, in this day and age?
Libby asks what Susan's going to do with all of the stuff that she's found. Susan announces that she's having a clear out and they'll have a garage sale. Susan appears a bit hyper.
SUSAN: There's no point hanging onto it, it's just taking up space!
LIBBY: Are you ok?
SUSAN: I'm fine. A bit dusty, but I'm fine!
LIBBY: You know what I mean.
SUSAN: No, actually, Lib, this is really good therapy. Maybe I should patent it - Susan Kennedy's marriage crisis treatment!
Libby looks solemn, and Susan apologises. She insists that she's fine. Libby points out that Susan hasn't spoken about how she's feeling. Susan says she feels in control, just as Billy walks in.
SUSAN: Even last night when I spoke to Dad on the phone, I didn't get angry. I was perfectly calm.
BILLY: Dad rang?
SUSAN: Well, I rang him after Harold rang me about that poor old man who died over at Ruth's place.
LIBBY: How did he sound? Did he want to come home?
SUSAN: We kept it light. Well, no, not light given the subject matter but business-like.
BILLY: Are you going to let him come home?
SUSAN: At the moment, that's not even a remote option. Er, boxes. Boxes! Garage!
Susan walks out. Billy and Libby look confused.
BILLY: Is it just me?
LIBBY: No, no, it's like she's on something.
Lou's Place
Toadie serves Drew and Libby. Libby tells Drew that she had to get out of Number 28 because Susan was acting really weird. She says it's as if Susan's obsessive compulsive and has to clean everything and re-organise everything. Drew says that we all cope in our way.
LIBBY: Yeah, I know that. I just wish she'd get out of this stage and get onto the next one.
DREW: How's your Dad handling it?
LIBBY: I don't know.
DREW: Do you think maybe you should talk to him too?
LIBBY: Drew, I don't know and I don't care.
At the bar, Toadie serves a lad - Ted Long - with a beer. Ted says that beer is the drink that makes life worthwhile! Joel appears and orders a beer too, and Toadie introduces the pair. Toadie explains that Ted goes to uni with him, and that Joel lives in Ramsay Street.
JOEL: So you like your beer, Ted?
TED: Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin said that, and I see no reason to disagree with him!
JOEL: Fair enough. Well, to beer!
TED: Cheers!
JOEL: In moderation, of course!
Ted puts down his drink.
TED: Mate, look, when I read about the evils of drink, I-I-I-I quit reading! I mean, y'know, the human body is over 90% fluid. I see it's only natural to keep topping that level up.
Joel rolls his eyes and leaves. He approaches Libby and Drew, and challenges them to a game of darts. Libby abstains, saying that they don't deserve to be humiliated. Drew and Joel start to play darts.
Ramsay Street
Paul is taking the bin out. Lou spies him and starts ranting at him about how dangerous his antics were with Icarus 1.
LOU: Where's your stupid mate?
PAUL: He went home.
LOU: Oh, that's lucky for him and unlucky for you, isn't it?!
Lou rants about how there was glass all over his living room, and Louise could've been hurt.
PAUL: I didn't mean it, did I?!
LOU: That's not the point!
Lou tells him not to play stupid games in the street - he's to go to the park or to the bush. Lou asks if he knows how much the window is going to cost. Paul says that Harold's paying. Lou agrees that Harold is paying for most of it, but Lou thought that Paul needed to learn about the consequences of his own actions, so he told Harold that Paul should pay $20. Paul is not happy!
PAUL: You can't make me.
Lou threatens Paul with getting Madge involved, and Paul buckles!
PAUL: But I don't have $20.
LOU: Don't give me that line, sunshine - I wrote it!
Paul insists that he doesn't, so Lou marches him off.
Carpenter's Cars
Lou hands Paul a brush and tells him to sweep the garage floor until it's spotless.
PAUL: All of it?!
LOU: And that's just for starters!
Lou tells him that there's 4 cars outside that need cleaning inside and out as well. Lou says he'll be back later to check up on him. Paul protests that it isn't fair, but Lou shuts him up by saying that he can always find more jobs if necessary. Lou tells him to get on with it.
PAUL: (to himself) Slavedriver. $20!
He starts sweeping.
Lou's Place
Joel and Drew are playing darts. Toadie and Ted have come over to watch, and the whole bar seems focused on the game. Joel brags about how well he's doing, and Toadie agrees - Drew might as well give up now. Ted sticks with Drew and they say that it's not an insurmountable lead.
LIBBY: Hey, I thought this was a friendly game.
JOEL: Oh, it is.
DREW: Yeah, I'm just going to teach him a friendly lesson!
Drew takes aim and it looks as if he's not going to win, but then he pulls it out of the bag with a bullseye.
JOEL: You obviously have a missepent youth.
Drew ribs Joel about being a better athlete, so Joel challenges him to another game.
TOADIE: A challenge! The gauntlet has been laid down, ladies and gentlemen!
Drew brushes it off and Joel starts going on about how Drew's a chicken. The pair banter back and forth and Toadie thinks they should pin a wager on it - the loser buys a round of drinks. Drew agrees to play.
Number 28 - Doorstep
Philip is about to knock at the door when (still hyper) Susan comes out with a load of boxes. She comments on how she heard he was back early. He wonders if he's come at a bad time, but she invites him in.
Number 28
Susan is packing up another box and is talking about junk accumulating.
PHILIP: How's it going?
SUSAN: Oh, you know. Managing. ...you've heard, haven't you?
Susan asks after Ruth's mother, and Philip says she's much the same.
PHILIP: Look, Susan, I was really sorry to hear about you and Karl. It's hard to know what to say.
SUSAN: Yeah, it is, isn't it? Do you want tea or coffee?
PHILIP: No, no, I'm right, thanks. (awkwardly) I was having a chat to Karl a couple of weeks ago about the state of play.
SUSAN: Well yeah, y'know, you're friends, it's understandable.
PHILIP: You're a friend too.
SUSAN: Oh, thanks.
PHILIP: I guess I'm feeling guilty - if I'd told you back then or if I'd said something helpful to Karl or... I don't think I was that helpful.
SUSAN: Oh, Phil, I'm sure you were. You're underestimating yourself. And the thing is, you know, there was probably nothing you could've said or done that would change a thing.
PHILIP: It still doesn't sit very well.
Susan calms down and looks a bit thoughtful.
SUSAN: What did he say?
SUSAN: Did he say anything about Sarah?
PHILIP: Oh, well, no, not really. I told him he was being an idiot.
SUSAN: So he told you he was having an affair?
PHILIP: No! No, he insisted that he wasn't. ...Look, Susan, I don't want to betray a confidence and you don't want to hear all this, do you?
SUSAN: You know, part of me wants to hear it over and over and over even though I know that it's not going to do me any good.
PHILIP: I can only imagine what you're going through.
SUSAN: (annoyed) No, Phil, I really don't think you can!
Philip looks a bit injured.
SUSAN: I'm sorry, I am... (Susan goes back to being hyper) I am absolutely fine!
PHILIP: You haven't stopped doing things since I got here! You're making me tired just by watching you!
SUSAN: Am I? It's just a way of keeping my mind off myself, which is probably a good thing at this point.
PHILIP: Come and have dinner with me and Hannah tonight. A change of scenery will do you the world of good.
SUSAN: No, Phil, I'm happier here.
Lou's Place - Outside
Toadie comes out to collect some glasses and sees Billy sitting alone with a beer. Toadie tells him he should get inside as either Joel or Drew is about to shout everyone a round of drinks. He talks about how competitive they both are, but Billy doesn't seem interested. Toadie asks what's wrong, and Billy says it's nothing - he just can't get into the swing of being with a whole group of people.
Toadie asks if he's seen Karl. Billy says he hasn't since he took his stuff to the motel the other night. Billy says that he's seen Anne and she's been really understanding. Toadie is intrigued but Billy says nothing's going on. Toadie invites him in to the darts again, but Billy declines.
Billy asks Toadie's opinion on the Karl/Sarah affair, as he's heard both sides of the story. Toadie says that he keeps changing his mind - one minute he thinks it's a low act, and then he remembers how it was for Billy with Caitlin when he was in a relationship with Anne. Billy snaps that that was completely different. Toadie points out that Billy asked him what he thought. He asks him in to watch the darts again but Billy shakes his head.
Number 28
Kim is cooking with Susan. Susan thanks him for coming down and being there for her. Libby and Billy arrive home from the pub where they've left Joel and Drew to it and are surprised to see Kim still there. Libby asks if Kim's sticking around for a while, and he says he thinks he'll stay for a couple of days. Billy is a bit upset and excuses himself to wash before dinner.
Lou's Place
The darts match is over, and Drew has lost. He wonders where all of the extra people have come from that he's now got to buy drinks for! Toadie points out that Drew could get his own back on the pool table. Drew says he shouldn't have listened to Toadie the first time!
JOEL: Wuss.
Drew isn't impressed with Joel and ends up playing pool!
Philip marches in with Paul.
LOU: Hell's bells, I'd forgotten all about you!
PHILIP: The poor kid's cleaning cars in the dark! I walked past the garage on my way down here and I couldn't believe my eyes! What do you think you're doing?!
Lou ducks out of it by saying he can't have an underage kid in the bar, so Lou, Philip and Paul go into his office.
Lou's Place - Office
Lou apologises for leaving Paul. Paul is upset because Lou told him that he was coming back, and he was left in the dark - and he was cold and wet! Lou brushes it off saying that's all is well that ends well. Philip tells Lou that he's been over the top for a broken window.
LOU: Mate, these kids vandalised my house! I'm not the bad guy here.
PAUL: Harold paid you!
PHILIP: You seem to have extracted more than your pound of flesh, here.
LOU: What do you want me to say, 'I'm sorry' again? Ok, I'm sorry!
PHILIP: Maybe something good can come out of this.
LOU: Good?! Yeah, sure, like 'goodbye'!
PHILIP: Paul seemed to have been doing a thorough job.
LOU: How could you tell? Infrared vision?
PHILIP: (rolling his eyes!) He's obviously a good worker. You need someone to clean your cars. He needs a bit of extra pocket money.
LOU: Oh, I get it. This is a conspiracy!
Lou agrees to take Paul on after school. He offers $4 a car. Paul suggests $6 and Philip manages to get Lou to agree on $5. Paul is pleased.
Number 28 - Outside
Billy is bouncing a basketball. Billy sulks that he couldn't sit about and pretend that they were having a nice family meal. Libby says that Kim's a nice guy and that he's only being a friend to Susan. Billy says he knows that. Libby wants Billy to cut Kim and Susan a bit of slack - Susan needs their support.
BILLY: To do what? Clean the house?
LIBBY: Don't be a jerk!
Billy says he isn't, but that's all Susan's done since Karl left. He asks if he's the only person around here who thinks the situation sucks. Libby says he's not the only one.
BILLY: Well, that's what it feels like! In case you hadn't noticed, our family's completely *stuffed* and it's just going to get worse!
Billy angrily bounces the ball.
Lou's Place
Drew and Joel are playing pool. Lou is serving and Philip is drinking at the bar.
LOU: Don't say I'm not an easy touch.
PHILIP: Yeah, you're just a big softy.
LOU: Ain't that the truth!
Lou says that it'll be good to keep Paul off the streets for a while. He moans about how much damage Paul caused to his house. Philip says that he's off home.
LOU: How's things on the Kennedy front? Still World War III?
PHILIP: Yeah, pretty much, although Susan seems to be taking it remarkably well.
LOU: I got such a shock when I heard.
PHILIP: Me too.
LOU: Gorgeous woman like Susan? Karl needs his head read! He's been in here a couple of times and I don't know what to say to him.
PHILIP: Let's just hope they can work things out.
Philip leaves. Toadie approches the bar and Lou asks him about the pool game - Drew and Joel are both stuck on the black. Joel stuffs a shot on the black and Drew doubles it into the middle pocket. Joel says it's his shout.
TOADIE: Well, they're good for business. You should get them as your staff, mate!
LOU: Oh yeah, sure(!) (leans in) I trust you've had a flutter on this? Mad if you don't.
Toadie looks thoughtful. He pulls Ted over to one side and says that they should've run a book on Joel and Drew. Ted says that it's too late now. Toadie doesn't think so, and starts yelling about how Round 1 was a 1-1 draw, so now it's time for Round 2 - tomorrow morning, Erinsborough Swimming Pool!
Drew's having none of it - Joel's a triathlete! Toadie says that Joel will have a 4 second handicap. He yells that if anyone's interested, they should be there! He pulls Ted in and tells him to go around and get people to bring money.
Number 28
Libby is ranting about people gossiping. Susan tells her to ignore them - it'll be a 10 day wonder as they're hardly the first people in the world to separate. Libby thinks that people should have better thing to do with their lives. She tells Susan that she wouldn't have to hear what they were saying if she wasn't there. She suggests that Susan take a few days off and get a change of scenery.
SUSAN: I don't need a change of scenery!
LIBBY: I think you do. And Kim thinks it's a good idea too.
SUSAN: I don't know.
LIBBY: Well, there's nothing left for you to clean or throw out! Why don't you? Billy and I can look after ourselves. I think it'll be good for you.
Erinsborough Swimming Pool
Ted is running a book and Lou bets some money on Drew. Joel walks up with Toadie. Joel reckons Drew is a no-show. Toadie says he's probably just a bit late. Joel goes to warm up. Lou grumbles to Toadie that the punters are getting restless, as they don't usually surface before noon! Toadie asks where Drew us, but Lou has got no idea. Lou says he doesn't keep tabs on Drew, but he has put money on him - so this whole thing had better not turn into a fiasco!
Ted approaches Toadie with the book. Ted tells Toadie that there's a lot of smart money riding on Joel, so he hopes Toadie doesn't take too bad a hiding. Toadie is stumped - he thought he and Ted were partners. Ted laughs it off and says he doesn't know where Toadie got that thought from - he's got $10 on Joel himself!
Joel dives into the water.
Ramsay Street
Drew walks out of 22 and runs into Libby. He wonders what happened to her last night - one minute she was there and the next minute she'd gone. Libby says that she's surprised he even noticed she'd left. Drew apologises but Libby says it's fine, as long as he had fun. Drew asks where Libby has been.
LIBBY: Oh, just for a walk. Maybe one day I'll build my way up to a run!
She explains that living with Joel is making her fret about her fitness. Drew says that the games are continuing, so he's off to the pool. Libby thinks Joel would be a sure winner, but Drew explains about the handicap. Libby says she'll come and watch if he tells her the time, and that's when Drew realises that it should've already started.
Drew panics - he left his car at the pub because he didn't want to drink and drive. Libby offers him a lift down.
Number 28
Libby grabs Susan's keys, yelling that she's giving Drew a lift to the pool.
Number 28 - Doorstep
Kim comes home and says that he's given Libby's idea some thought, so he'll go and ask Susan. Libby says she did some groundwork last night so it should be easy.
Number 28
Kim comes in, as Susan comes out of the bedroom. Susan thought she heard Libby and Kim explains that Libby just let him in. Kim raves about the weather and how it's supposed to hold out. He says he might go down to the country for a few days - his sister's got a great place to stay.
SUSAN: You haven't been talking to Libby by any chance, have you?
Kim says it's still a good idea. Susan thinks it's tempting but she doesn't feel like she can leave the kids - particularly Billy. Kim tells Susan to talk it over with him.
Erinsborough Swimming Pool
Toadie is announcing that Drew won't make it, so the race is off - but Drew jogs up behind him just as he's speaking. Toadie announces that one of them will win a special trophy, and Ted pulls out a keg. Toadie wonders what on earth it is, and Ted is most put out - he was up all night finishing it!
Toadie shouts Drew off, and then Joel 4 seconds later. The punters cheer them on. As they near the end, Joel draws close on Drew and he wins by the smallest of margins. The punters cheer. Joel and Drew compliment each other on the race. They look over at Toadie giving out money, and Joel reckons that they haven't been given the full picture!
Number 28
Billy and Susan are yelling at each other, and are both very upset.
BILLY: Our family is falling to *bits* and you want to go on holiday!
SUSAN: It's not a holiday!
BILLY: Well, it sounds like it!
SUSAN: Well, it's not! If you don't want me to go, I won't go but just CALM DOWN!
Susan walks off and picks up two cups to wash up.
BILLY: Oh, Mum, can you just stop this!
SUSAN: Billy, there are things that need to be done. I do not have the luxury of wallowing around in some sort of self-absorbed quagmire.
BILLY: Am I the only one who cares what's going on?
SUSAN: Of course not!
BILLY: Then why pretend that everything's ok-
SUSAN: (getting upset) I'm not pretending!
BILLY: -because it's not, ok?
SUSAN: (totally losing it) I KNOW, I KNOW IT'S NOT!
Billy looks at her, stunned. Susan is very upset. She pauses and composes herself.
SUSAN: (upset) We all have our own ways of dealing with things.
She turns away from Billy.
BILLY: (upset) Mum?
SUSAN: I'm ok.
Susan turns back to face Billy, still upset.
SUSAN: (angrily) I said, I'm all right! I DID NOT WANT TO BE THE HYSTERICAL WOMAN. Do you know why? Because I was worried about the effect it would have on you and Libby, that's why! And that's why I HAVE TRIED *SO HARD* TO KEEP EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL SO I WOULD NOT DO THIS!
Susan turns away from Billy again and is sobbing. Billy looks shocked and then he grabs her in a hug.
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Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3115
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Ted Long, Toadie Rebecchi, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3115
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Ted Long, Toadie Rebecchi, Joel Samuels

Paul McClain, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3115
Paul McClain, Lou Carpenter

Ted Long, Toadie Rebecchi, Drew Kirk, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3115
Ted Long, Toadie Rebecchi, Drew Kirk, Joel Samuels

Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3115
Susan Kennedy, Philip Martin

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Billy Kennedy

Kim Howard, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Kim Howard, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul McClain, Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3115
Paul McClain, Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3115
Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Kim Howard in Neighbours Episode 3115
Susan Kennedy, Kim Howard

Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3115
Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi

Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Ted Long in Neighbours Episode 3115
Toadie Rebecchi, Ted Long

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3115
Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

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