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Neighbours Episode 3120 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3120
Australian airdate: 10/07/98
UK airdate: 10/11/98
UK Gold: 19/08/04
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: David Myles
Guests: Karma: Trained by Wally Dalton
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Holing
- Lance and Anne telling Hannah that they live there as well
- Phil telling everyone that they need to respect each others space
- Phil telling Ruth that perhaps she kept her old place as a safety net, a way of keeping a piece of her single life, to which Ruth agrees that maybe she is
No. 24
Harold has been doing some thinking and declares that Madge is right - he should apologise to Karl as his personal life shouldn't be related to his professional career. Madge is proud that he's making the effort. There's a knock on the door and Hannah strolls in moping to Paul that everyone has forgotten her birthday. He suggests that they hang out, and Madge tells Hannah to pop into the Coffee Shop for a birthday treat of a milkshake and cake.
No. 28
Ruth talks to Susan about losing her identity by moving into someone else's furniture, someone else's memories...before realising that she's being insensitive in light of Susan's current marital problems. Susan doesn't mind though, she agrees with Ruth's viewpoints. They chat about how unlikely they first thought the idea of Karl having an affair was, and how tough it is to deal with the betrayal as Ruth has been through it before too. Susan lets on that she's thrown out the marital bed and done a huge cleanup - Ruth gets the idea that a garage sale might be the answer. Throw out everything that is 'yours' or 'mine', and buy 'ours'.
No. 26
Amy is trying to talk school treasurer, Phil, into letting her organise a 40 hour foxtrot. Phil is noncommittal and says he'll think about it, but Amy still sticks around asking questions and Phil more firmly tells her that they'll talk about it later. Amy then tries to coerce Lance into helping her with the foxtrot but he wants to work on hist project. He reluctantly agrees to meet her later.
No. 24
Paul and Hannah are playing draughts, but she declares that it is boring so she heads home, hoping someone might have remembered her birthday. Paul looks disappointed.
Doctor's Surgery
Harold is trying to apologise to Karl, but isn't doing a very good job. He does eventually get the words out, and asks for forgiveness. Karl shakes his hand and accepts his apology, but he looks quite apprehensive.
No. 26
Ruth apologises to Phil about saying that she preferred her single life, and comments that with everything going on, maybe they didn't give each other enough time to adjust. Phil comments that he was just as much to blame, and Ruth comes to the conclusion...
RUTH: OK, so, we're both to blame, we're both sorry, we're both terrific, and we're both together.
Hannah arrives home and asks whether anyone has anything planned...and they all leave.
Coffee Shop
Harold tells Madge that the apology didn't go quite that well, but it was still mission accomplished. They do a little dance to the music. Sitting at a table, Amy tells Lance that it's just what she needs - people with dance experience. She bounds up to talk to Made. Paul and Hannah walk in, and Hannah says that she's given up caring whether people remember her birthday. Harold offers dance music to Amy for her cause.
Doctor's Surgery
Ruth has come to talk to Karl for a check- up and he assures her that the lump was benign, but she should still get regular check- ups once a year. He recommends a lumpectomy for the lump. While she is leaving, he hesitates before asking her how Susan is. Ruth says that she is well, and there's a bit of an awkward pause and they say goodbye.
No. 26
Susan arrives looking for Ruth, but Phil tells her she isn't home. Susan goes to leave but Phil says they haven't had a chance to catch up. He tries to put in a good word for Karl, but Susan doesn't want to hear it. Speaking of the devil, Karl rings and Susan takes it as her cue to leave.
Coffee Shop
Anne walks in and gives something to do Paul, and Paul tells her that it's Hannah's birthday. Anne and Lance say a quick 'Happy birthday' to her before resuming their conversations, and Hannah looks a little despondent.
No. 26
Ruth tells Phil the good news that the lump is benign, and they discuss how hard it is to be friends with both Karl and Susan. They want to remain neutral, but it's not easy. Ruth fills him in on the garage sale idea.
Ramsay Street
Lance, Amy, Anne and Hannah are playing hopscotch but Hannah thinks it's childish and she doesn't want to play. Anne suggests hoola hoops and Hannah looks horrified.
Karl is complaining to Phil about not being able to put his side forward. Everyone doesn't like him and there's nothing he can do. Phil tells him that patience is the key - but Karl wants to DO something. Phil insists that seeing Susan is a bad idea, but Karl can't live with sitting around doing nothing.
No. 24
Amy is over to borrow music for the foxtrot. Harold plays some of the music and he and Madge dance in the background.
Hannah and Lance are walking Bonnie while Lance apologises for a bummer of a birthday. She mentions that it is her first birthday without Helen, but Lance makes her laugh by pointing out that she's scored a damn terrific brother.
No. 26
Phil and Ruth are talking about the garage sale when Susan pops over. Phil once again tries to talk her into talking with Karl, but she declines. Ruth changes the subject by saying that they could make a market out of the garage sale if anyone else has anything to sell.
Hannah is sitting with Lance when she says that she's going to go home to surf the net. Lance tries to stall her - by stammering about how fascinating the ants are. Working in colonies...fetching things...in a straight line. It doesn't work, so he takes things up a notch.
LANCE: Look, Hannah, seriously. I..I, I love you.
HANNAH: What?!
Lance is VERY relieved to see a horse and carriage arrive - Hannah's birthday surprise. She's bombarded with presents and she is over the moon.
No. 26
Ruth is putting the finishing touches on the cake while she is on the phone with Phil. She says she'll be down in a minute.
No. 28
Susan opens the door to Karl. The man just doesn't listen to anyone, does he? Susan doesn't exactly welcome him in, but she walks towards the kitchen and he follows. He wants to tell his side of the story:
KARL: I am depressed, I am confused, I am simply not coping being away from you and the family. The family I love so much. That love has never died. OK, I made a mistake, I admit that, I deserve to be punished. But I sincerely believe I've been punished enough. I love you. I want to be back here, with you and the kids. Please, please give me another chance.
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