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Neighbours Episode 3104 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3104
Australian airdate: 18/06/98
UK airdate: 19/10/98
Writer: Christopher Hollow
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: N/A
- "Cry" by The Mavis's
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The boys playing poker.
The girls dancing.
Maddy daring Lance to kiss Caitlin.
Amy is very upset about the kiss and cries. Bill comforts her.
Ramsay Street
Joel invites Karl to a barbecue at lunchtime.
Karl bumps into a patient giving out leaflets for real estate valuations. She says that if Karl was ever thinking of selling, now is the time - the market is booming. Karl says he might be interested in an academic sort of way. The woman says she'll come back in a few minutes to get on with it.
Nick answers the phone - Micky Dalton's mother has dropped the charges against him. Caitlin is pleased.
Bill and Joel are telling Libby about Amy running out. Bill says he'll try to mediate between Lance and Amy. Joel invites them all to a barbecue.
Susan tells Nick that she's so happy that the charges against him have been dropped. She asks him to be a relief teacher for another week, but Nick says he's not sure if he wants to teach anymore.
Nick mentions that Sarah has gone away for a few days. Susan wonders what's happened with her.
The Coffee Shop
Lance approaches Amy but she's mad about the kiss. She says he should have refused the dare. Lance says it was just a game. He wants to work things out with Amy. Lance says he wanted to make Amy jealous. Amy says Lance is very childish and that he and Caitlin deserve each other. Bill comes in and Lance storms out.
Bill tells Amy the whole situation is ridiculous. She tells him not to stick up for Lance! Bill tells her he wishes they'd sort it out.
Joel is preparing the food for the barbecue. He says it's as a thank you for the Kennedys.
Karl and the house valuer walk through and he introduces her to Susan, Joel and Libby.
Garden of The Kennedys
The valuer has a look around.
Lance rants at Caitlin that her stupid plan has backfired - Amy doesn't want anything more to do with him.
Nick has heard from their mother - she is coming back home early.
Karl is showing the valuer out. Susan asks him to explain what's going on. He tells her that she's a house valuer. Susan and Libby tell him that they're quite happy in Erinsborough. They get a bit cross - Karl bought the Kennedy home without telling any of them and they don't want him doing it again. Karl says he's just getting a quote out of interest!
Caitlin tells Nick that they should try to get their mother to move from Adelaide to Erinsborough.
Susan and Libby are trying to get through to Karl that they don't want to move. Karl says they'll need a smaller place eventually when the kids move out! Karl says it wasn't premeditated, it was just an opportunity for a quote! Karl says he's not having a domestic over something trivial and goes off to work. Susan and Libby are furious.
Garage of the Kennedys
Bill gives Amy some picture frames for her photos. Amy is very pleased and gives Bill a hug. She kisses him on the lips but he pushes her away. Amy says it was a mistake and runs off.
Lance is fed up about his row with Amy. He tells Joel he wants to make up with her but she's not having any of it. Joel says Amy is making too much of a truth-or-dare kiss and he should just tell Amy that!
Susan tells Bill that Karl wants to sell the house! Bill says he's not going anywhere!
The Surgery
Libby asks Karl if he's happy at home - he's changing things for no reason. Libby asks him if he's hiding anything. Then she asks him if he's having a mid-life crisis! Karl says he isn't.
Garden of The Kennedys
Joel is cooking on the barbecue. Bill is helping to set up the garden furniture. Susan and Amy bring salads for the barbecue. Bill drags Amy inside to carry out some things.
Amy apologises for what happened but Bill says there's no need. Bill says nothing could ever happen between them as Lance is one of his best mates. Amy says it was a kneejerk reaction to makes Lance jealous. She says, "He may be a dork, but he's my dork!" She thanks Bill for being such a good friend. They hug. Amy goes off to talk to Lance.
Amy and Lance talk out their differences. While they are talking, Amy kisses Lance and asks if they can forgive and forget. Lance agrees and they kiss again.
Garden of the Kennedys
The gang are eating their food. Joel makes a speech that the barbecue is in gratitude to the Kennedys for putting him up in Ramsay Street - he's very grateful. Cassie the sheep gets loose and knocks over the table and starts eating the salads!
Nick tells Caitlin that their mother wants her to go back to Adelaide to live permanently. Caitlin doesn't want to go, but Nick says he wants to go back too. Caitlin is mad, but Nick says she can't stay there by herself because she's only sixteen. Caitlin says she'll find a way to stay in Ramsay Street somehow.
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