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Neighbours Episode 3105 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3105
Australian airdate: 19/06/98
UK airdate: 20/10/98
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie telling Sarah off for running away.
Sarah asks Toadie to pick up her wages from Karl.
Everyone is cleaning up after the barbecue. Karl asks Libby if she's going to go to the newspaper awards. Libby says she doesn't want to be anywhere near the editor who stole her story.
Phil is arranging to store the caravan in Lou's garage. Phil tells Hannah that they have to capitalise on the horse and caravan somehow. Hannah suggests hiring it out for holidays. Hannah suggests that they use the horse for the wedding - to transport them to the reception at Little Tommy Tucker's. This is the first Phil has heard of it - he and Ruth want the reception in the garden!
Toadie has come to pick up Sarah's pay. Karl hasn't got the money there.
Anne comes round telling Libby that Lily wants a word with her.
Lily tells Libby that she hopes she's coming to the awards. Lily wants them all to go, but Libby isn't keen. Lily says that it's her turn to stand up for Libby, just as Libby stood up for her over the building developments. Lily's going to make a fuss at the awards ceremony.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah asks Joel is he wants to come and see the horse (without Phil!). They go off together.
Karl gives Toadie's Sarah's pay. He also asks for her number to make sure it goes through OK. Toadie says Sarah doesn't want anyone to have her number. Karl asks if she's alright. Toadie says them working together so closely wasn't working out. Karl says he doesn't understand but Toadie insists that he does. Karl finally admits that "things got out of control". Toadie says, "What got out of control?!!" He asks Karl how far it's gone between him and Sarah.
Nick tells Susan he and Caitlin are moving back to Adelaide. He thinks his chances of work are better there. Susan is disappointed but says she thinks it's the right decision for both him and Caitlin.
Caravan Park
Toadie has brought Bob to see Sarah. He invites Sarah to come and eat with him.
Libby is dressed up for the awards ceremony - Lily has changed Libby's mind about attending.
Joel and Hannah are talking about horses - she shows him a book about horses. Hannah has obviously developed a crush on Joel as she keeps making excuses to keep him there.
Little Tommy Tucker's
Libby, Lily and Anne arrive at the Awards Ceremony.
Caravan Park
Sarah and Toadie are eating takeaway. Toadie gives Sarah her pay. She asks if Karl asked about her. Toadie said she didn't say anything. Sarah opens her pay packet and Karl has put extra money in. Toadie asks her what's going on - she told him that nothing happened between them. Toadie insists that Sarah tells him the truth. He says he's sick of being her errand boy.
Little Tommy Tucker's
Libby's editor is accepting an award for the story he stole from Libby. Lily gets up and makes her way to the front. She interrupts the editor and shares with them that the story was actually uncovered by "a brilliant up-and-coming journalist, Elizabeth Kennedy." She asks Libby to stand up.
Phil, Joel and Hannah are talking about the horse. Joel says he doesn't mind helping out with the horse when he can. Hannah is pleased. Joel suggests hiring the horse out for occasions like weddings!
Libby, Anne and Lily are celebrating what happened at the Awards Ceremony. The editor didn't give Libby the trophy, but Lily says it was hideous anyway!
Hannah is gushing about Joel. Phil asks her where her enthusiasm for Joel leaves Paul. He also tells Hannah that Joel is nearly nineteen and Hannah should contain herself. Hannah says that girls mature more quickly than boys(!)
Caitlin tells Nick that she doesn't want to go back. Toadie leaves for his shift at the pub, obviously troubled.
The Pub
Karl quizzes Toadie about Sarah. Toadie gets quite annoyed but agrees to Karl's request to talk privately.
Karl tells Toadie that the situation between him and Sarah is complicated. Toadie says he doesn't care - he's been dragged in against his will. Karl says he's not having an affair with Sarah, but Toadie doesn't really believe him because of all the secrecy. Toadie refuses to tell Karl where Sarah is. Karl begs and in the end Toadie caves in. Karl says that noone will get hurt, but Toadie thinks there's little chance of that.
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