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Neighbours Episode 3102 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3102
Australian airdate: 16/06/98
UK airdate: 15/10/98
UK Gold: 06/08/04
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Uni Student No.1: Yvette Vardy
Uni Student No.2: Cameron Beattie
Performer: Phillip Elwood
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Harold finds a jar with old Australian money in it at the allotments.
Madge is pleased that everything has worked out with Jean Dalton, Mickey and Nick. Madge apologises to Paul for doubting his honesty over the Coffee Shop theft.
Harold comes in and Madge tells him that Mickey has confessed. He shows her and Paul the jar that he found at the allotments - full of Australian pounds, and at least 30 or 40 years old - there is 500 in the jar. Harold says they'll have to ring the bank and see what they're worth now.
Anne is telling Ruth that she and Lance want to have a party for their 17th birthday. Ruth says that's fine, but they'll have to organise it as she's too preoccupied about her mammogram - she's going to pick up the results in half an hour.
Lou has told Phil about the Australian pounds that Harold found. Phil says that if there are no other claimants, Harold will be allowed to keep them.
Lou tells Phil that Little Tommy Tucker's is overwhelmed - he's even hired Paul and Harold's Tuba Electrica to keep customers away(!) Phil has a suggestion: Ben has contacted him and wants to sell his half of the garage - Lou could buy Ben out. If he does it before the end of the year, he'll reduce his tax burden considerably. Lou tells Phil to do it, and goes off to cancel Tuba Electrica(!)
Lance is objecting to some of the people Anne wants to invite to the party. They finally compromise on having separate parties, on the same room. Lance is enthusiastic and says he could have a card night, while Anne fancies an indulgence night.
LANCE: I bags this house!
ANNE: No, I'm older!
LANCE: Tough, I said it first!
ANNE: Hey, twelve minutes, read the birth certificate!
Madge tells Lou that Paul and Harold are getting changed into tuxedos for the performance. Apparently they're all very excited and Madge tells Lou how much it means to them. Lou tells Madge he's going to have to cancel the performance, but just then Harold and Paul come out in their tuxedos. Even Lou doesn't have the heart to cancel their performance.
Karl is showing Ruth her mammogram - she does have a lump, but it could be cyst or fatty tissue, as well as something sinister. He's going to send her to a specialist surgeon for a fine- needle biopsy.
Drew calls for Libby to go to Little TOmmy Tucker's. Karl laughs at the thought of Tuba Electrica and says he's glad he's going to the pub!
Little Tommy Tucker's
A bloke is playing some sort of grass(!) very badly on the stage. Paul is very nervous about the performance and wants Harold to do a solo instead(!) Phil comes over to wish them luck, but he's not staying apparently(!)
Drew and Libby arrive and ask for a table with an "unrestricted view" - she's going to be reviewing Harold and Paul's performance. Meanwhile, the bloke playing the glass is being booed off!
Ruth tells Anne and Lance that she has had her results - but they only confirmed that there is a lump, not the nature of it. She's going to have a biopsy soon. Anne and Lance look a bit worried, but Ruth distracts them by talking about the birthday parties.
LANCE: Phil has volunteered to Mum- sit so putting up with us won't be an issue.
RUTH: Did you two bully him into it?
LANCE: No, we didn't have to! He offered for some strange reason. I think he likes you!
Anne is going to have her party at Caitlin's, and Lance is going to have his bloke party at No.32.
RUTH:(emotional) You two are getting to be so grown up and responsible!
She hugs them.
LANCE: Geez, I don't know Mum, you've been telling us for seventeen years to grow up and when we do, you get all weepy!
RUTH: I know, it's unreasonable of me, I'll try and do better!
Little Tommy Tucker's
Lou is introducing Harold and Paul - Tuba Electrica to not very much applause(!)
Harold and Paul start playing and it's not as awful as people thought. Although Drew thinks Libby may have gone deaf(!)
Phil sees Karl and tells him that he's taking her on a picnic tomorrow. He asks Karl how worried he should be about Ruth, but Karl says he can't discuss it.
Little Tommy Tucker's
The crowd are getting into Tuba Electrica and clapping along. No- one is more surprised that Lou who looks stunned! When they finish, the crowd cheer.
No.32, the following morning
Lance and Anne are opening presents - apparently every year they buy themselves a present, then give it to the other to give back as a gift(!) Ruth laughs and gives them toast with a candle in it.
Phil comes around to wish Anne and Lance a happy birthday. Apparently the presents from Mum and Phil are outside.
They run outside to find new bikes - to give them transport until they start driving. Anne and Lance take off for a ride. While they've gone, Phil asks Ruth how she is.
Harold has heard from the bank - the Australian pounds are worth $1,218! They still have to be verified as non- conterfeit though. Madge says they can go on a tidy holiday for that and she won't hear of giving it to the police(!) Paul points out that the council owns the land. Madge says the council didn't own it when the money was buried, so it'll be OK - it's Ramsay money. She thinks Jack Ramsay buried the money - maybe he won it in a poker game and hid it from Madge's grandmother!
Lou is thinking of a name for the new garage - maybe "Elbow Grease" or "Grease Monkey". Lou is definitely going ahead with the buy- out from Ben, but Phil will hold on to his 2%.
PHIL: I meant to ask, how did Harold and Paul go last night? Did they clear the room?
LOU: Mate, it is beyond me what the public will accept in the name of entertainment! They were a hit! The punters loved them! I can't put a foot wrong at the moment. If I'd been the one to find those pound notes yesterday, I'd have hit the hat- trick!
PHIL: You know they're worth a lot of money?
LOU: What?
PHIL: Harold dropped in on his way to work to tell me. He's sitting pretty!
Harold is telling Karl how well Tuba Electrica went down last night. He also tells Karl about the pound notes. He doesn't know whether to turn in the notes or not - it might be ill- got gains on Jack Ramsay's part(!) Karl isn't very interested but Harold does keep babbling on!
Lou is digging away looking for more pound notes(!)
Ruth is sitting at the table, very preoccupied. Phil comes in ready to go on the picnic and Ruth tells him that her appointment will be tomorrow.
PHIL: Good! The sooner we know what we're dealing with, the better.
RUTH: Funny how you always assume you've got all this time. I mean, you know you're going to die, but it's...out there. Now it seems very immediate.
PHIL: Not necessarily.
RUTH: Thinking about what's going to happen to the kids.
PHIL: Ruth, I don't think you have to worry.
RUTH: Always thought I'd be around to see them going to University or...whatever. Marry? Have kids of their own. And us, getting married. Maybe even a baby of our own.
PHIL: You're getting way ahead of yourself here.
RUTH: Phil, I can't ask you to commit to me now. Not with everything being so uncertain. I think we should call off the engagement.
PHIL: No! No way! This is exactly the time we need to be together. Ruth, I want to marry you. I want to marry you straightaway. Now.
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