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Neighbours Episode 3101 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3101
Australian airdate: 15/06/98
UK airdate: 14/10/98
UK Gold: 06/08/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mickey Dalton: Trent Fowler
Jean Dalton: Joanne Canning
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Rodney Hogan: Bob Halsall
Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah can't get a job because she doesn't have formal qualifications.
Karl urges Sarah to come back and work in the surgery.
Sarah packs a bag and leaves, leaving a note for Toadie.
Madge and Harold are discussing what they're going to plant at the allotments - the paperwork has come through. Harold is looking forward to his and Paul's performance at Little Tommy Tucker's tonight - they've decided to call their duo "Tuba Electrica".
Paul doesn't want to go to school today - Mickey is getting the blame for everything. Madge suggests Paul gets Mickey to come clean.
Toadie opens Sarah's letter and looks shocked. Toadie tells Nick that Sarah has gone away "for a couple of days". Nick is suspicious but Toadie says people go away at short notice all the time(!)
Paul tells Hannah that he doesn't know how he's going to get Mickey to confess. Hannah thinks Mickey is a creep, but maybe Mickey's mum is only bluffing with her threat to go to the police.
Nick gets out of the shower to answer the door - to the police! They tell him he'll have to come down to the station for an interview - there's been a complaint made against him by a Mrs Jen Dalton about an assault on her son.
NICK: Is it OK if I get dressed first?
POLICEMAN: That would be advisable!
sarah has rented a caravan at a campsite. She sits down on the step of the caravan and looks depressed.
Coffee Shop
Madge is telling Lou about the allotments - they're on an old Jack Ramsay property. Lou remembers there being an orange grove there. They reminisce about going on a date and taking a shortcut back through the orange grove. Lou was late home, so the evening ended with Jack Ramsay chasing Lou through the trees flinging oranges at him(!) Madge invites Lou around to see the allotment and warns him not to make fun of Harold!
Paul and Hannah see Mickey coming out of the doctor's surgery and go over to talk to him. Paul tells Mickey that it happened because of the fight with Paul - now Nick Atkins might lose his job. Mickey's mother comes up.
PAUL: It's not true what Mickey said about Mr Atkins. He was just trying to break us up.
MICKEY'S MOTHER: Well, I doubt if anyone'll believe you, Paul. You're the one that was caught stealing from the Coffee Shop and then tried to blame it on Mickey! If anyone's a liar, it's you!
Madge has overheard the last bit of this conversation.
MADGE: Now, just a minute. You can't go making accusations like that! For your information, this young man is *not* a liar. In fact, when it comes to good old- fashioned honesty, I'm sure he can teach you both a thing or two!
MICKEY'S MOTHER: I beg your pardon?!
MADGE: Oh, spare me the righteous indignation. Oh, look. This whole situation's got completely out of hand. I mean, what it needs is for someone to take the bull by the horns and sort it out once and for all.
Lou's Place
Apparently Nick has been interviewed, but not charged - it was Mickey's word against his. Lou thinks kids today are undisciplined, but Nick says it's just a different approach these days.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Mickey's mother are trying to disentangle the situation - Mickey's mother wants to leave it to the police, but Madge points out that Nick's teaching career is hanging in the balance.
MICKEY'S MOTHER: That teacher pushed my son on purpose!
MADGE: How can you be so sure?
MICKEY'S MOTHER: Mickey told me!
MADGE: Yes, he gave his version of the facts. But we all know there are two sides to every story! But at least listen to what Nick Atkins has got to say. I could arrange a meeting.
MICKEY: That wouldn't do any good.
MICKEY'S MOTHER: Zip it, Michael! Let me decide for myself.
MADGE: Five minutes, that's all it would take. I mean, you owe the man that much. And at the end of that, if you still think Mickey's telling the truth, *then* go ahead with your complaint.
Toadie has driven out to see Sarah.
SARAH: Toadie!
TOADIE: Don't look so surprised. Only took me four hours on the phone to track you down!
Toadie wants to know why Sarah has run away from home without even talking it over. She says it's just until she gets sorted out - then she might go back to England. Toadie urges her to come home.
SARAH: Toadie, I have to leave Erinsborough.
TOADIE: Fine. But do it properly. Karl isn't the only loose end you've left behind. You've got friends back there. At least they deserve a proper goodbye.
Coffee Shop
Harold comes in to meet Madge to go to the allotment. He was held up until Karl could get a temp in to cover for Sarah.
MADGE: Where is Sarah, anyway?
HAROLD: Well, that's just it, it's a mystery. He tried to call her at home but Nick told him that she'd "gone away for a couple of days".
MADGE: Gone away? Without saying a word to anyone? I'd be surprised if she's got a job when she gets back.
Madge hands Harold some gardening clothes and tells him to change in the kitchen.
Madge then goes to the phone and calls Nick. She tells him that she's arranged a meeting with Mickey's mother at 5pm at the Coffee Shop. Nick thanks her and says he'll be there.
While Madge is talking, Cassandra goes into the kitchen and surprises Harold!
Paul is wearing a tuxedo and Hannah tried not to laugh. He says he feels like a dork, but Harold is really looking forawrd to the gig.
PAUL: I'm not sure the world is ready for a tuba and electric guitar combo yet! I know I'm certainly not!
Harold is very embarrassed about being caught by Cassandra and is berating Madge for not guarding the kitchen door(!)
Lou drives up - he's brought them a "plot- warming present" of an orange tree(!) Lou tells him that the area used to be covered in orange trees. Harold isn't pleased to hear that Lou and Madge used to come here.
LOU: If I recall, this is the exact spot that...
MADGE: Lou, don't!
HAROLD: What?! What happened?
LOU: You mean she hasn't told you?
MADGE: Oh, Lou Carpenter, keep your big mouth shut.
LOU: That's not what you said thirty years ago, Madge! This is the exact spot where your wife and I had our first kiss!
HAROLD: You what?!
LOU: And it was one to remember, I tell ya!
HAROLD: So you and Lou share a personal history here, do you?
MADGE: Oh, for heaven's sake, Harold, it was a long time ago.
HAROLD: Well if I'd know that, I'd have never signed the lease!
MADGE: Don't be silly, of course you would.
HAROLD: I would not! As far as I'm concerned, this soil is...soiled.
LOU: On the contrary, Harold. Our love really blossomed here, didn't it, Madge!
HAROLD: I've heard enough!
He stalks off.
LOU: Oi, give me a shovel, I'll plant this for you!
MADGE: Harold, where are you going?!
HAROLD: I'm going to find a patch of dirt that you two haven't...rolled around in!
Lou laughs his head off and says it's just like old times! He calls out that the patch of ground Harold is working on is where he and Madge had their second kiss(!) Madge is not impressed.
Toadie wants to give Sarah some money, but she won't accept it - she says she's not that desperate. Toadie points out that she only has enough until the end of the week. Sarah asks Toadie to pawn her jewellery. Also, she wants him to pick up her wages from Karl. Toadie isn't keen.
Coffee Shop
Nick is meeting Mickey and his mother. He points out that he couldn't "have it in for Mickey" as he'd only been teaching at the school for a couple of days. She tells him it's long enough to form a grudge. Nick insists that he didn't beat Mickey up - he only separated two kids who were fighting.
Mickey's mother gets up and says Nick is just trying to save his skin.
MICKEY'S MOTHER: There is no way Mickey's going back to that school.
MICKEY'S MOTHER: And if I have my way, neither will you.
NICK: Look, Mrs Dalton...
MICKEY: Are you saying you're going to take me out of school?
MICKEY'S MOTHER: Yes, Mickey...(to Nick) look, if I was you, I'd find myself a good lawyer.
MICKEY: But I like it at Erinsborough! All my friends are there! I don't want to leave school!
NICK: Well, then, maybe you might want to start telling the truth about how that leg ended up in plaster.
Toadie is about to head off. He tells sarah that he doesn't want to pawn her jewellery - he'd rather give her a loan. Sarah reluctantly agrees.
TOADIE: Come home.
SARAH: I can't. You take care, alright?
She hugs him, then he drives off.
Mickey and his mother have come around to see Paul. Apparently Mickey has finally come clean about both the fight, and the stealing from the shop. Paul accepts their apology and is pleased to hear they will clear Nick's name too. Mickey will have "a long chat" with his father(!)
Harold is digging and his spade hits something hard. He pulls out a glass jar and struggles to open it. Inside is a wad of old Australian notes.
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