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Neighbours Episode 3095 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3095
Australian airdate: 05/06/98
UK airdate: 06/10/98
UK Gold: 03/08/04
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: John Scott: Paul Raynor
Robyn: Stephanie Turner
Joan: Dawn Hales
Karma: Trained by Wally Dalton
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lance is in a sulk with Amy.
- Lou is looking for someone to wear a Little Tommy Tucker costume at the restaurant.
- Ruth tells Phil that she's found a lump.
Phil asks Ruth if she's sure and she snaps at him. She is in a panic, saying she's always been healthy and now she could be dead! Phil tries to calm her down, saying she doesn't even know if there's a malignancy and urges her to see Karl's locum. Ruth protests angrily that she doesn't want to see someone who doesn't know her.
They are interrupted by Anne and Lance coming in. When they've gone, Ruth tells Phil that she'll only tell Lance and Anne if and when she has to.
Drew and Lolly are playing boats in the living room chairs when Toadie comes in to babysit. Drew heads off to Lou's restaurant and Toadie warns Drew not to let Lou drag him into slave labour!
Coffee Shop
Lance and Anne have picked up on the atmosphere at home and wonder what's going on. Anne asks Lance if he wants Amy back. He does miss her, but isn't sure if he can trust her anymore.
Little Tommy Tucker's
Lou tells Drew that he hasn't managed to get a new chef, he's kept the old one and re- named all the dishes(!) Apparently there haven't been any bookings yet, either. Drew suggests an ad in the paper, or a letterbox drop.
Outside the Surgery
Phil has dragged Ruth to the surgery and offers to come in with her. Ruth is very agitated and prefers to go in on her own.
RUTH: Phil...sorry. I'm doing the best I can.
PHIL: I know. I am thinking about you.
Ruth tells John the locum that she's found a lump in her breast.
JOHN: And you're panicking about it?
RUTH: A bit.
JOHN:(calmly) Of course, it's perfectly normal. It's the fear of the unknown.
RUTH: Thanks for the insight, doctor. Actually, it's the fear of the *known* that's getting to me.
JOHN: When did you discover this lump?
RUTH: Yesterday morning. So I suppose I need to have a mammogram straightaway?
JOHN: Well, we'll see. Let's not jump ahead of ourselves. Is there a history of breast cancer in your family?
RUTH: No, none.
JOHN: And how often do you examine yourself?
RUTH: Every month.
JOHN: And it wasn't there last month?
RUTH: I just told you, I found it yesterday morning.
JOHN: Can you show me how you do your self- examination?
RUTH: I know what I'm doing, I've been self- examining myself for years!
JOHN: Oh, I'm sure you have. I'm sure you're one of the more efficient ones. But you'd be surprised at the number of women who aren't sure of the correct procedure.
RUTH: Trust me, doctor, I am not one of them.
JOHN: Have you noticed any breast changes other than the lump?
JOHN: And have you ever had a mammogram?
JOHN: Do you drink or smoke?
RUTH: I have the occasional drink, I've never smoked.
JOHN: OK. If you'd just like to slip of fyour top and lie down over there, I'll see what I can find.
JOHN: You know, in 80% of the cases I see, the lump is merely muscle tissue. So it's more than likely nothing at all.
Susan emerges from the gypsy caravan, followed by a bleary- eyes Karl. They are enjoying getting back to nature. Just then, a car stops and a lady asks to take a photo of them(!)
Little Tommy Tucker's
Lou is setting up a keyboard when Phil comes in. Phil says that Lou needs more advertising as nobody knows about the restaurant. Lou asks Phil to try his hand as a Maitre D. Phil says that Lou must be desperate! Phil looks at Lou sharply and says he can see a tax minimisation scheme when he sees it - it's not in Lou's interests for the restaurant to do well. It's perfectly legal, however, even if not strictly ethical!
John has finished Ruth's examination and has referred her for a mammogram and possible biopsy. He says he'll get Harold to make an appointment for her, but she prefers to make the appointment herself.
Coffee Shop
Ruth comes to meet Phil and tells him that the doctor was smug and patronising, now she feels worse than before. She says that Harold was nosy and pushy and interfering too. Madge overhears a bit of this and looks surprised.
Lou is trying to get Toadie to be the Maitre D at Little Tommy Tucker's and shows him the costume. Toadie laughs his head off and refuses. Lou offers him more money, but Toadie says that some things can't be bought!
Coffee Shop
Anne and Lance come in from their maths exam just as Ruth is leaving. Anne asks Phil if Ruth is OK. He says she is, and when Anne pushes the point, says she'll have to ask Ruth.
Lou is trying on the Little Tommy Tucker costume and Louise says he looks silly.
Karl and Susan are putting out their cooking fire and watering the horse. They head off down the forest path. Susan suggests skinny dipping at a nearby lake if it's quiet enough.
Harold offers a patient a cake on the way out. John tells Harol that he's efficient and friendly. Harold asks John if Ruth is OK, but John says his conversations with patients are confidential.
By a lake
Susan and Karl are about to go skinny dipping. They runs down to the water, but as they do, the horse pulls free and walks off pulling the caravan. Karl and Susan are in the water and don't notice!
Phil has got Ruth some leaflets about breast cancer. She is not impressed, but Phil says they need to know the facts. Ruth starts to tell Phil off in a most irrational way, but he interrupts.
PHIL: I'm not going to get it right, am I? Either I don't understand, or I don't care, or I'm willing it on you! Nothing I do or say is any good!
RUTH: I'm sorry!
PHIL: Yeah, sure.
RUTH: I *am* sorry. I can't help it, I know I'm not making any sense. I'm frightened.
PHIL: I know. I know that's the wrong thing to say, but I *do* know.
RUTH: I know you do. I'm too scared to think about it, so it's all I can think about. I keep lashing out, trying to blame everyone else, particularly you. I'm not being fair, I know I'm not. I can hear myself, I can't help it! Bear with me?
PHIL: Maybe it's time we jumped in the deep end.
RUTH: What do you mean?
PHIL: Confront your fear. What you're doing now isn't working.
RUTH: I know it's just a lump. I know it might be nothing serious. But whenever I try to get positive, I get swamped by all this other stuff.
PHIL: Which is?
RUTH: If I have got cancer, what about my babies, what about Anne and Lance?
PHIL: Oh, Ruth...
RUTH: No, don't! This is going to sound really stupid, but what if they have to operate, what if I lose my breast?
PHIL: I'll still love you!
RUTH: No, you won't.
PHIL: Ruth, no matter what happens, good or bad, I'll always love you!
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