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Neighbours Episode 3094 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3094
Australian airdate: 04/06/98
UK airdate: 05/10/98
UK Gold: 02/08/04
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jane Kennard: Pixie Jones
John Scott: Paul Raynor
Francis Billings: Bob Ruggiero
News Reader: Jennifer Hansen
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Anne, Drew and Lou talk about Lou's new restaurant.
- Lou explains that restaurant customers will get a discount for performing.
- Phil inhierits a gypsy caravan.
- Karl and Susan talk about a trip.
- Jane Kennard loses the election.
- Anne is served with a court summons for defammation of Jane Kennard.
Anne rushes in and shows Phil and ruth the defammation summons. She is in a state of panic and says she tried to get all the leaflets back, but they must have missed a few. Phil says they'll sort it out.
Amy has apparently also been served with a summons. Apparently her parents were very supportive though. Phil is going to talk to Jane Kennard today. Billy offers to make them a cake with a file in it(!) Lance is still in a sulk with Amy.
Harold welcomes Karl's locum to the surgery and offers him a cup of tea. Harold is delighted to hear that he only drinks herbal tea. He also approves of the locum's (John) philosophy of the "holistic" approach.
Phil tells Ruth that he's set up a meeting with Jane Kennard for this afternoon. Phil says he's going to discuss "taxation minimisation" with her and then segue into Anne's problem. He's also spoken to a solicitor friend about the situation. Ruth isn't sure - she's worried Jane Kennard will get heavy. Ruth seems very distracted, but tells Phil that she's fine.
Jane Kennard asks Phil why he really wanted to meet her today. He admits that he has a personal connection to Anne and explains about them trying to retrieve the leaflets once they realised they were defammatory. There is no way to prove conclusively that the few leaflets left led to Jane Kennard losing her seat on the council, and a court case might lead to other details about Jane's character being revealed. Jane Kennard is unmoved and says she'll see Phil in court!
Little Tommy Tucker's
Lou has roped Drew in to help out. He explains to his newly- employed Maitre D that he'll have to wear a Little Tommy Tucker costume. He is not impressed and resigns on the spot.
Coffee Shop
Phil tells Any and Anne that Jane Kennard is going ahead in suing them - although there's no guarantee that she'll win. They'll have to see a solicitor for further advice.
Harold comes in and tells Madge that Dr.Scott is a health freak like him and orders two vegetarian sandwiches for them.
Amy asks Billy to help her to study for her maths exam. She invites Lance along, but he declines. Billy tells Amy to give Lance some time.
Harold delivers Dr Scott's sandwich and then asks him if he can implement a few changes - like a caffeine- free tea and coffee station. Also he wants to get rid of the golfing magazines in favour of health magazines, and play soothing music in the waiting room. John thinks his ideas sound great, but tells Harold that he'll have to ask Karl. Harold isn't keen to ask Karl, saying he will reject his ideas "out of hand". John says Harold can go ahead - the changes can always be reversed if Karl doesn't like them.
Lou asks Libby to work front of house at Little Tommy Tucker's. She is considering it until he shows her the costume, then laughs and flatly refuses.
Lance comes in looking for food. Ruth tells him off for raiding Phil's fridge, but Phil doesn't seem to mind.
LANCE: Do you ever get the feeling that food's your only true friend?!
PHIL: All the time!
Ruth snaps and tells Lance to stop ferreting in the cupboards like they're his own. Both Ruth and Lance are very quiet and down in the dumps. Phil assures Lance that things will go back to normal with Amy after a while. He is not convinced.
Amy and Billy are studying maths. Libby makes them some orange juice, and then Anne comes round to join the study.
Anne sees Joel's drumkit, which is in the middle of the living room. She picks up the drumsticks and has a go (apparently she used to play Lance's drums). She's actually pretty good!
Lou is wearing the Little Tommy Tucker suit and Drew falls about laughing. Lou is now trying to recruit Drew, but Drew says it's not his scene. He thinks Lou should do it!
Libby offers Amy, Anne and Billy some dinner, but Amy and Bill decide to go to the Coffee Shop instead.
Anne tells Libby quietly that it's hard to study with Billy, given their breakup. While they're talking, the lady on the news says that Jane Kennard has been arrested on forgery charges! They all laugh in delight and hug.
Anne races in, but Ruth, Phil and Lance have already seen the news broadcast. Phil reckons that Anne and Amy are off the hook - Jane will need all her legal counsel for herself. Lance says he might go over and congratulate Amy, but Anne says Amy and Billy have gone to the Coffee Shop. Anne suggests a celebratory dinner at home, but Ruth is still very distracted and says she has a few things to do.
Harold is lighting incence in the waiting room(!) and John says he'll bring in some goldfish tomorrow. They're just finishing for the day, and Harold invites John along to the Coffee Shop with him to meet Madge. He blows out the incense before leaving.
Phil has noticed Ruth's mood and wants to talk to her about it.
RUTH: There really isn't a problem. I mean...there is...but there's no point talking about it.
PHIL: Ruth, I know you too well for you to hide things from me. Is it us?
RUTH: No! No, not at all. You're the one thing thing that seems to be going right for me at the moment.
PHIL: Then what is it?
RUTH: Oh, it's probably nothing. I was in the shower this morning.
PHIL: And?
RUTH: I found a lump. Here.
She indicates her breast.
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