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Neighbours Episode 3093 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3093
Australian airdate: 03/06/98
UK airdate: 02/10/98
UK Gold: 31/07/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Mickey Dalton: Trent Fowler
Jeff Reiner: David Whiteley
Peter Gable: Andrew Murrell
Graham Simpson: Lee Foon
Karma: Trained by Wally Dalton
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Mickey is stealing from the Coffee Shop.
- Libby is upset that someone else has taken the credit for her story.
- Phil inherits a horse and gypsy caravan.
Coffee Shop
Paul and Mickey are moaning about having to work on the weekend but Madge is unmoved.
In the shop, Drew tells Lou that his cousin is coming to stay as she's split up with her husband - so he's sleeping on the couch. Lou suggests that Drew crashes at his place for a while. Drew is really pleased and takes Lou up on his offer.
Libby is ranting at the editor for stealing her story. He says that he made lots of alterations to Libby's text as it wasn't ready. He calmly explains that he didn't get a byline for years, and Libby should put her energies into improving her writing.
Toadie, Drew and Lou are having a coffee. Toadie asks Lou if he's still interested in the restaurant as he's noticed the "For Sale" sign is going on. Toadie says it's not a great area for a restaurant, but Lou says his "Midas touch" can turn anything around!
Libby comes in and Harold asks for her autograph on the newspaper article. She still isn't happy, but Harold tells her that she wrote a great article.
Coffee Shop
Hannah comes in and asks Paul if he wants to come and see her horse when he's finished working. He agrees. While they're talking, Mickey is putting some stock in his bag(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Paul doesn't understand Hannah's love of the horse and is fed up of wiping tables. A man comes up and asks him if he knows anything about some leaflets that were delivered recently. Paul says he might have delivered them, but it was Anne Wilkinson that wrote them. Hannah asks him who he is, but he just walks off. Hannah seems to recognise the man - perhaps to do with the story Libby did.
Lou, Toadie and Drew are chatting about Lou's restaurant again. Drew is going to move in this afternoon and Lou also invites him to check out the restaurant later.
Coffee Shop
Hannah has found the photo of the bloke in the paper, his name is Peter Gable. Madge, Harold, Paul and Mickey look worried. Paul says he hopes he hasn't got Anne into trouble. Harold says it's about time someone stood up to the man.
Libby and Anne help Drew carry his things in. They ask him if he's voted in the council elections, but he says he's not on the electoral roll yet. Anne asks about the restaurant and Drew invites her and Libby along to check it out.
Coffee Shop
Harold is ranting on the phone to Gable. He tells him to stop harrassing school children and ends by slamming the phone down. Mickey, Paul and Hannah are quite impressed(!) Then they head off to see Hannah's horse.
Lou, Drew, Anne and Libby are checking out the restaurant. It's decorated like a nursery and Lou is going to call it "Little Tommy Tucker's"! They all look doubtful, but Lou is enthused. He tells them he plans to give patrons a discount if they perform on the little stage. Libby thinks he's lost the plot. Lou plans to open in a couple of days' time!
Hannah is explaining to Mickey what karma is, but he says getting caught is just bad luck(!) He think they could make money out of the horse by charging local kids money to ride it round the field!
Lou is setting some ground rules for Drew - don't leave your dirty pants on the bathroom floor, no parties (unless Lou is invited), and babysit Louise now and again. Drew says that's fine with him. Drew tells Lou that he's put his kayak in the garage, just in case he wonders where it came from.
Toadie asks Libby how Karl is as he hasn't seen him for a while. Libby's editor comes in and orders a beer.
Lou sees Madge (who is at the pub due to Harold practising his tuba!) and sits down with her. Toadie has been to vote for the first time. On the radio, the news breaks that Jane Kennard and her faction have lost. Everyone is really pleased and cheers. Libby looks a bit upset, and her editor tells her there'll be other stories and bylines for her. She does not look convinced.
Mickey, Paul and Hannah are talking about playing a practical joke on Nick (as the substitute teacher).
Toadie is making "Flaming Toads" for everyone to celebrate the council election. He reckons he's going to win "Cocktail of the Year" and admonishes Drew for wanting "a swig" as his cocktail is more refined. Drew tastes it and is pleasantly surprised! Lou proposes a toast to Little Tommy Tucker's. Harold rushes in to tell them about the election result, but of course, they already know!
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Mickey tells Paul that he thinks Hannah likes him. He tells him to get lost. When Paul isn't looking, he puts some more stock into his bag.
Ramsay Street
Gable sees Anne and serves her with a court summons for distribution of defammatory material. He says they'll see her in court!
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