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Neighbours Episode 3092 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3092
Australian airdate: 02/06/98
UK airdate: 01/10/98
UK Gold: 30/07/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Horse Driver: Phil Reilley
Karma: Trained by Wally Dalton
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil is given a gypsy caravan.
- Nick is teaching at the school.
- Sarah tells Karl that she's going for an interview for another job.
Libby and Toadie are working behind the bar. Libby is very irritated with Toadie but is distracted by Billy. Toadie pours Billy a beer which is 90% foam(!)
Joel is making a sandwich when Susan comes in. She shows Joel where she hides the chocolate biscuits from Karl(!) Joel asks Susan if he can have a few things sent over from home - like his drum- kit. Susan looks a bit worried, but agrees!
Karl is struggling with to find blood test results when Sarah comes in and shows him where they are. Karl asks her how her interview was. She says she doesn't think she'll get it, but Karl should advertise for a new receptionist anyway - she's definitely leaving.
Ramsay Street
Joel and Caitlin are surprised to see a gypsy caravan drawn by a horse coming up the street. Hannah is very excited but Phil is less so. He protests that he can't look after a horse in Ramsay Street, but the bloke tells him that it's not his problem!
Toadie is still trying to pour a decent beer while Sarah looks through the job ads. Susan and Nick come in and are surprised to hears she's looking for another job. Susan says that Karl would be lost without Sarah, which upsets her a bit and she decides to make a sharp exit.
Phil and Hannah stagger in with the horse's bridle and saddle. Hannah wants to keep the horse but Phil points out that it's impossible - they have nowhere to keep her and besides, horses are very expensive.
Nike and Susan are chatting about Mickey Dalton when Phil comes in. Phil sits down with Susan and tells her about the horse and gypsy caravan arriving. Then Karl comes in and tells Susan he has a surprise for her. He drags Susan, Libby and Billy outside. Toadie is still trying to pour beers(!)
Lassiter's car park
Karl has bought an open- top blue Thunderbird car!
SUSAN: Well, I've only got one question...WHY?!
KARL: Well, when they totalled the ute, I thought it was time to buy something more suitable.
LIBBY: Suitable for what? A mid- life crisis?
SUSAN:(laughing) Libby!
LIBBY: I'm sorry, I mean, it's impressive and everything, but isn't this what middle- aged blokes do when they feel like they're losing it? Buy an expensive sports car? Next you'll be having an affair!
KARL: Yeah, course I will, in fact I'll probably have several. Why stop at one?!
SUSAN: I can think of a very good reason why!
BILLY: What's the top speed?
KARL: Illegal. She's magnificent, isn't she?
BILLY: She is, magnificent.
He heads off to get Toadie. Libby and Susan continue to tease Karl - there isn't even a back seat, so they can't all fit in it. She does like the car though! Toadie comes out and laughs his head off.
BILLY: That's the way it goes, first it's the car, then the affair, next he's going to get those little cans of black paint that you spray on your bald spot...
TOADIE: Mate, your dad couldn't be having an affair, no- one else but your mum would have him!
Apparently Karl and Susan have gone off somewhere in the Thunderbird. Toadie offers Billy a cocktail which he sips and then coughs violently.
BILLY: If you wasn't a mate, you would have a lawsuit on your hands!
Toadie sips it himself and realises Billy is right! But he vows to make a great cocktail over the course of the afternoon.
Ramsay Street
Karl and Susan arrive home in the Thunderbird and admire the horse with Libby, Hannah and Phil. Phil says they can't afford a horse and Hannah tells him not to be such a cheapskate(!)
Karl and Susan chat about going on holiday in the gypsy caravan, but Karl thinks he'd rather go on holiday in the Thunderbird now(!)
Nick comes in to find Sarah brooding on the sofa. He asks her about her job search and she snaps at him, saying it's time to move on. Nick tells her he knows from Ben that Sarah hasn't had a great time with a guy lately. Sarah says in a new job she can meet new people and find new opportunities.
Ramsay Street
Phil is happily stroking the horse and Hannah starts nagging him to keep the horse again. Phil says it's just not practical, but agrees to think about it. Hannah takes this a "yes" and skips off excitedly!
Billy is feeling terrible after tasting Toadie's cocktails. Libby wants to go out tonight and Toadie offers to look after the bar tonight. She reluctantly agrees. Toadie pours Bill another cocktail and then sets fire to it(!) He says he'll call it the "Flaming Toad". Billy reluctantly tastes it, and to his surprise it's quite nice. He says that Toadie should enter it into a cocktail competition.
Libby is cooking dinner and Karl is moaning that it's not ready yet(!) Karl goes looking for biscuits but can't find any. He moans that they never have chocolate biscuits anymore(!)
Phil comes to the door.
SUSAN: Ah, Philippe! Have you come over on your trusty steed?!
Phil tells them that he's been persuaded to keep the horse, and therefore Karl and Susan can take their holiday whenever they want.
Toadie comes in and tells Sarah about the "Flaming Toad". Nick comes in laughing about the sports car.

TOADIE:(to Sarah) You're going to have to watch yourself from now on!
SARAH: Me, why?
TOADIE: Oh, well, think about it...mid- life crisis, gets a sports car, gold chain...next thing, he's going to be wanting an affair.
SARAH: Oh, grow up, will you.
TOADIE: No, I mean it! You two working together, studying together...it's not going to be long before he asks you to work back late and reckons that Susan doesn't understand hi...
SARAH: Toadie! One day, your big mouth is going to get you into a lot of trouble!
TOADIE: I was just...
SARAH: I know exactly what you were doing, and it isn't funny.
She storms off to her room. Nick and Toadie are somewhat bemused.
No.28, the following morning
Libby runs in with the paper (she has a by- line today) However, another journalist has taken credit for her work.
Toadie has brought Sarah some flowers to say sorry for upsetting her last night.
SARAH: I guess I over- reacted.
TOADIE:(seriously) That's what I thought. Is there something you want to tell the uncle Toad?
SARAH: Let's not get into it, hey?
TOADIE: Sarah...did something happen between you and Karl?
Sarah looks upset.
TOADIE:(shocked) Oh, jeez.
SARAH: Look, nothing happened, so there's no need to make a big deal of it, alright?
TOADIE: So why did you get so upset?
SARAH: Karl's always been really kind to me. I can't help liking him, can I? Look, I know he loves Susan and his family and I know that nothing can ever come of it. You know, I'm trying to get a new job, I'm trying to do the right thing!
She starts cry.
SARAH: God, Toadie, I'm *so* unhappy.
She cries harder, and Toadie comforts her.
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