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Neighbours Episode 3091 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3091
Australian airdate: 01/06/98
UK airdate: 30/09/98
UK Gold: 30/07/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Lily Madigan: Alethea McGrath
Mickey Dalton: Trent Fowler
Damien Potter; Gary McMahon
Summary/Images by: Shona
Nick is teaching Maths and Art at Erinsborough High - only problem is he doesn't usually teach Art
Madge tells Paul that he and Mickey can work at the Coffee Shop until the pizzas are paid for
Lily and Billy are involved in a car accident
A Road
Lily drifts in and out of consciousness as an irate Billy attacks the other driver for not paying attention. Billy reassures Lily that an ambulance is on its way.
Ramsay Street
Karl arrives home to Susan watering the garden.
KARL (in a broad accent): That's what I like to see - little lady doin' a spot of gardenin'! After you've given that a good soaking, you can mow the lawn and pull up some weeds, thanks, love.
SUSAN (threatens him with the garden hose): You watch it - I'm armed!
They start to discuss their plans for a holiday and yet again Susan is fixated on the idea of the gypsy caravan, which Karl thinks has been fed by too many romance novels. Susan asks where his sense of adventure is but Karl can only see the bad things like no air con or heating...
SUSAN: The gentle rocking of the cabin as the horse slowly moves along.
KARL: Yes, the motion sickness. Makes you stop every five minutes to have a good chunder.
He keeps matching Susan's positive points with negative ones so Susan asks him what he has in mind. Karl wants to go somewhere where someone else can pamper them for a change. Susan likes the sound of a five star country retreat but then keeps getting drawn back to the gypsy caravan.
Karl's phone rings. Susan listens as Karl talks to Erinsborough hospital. He hangs up and tells her that Bill's had an accident.
Coffee Shop
Hannah asks Paul if they want to hang out after work but Paul isn't sure of his chances. Mickey appears as Paul goes to tend to an order. He offers to make Hannah a milkshake as he's making himself one. Hannah asks if the Bishops are okay with freebies but Mickey tells her to chill.
Hannah helps Paul take the order into the kitchen. Mickey stuffs bags of crisps into his pockets.
Number 28
Billy, wearing a neck brace, is arguing with his parents about the crash. Karl is annoyed that Bill let Lily get behind the wheel. Susan reminds him of her strokes and Karl says she wasn't fit to drive. Billy angrily points out it was the other driver who caused the accident but Karl thinks it might have been avoided had Bill been driving. Billy assures him Lily's reflexes were fine.
Karl tells him the other party was uninsured and the ute is practically a write off. He's holding Billy responsible. Susan reminds Karl that the main thing is no one was seriously hurt; cars can be replaced. Karl accepts that but says Bill can forget about buying a car until he shows more responsibility. Susan tries to tell him to calm down but Karl's having none of it.
KARL (looking at Bill): And don't you look at me like that - I'll give you a full body cast to go with your neck brace!
Number 30
Nick arrives home having picked Caitlin up from the police station; she was caught without ID in a nightclub during a routine check. Nick is trying to be responsible for her but she's making it difficult - laws are there for a reason. Caitlin's already heard it. Nick calls their parents and Caitlin storms off.
Number 28
Anne and Joel hear about Bill's accident from Karl and Susan. Anne was so worried. Billy appears and Karl makes a quip about his 'clever son lending his car to his octogenarian friend'. Bill yells at him to get off his case and reminds him that she gives Anne driving lessons. Anne jumps in, saying Lily's usually a good driver. Bill tells Anne and Joel that Lily has bruised ribs and bumped her head on the steering wheel. Joel accompanies Anne to the hospital. Billy stares daggers as they leave.
Number 28
The next morning and Joel tells Karl and Susan he wants to stay on more permanently, paying board. Susan thinks the kids would be fine with it and Karl muses he couldn't be worse than Toadie. Susan welcomes him to the family.
KARL: Just don't ask to borrow the car.
They laugh and Karl leaves. Nick arrives and Joel warns him about the kids playing tricks on him. Nick's certain he'll see a practical joke coming a mile off - he was the king of them in high school!
Erinsborough High
Nick listens as Mickey, Hannah and Paul tell him that their teacher wants them to paint each others faces. It has to be done this week, before the exam. And not just that - they've to have the class outside. Nick is perplexed as all the kids rush out.
Caitlin tells Amy in the hallway that her parents came down on her like a ton of bricks, thanks to Nick's phone call.
Karl is surprised to see Lily as his first patient. She apologises for the car and says she'll pay the costs. Karl assures her his insurance will pay for it. Lily hopes he doesn't blame Billy for what happened - she is very determined. Karl thinks he should've known better with Lily having had a partial stroke. Lily takes offence at this.
LILY: Well, heavens, why don't you gather me up and put me in a padded cell where I won't pose a danger to myself or anyone else?
He's as bad as the rest of them. Billy's only guilty of having some faith in her ability. She reasons that Nigel Mansell himself couldn't have avoided that accident! It's Karl's turn to apologise - he shouldn't have leapt to a judgement. Lily laughs at this rare sight - a doctor admitting he's wrong.
Number 28
Joel organises for more of his stuff to be transported up to Erinsborough. Billy overhears this and thinks him staying on permanently a good idea. It'll give him a chance to get to know Anne better too. Joel had thought of that. He senses there's a problem where Anne's concerned and finds out that Billy used to date Anne. Billy assures him it's ancient history.
Erinsborough High
Face painted kids return to class. Susan locates Nick and asks for an explanation. She laughs as Nick realises the kids got him. Nick can't believe it. Susan pulls a 'Kick Me' sign from his back as he returns to class.
Sarah tells Karl that his ute is a write off and is surprised that he's so calm about it. Karl tells her of his initial reaction and she thinks this was unreasonable. Karl tells her that Lily showed him he'd been too hard on Billy.
SARAH: Come on, Karl, you're a great dad. It was one of the things that first attracted me to you.
Karl looks at her for a few seconds and starts to say something but Sarah gets back to talking shop and walks off.
Coffee Shop
Susan is still chuckling over the scam at school and tells Nick that he's not the first teacher to notice what a good liar Mickey is. Nick asks her not to tell any other teachers of the scam and she agrees.
Number 28
Joel helps gather sandwich fillings from the fridge for Billy who can't bend down to look inside. Billy agrees to go to the pool with him later on. Anne arrives and Billy starts to make himself scarce, changing his mind about the pool. Joel asks Anne if the fact it's just the two of them going bothers her but she says no.
Coffee Shop
Amy and Caitlin vow that next time they get caught, it'll be after the concert! Nick spots them and asks to join them. But Caitlin is still angry with him for dobbing and wouldn't have a burger with him if it was the last food on earth. Nick walks off.
Erinsborough High
Mickey has big plans for tomorrow. Hannah thinks he should give it a rest but Paul accuses her of being boring. Nick appears and Mickey apologises for this morning. Mickey says there won't be any more practical jokes. Nick assures him he'll be keeping an eye on them. Once Nick's gone Mickey tells them that Nick won't be expecting any more scams now and that makes him even more of a sitting duck!
Karl's had a call from Harold, who won't be there for an hour and needs Sarah to cover for him. But Sarah says she has an appointment across town she needs to get to. Karl is certain she can put it off but Sarah disagrees, telling him she can't be at his beck and call all the time. Reluctantly, she confesses that it's a job interview. This isn't working - she'll never get on top of her feelings when she works with him, day in and day out.
KARL: Sarah, I need you. You're a great receptionist.
SARAH: If only you knew how long I've been waiting to hear you say those words but not in that context.
She tells him he'll have to man the phones himself.
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