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Neighbours Episode 3090 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3090
Australian airdate: 29/05/98
UK airdate: 29/09/98
UK Gold: 29/07/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Joel tells Billy that he thinks Anne is a babe.
- Toadie is so busy, he's coming apart at the seams.
- Toadie's lecturer advises him to slow down.
- Lou tells Toadie that he has to fix the school computers. He goes a bit mental.
Drew and Bill come in. Libby is serving and they tell her that they're pleased that she's now off the development story. Drew thinks Libby needs a break - a day away from everything. He suggests that they go for a drive down the coast tomorrow - including Bill as well.
Toadie is telling Lance about his freak- out at Lou's. He's finally admitted that the pressure has got to him, and asks Lance to look after the juke- box for him for a while. Lance agrees, but says he's worried about Toadie - he needs to prioritise. Toadie can't think of anything he can drop from his life.
Anne, Amy and Caitlin have applied face masks, and Amy is telling them how she's had a boyfriend practically constantly since her 13th birthday. It's a real change for her to be single. Caitlin is fed up of being single too. They all agree that Joel is cute. Nick just laughs.
Bill comes home to find Joel pouring some juice. He invites Joel to come to the beach with him, Drew and Libby tomorrow - they could take Karl's ute as Bill has just got his P plates. Joel obliviously asks if he can ask Anne to come so he can get to know her(!) Bill says that's fine.
Lou is telling Louise a bedtime story when there's a knock at the door - it's Toadie. He's come to apologise for kicking the computers. Lou tells him to forget it - he was expecting too much of Toadie. He's going to pay a professional to do it instead. Toadie is surprised at Lou's calmness. Lou tells Toadie he's worried about him. Toadie says he's taking a whole day off tomorrow, to rest.
Car Yard, the following morning
Lou has got a load of cars lined up for Nick to clean - and he's got more booked in!
Joel has come to invite Anne to the beach. She says she'd love to, but Lance reminds her that she's taking Lily out today. She suggests that she and Lily call at the beach for a little while to see them.
When Joel has gone, Lance rolls his eyes.
LANCE: What's an old lady going to do at the beach, eh, build sandcastles? She going to whack on her bikini and do a bit of sunbathing?
But Anne is calling Caitlin to tell her that Joel has asked her out. Caitlin is excited and asks if she's told Amy yet?
LANCE:(walking past) You girls are sick!
Car Yard
A customer tells Nick that her car doesn't look very clean. She complains to Lou about it. He offers her a coffee while Nick gives her car another coat. Nick says there's nothing that can be done to make an old car look like new and walks off - quitting his job!
Amy is excited about Anne and Joel. She wants to gatecrash the beach party but Caitlin thinks that would be uncool. They talk about how much of a man magnet Anne is, and decide to go shopping to console themselves(!)
Nick comes in and Caitlin tells him that Susan called with a message that Erinsborough High are looking for someone to fill in for two weeks. He is pleased.
Drew, Libby, Bill and Joel have arrived. Presently, Anna drives up with Lily. Lily is delighted to meet Joel and thinks he's very dishy. She's also pleased to be at the beach - she hasn't been to the beach for years.
Nick is going to start at Erinsborough High tomorrow, but isn't sure what he'll be teaching yet(!) Toadie is looking more relaxed today.
Nick rings Susan and she tells him she'll be teaching Maths and...Art. He's fine on the Maths, but he can't draw! Toadie tells him not to worry - just put a bowl of fruit in front of the kids and tell them to draw it(!) Apparently it's going to be Art Appreciation though! He wonders if Lou would give him his car- washing job back(!)
Anne and Joel are talking, and Bill is watching them from a distance with a pained look on his face.
LILY: She's such a nice girl. I can't for the life of me imagine how he could be so beastly to her.
BILL: Who?
LILY: Her ex- boyfriend. She seems rather keen on this chap, Joel.
BILL: Yes.
LILY: Perhaps there's a new romance in the offing. It's just lovely here.
BILL: Yeah.
He still looks pained.
Coffee Shop
Amy and Caitlin are back from shopping.
CAITLIN: I feel a bit guilty.
AMY: Of course, you're supposed to! Shopping's like chocolate, it's no good unless you feel bad about it!
She's bought a dress but doesn't know where she's going to wear it. She suggests that they go out to a club tonight to see Dave Graney (whoever he is). Caitlin points out that they're underage, but Amy says they'll easily get in!
Nick and Toadie are visiting Lance. Lance says he'll come and visit Nick in the staffroom(!) They ask Lance what he remembers about Year 9 Art, but he didn't do it - Anne did, but she's out for the day. He suggests that they have a look at some of Anne's books.
Libby, Drew, Anne and Joel are playing volleyball while Bill watches them, looking pained. Lily asks Bill if they can go for a little drive along the beach road - she hasn't been along the coast for years. Bill agrees and they head off, without telling the others.
Nick, Toadie and Lance are laughing over the painting books and artistic terms. Nick says he's going to look like an idiot tomorrow.
Beach road
Bill and Lily are driving along and chatting. Lily asks if she can have a drive of the car, but Bill says he can't let her as it's not his car. He finally relents though.
Amy and Caitlin are getting ready to go out, dressed in their new clothes. Amy says that not only do they look 18, they look 25!
A road
Lily is driving along and tells Bill that if you can drive in Italy, you can drive anywhere!
Just then, a car cuts straight across and Bill shouts at Lily to look out. But it's too late and the other car crashes into them!
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