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Neighbours Episode 3087 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3087
Australian airdate: 26/05/98
UK airdate: 24/09/98
UK Gold: 28/07/04
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Mickey Dalton: Trent Fowler
Claudia: Amanda Pettman
Mark Sindon: Marc Stafford
Jeff Reiner: David Whiteley
Max Tyner: Roy Edmunds
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Hannah tries on her mother's dress
- Later she tells Paul she's sick of him treating her like a dancing teacher
- Kim watches as Sarah gives Karl a hug
- Libby is knocked off her scooter by a car
A Road
Drew pulls up and rushes to Libby's side. The offending car drives off as he pulls her free of the scooter.
Number 26
Harold, Madge, Phil and Anne are doing first aid. Madge wants Harold to raise his bandaged arm for her but he won't as it's meant to be broken. Madge being Madge though manages to get him to do what he's told. They still have quite a bit of the course to go, which Phil doesn't seem pleased about and he excuses himself - he has an appointment to get to. Madge tells Harold that they'll both just have to practise on him.
Number 28
Libby and Drew arrive back to an empty house. Libby finds her dad is at the pub having celebratory drinks with Sarah (she did well in her exams) and Drew decides to call him. But Libby says she's fine. Drew thinks her parents should know - they might go hysterical but it's par for the course. He goes to ring Karl.
Lou's Place
Sarah and Karl are having champers. Karl's very proud of her and Sarah says she couldn't have done it without his help and encouragement. He agrees to keep tutoring her.
Phil comes in and, seeing them, looks unhappy. Karl's phone rings and he leaves to answer it.
Number 28
Susan and Karl are fussing over Libby. Libby insists she's okay but Karl is worried - Drew won't always be there. Sarah leaves, saying she's glad she's okay. Susan invites her over to dinner with the Kennedys and Kim so she can celebrate properly.
Karl tells Libby that this is a lot more serious than the threatening phonecalls she was getting and they must call the police. Drew already has and they haven't got far. Karl thinks that means Gabriel's thugs will have another go. Libby refuses to give up the story and heads off to have a bath. Karl reiterates to Drew that this is very serious and Drew agrees. Karl thinks he might know someone who could convince Libby of that too.
Number 26
Anne and Madge tell Hannah she looks fantastic in her dress. Madge says Paul can't wait for the formal now - Claudia must be some catch! Hannah isn't sure she suits the dress, but Madge thinks Helen is looking down on her and smiling right now. She asks Harold for his opinion but we discover he's completely bandaged up and can't see a thing!
Number 28
Karl hangs up, saying Lib's editor is on their side and will talk to her in the morning. Drew doesn't see him being able to change Libby's mind in a hurry and is glad he won't be there for that. Karl thanks him for what he did. Drew only wishes he could've nailed whoever did it. He says he'll check Libby's scooter in the morning to see it's safe.
SUSAN: You might have saved her life you know.
DREW: Just being a friend.
An embarrassed Drew leaves.
Number 28
The next morning and Jeff the editor is over. He tells Libby that maybe going ahead with the story isn't a good idea. Libby thinks what's happened proves she's on the right track but Jeff can't put her life in jeopardy. Libby thinks he's being overdramatic but Jeff doesn't agree. She tells him Karl hyped it all up and it's part of the job. Jeff reminds her they're not a major daily and they're getting out their depth.
LIBBY: Getting out of *my* depth you mean?
Jeff tells her he's taking her off the story. Libby reminds him she's been working on it for so long and is getting somewhere with it, but Jeff says it's bigger than they expected. She doesn't have the experience for it. Libby is angry - if she doesn't have a chance to gain experience, how can she get the experience? She yells for her parents to come out and join them and lays into them for calling Jeff. Karl reasons that it's not worth getting hurt for. But Libby protests she can make a difference with this!
Coffee Shop
Harold has a rash and blames it on the bandages. Madge has never seen anyone with as many allergies as he has.
Harold pulls Karl into the kitchen to examine his rash. Kim catches Sarah and asks her to have lunch. She isn't sure and asks him to call her later. Karl appears and thinks Harold's rash could be down to something other than bandages. Sarah suggests carrots, which happens to be the correct answer (guesswork which Karl deems brilliant!) Harold worries how he's going to look to the customers and Madge banishes him to the kitchen for the rest of the day.
Drew tells Libby that she has to see it from her folks' point of view. Libby says she isn't a little girl anymore. Although she's angry they called Jeff, she's glad to be let off the hook. Jeff will hardly have to do a thing to finish it off as it's almost done.
She asks about her scooter, which Drew hasn't got round to as he's been chatting to customers all morning (Lou's idea).
Coffee Shop
Karl and Sarah are having lunch. They buy some raffle tickets. Phil comes in and spots Karl and Sarah looking so cosy together. He looks at them disapprovingly.

Susan is having some trouble with misbehaving students as they decorate the hall for the formal. She confesses to Phil that she doesn't feel on top of things with the financial crisis at the school and Libby being knocked off her scooter. Phil asks if Karl's worried too. She admits that they've lost a bit of spark lately. Phil ventures that there must be an adjustment, coming back from Wangaratta. Susan agrees.
Mark asks Hannah what her dress is like so he knows what colour of flower to get. Claudia tells him that she's wearing an old hand me down from her mother - gross!
Number 30
Kim gets the message - Sarah's been avoiding him. She tells him she can't commit to anyone at the moment. She enjoys his company but she can't give him anything more. Kim thinks it's pretty obvious what's going on. Sarah is confused. Kim tells her he's not going to be the fall guy so it's best they just finish things. She tries to talk to him but he tells her not to - he'll see her around.
Number 28
Kim is over and taking a raincheck on dinner. Karl overhears as Kim says he's going back to Wangaratta in the morning. Susan thought he'd want to spend more time with Sarah but Kim tells her that they've split. Susan wonders if maybe they need more time but Kim reiterates that they've called it a day. Susan asks what happened and Kim loudly tells her that it's patently obvious Sarah's mind is not on him. There's someone else and Kim thinks there has been for some time. Susan asks Karl if she's said anything to him but Karl shakes his head. Kim stares at Karl as Susan remarks that it's all a bit mysterious.
KIM: Well, I only hope she knows what she's doing. For her own sake.
Susan asks if he has an idea who this man could be. Kim again looks at Karl and says he has his suspicions but they should leave it at that.
Number 26
Hannah moans to her dad about her earlier run in with Claudia but Phil says it seems Mark didn't mind and Claudia will be laughing on the other side of her face when she sees her in that dress. Hannah is still upset Paul told Claudia about the dress and isn't sure she'll wear it now. But she does know something that'll make her feel better.
Number 28
Susan tells Sarah she thought things were going well with her and Kim. Sarah says she doesn't feel like celebrating and Karl isn't much help in convincing her to stay. Libby comes in with Drew and Susan orders her to cancel her plans and have dinner at home. Again Sarah doesn't want to stay and Libby won't stay either if she isn't. Karl passes a phone message to her.
Karl follows Sarah out, saying he's going to ask Phil and Ruth over. Susan groans - nothing has gone well today.
Ramsay Street
Phil is watering plants when Karl and Sarah emerge from number 28. He watches as they talk to each other. Karl waves to him. Phil looks concerned.
Number 26
Karl explains about their rainchecking dinner guests and asks Phil over but dinner is already on. Phil tells him that Susan didn't seem that happy earlier and Karl mentions the strain of Libby's troubles. Phil doesn't want to stick his nose in but he's noticed him and Sarah spending a lot of time together and getting on well. Karl says they simply have a good working relationship and makes to leave.
PHIL: I hope you realise what you could be getting yourself into.
Karl is confused. Phil says that from what he's seen they're getting a lot closer than employee and employer.
PHIL: I mean, if you're falling in love with Sarah, you're walking into a minefield!
KARL: Mate, you're way out of line here.
Phil goes on and Karl becomes angry, saying that as colleagues and friends they're going to be seen together and it's not a crime. Phil denies he's accusing Karl of cheating on his wife.
KARL: I happen to love Susan very very much. I have never cheated on her - I would never cheat on her!
Phil is surprised by the force of Karl's anger as he tells him to keep his smutty ideas to himself in future; unless he wants to cause trouble.
PHIL: What's that supposed to mean?
KARL: You work it out.
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