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Neighbours Episode 3088 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3088
Australian airdate: 27/05/98
UK airdate: 25/09/98
UK Gold: 28/07/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Some girls tell Hannah that Julie's dress will look rubbish.
- Phil tells Hannah that Claudia is jealous.
- Sarah tells Kim that she's having trouble committing.
- Kim tells Susan that he thinks there might be someone else.
- Phil warns Karl that it looks like his relationship with Sarah is developing and he should watch his step.
No.24 - swimming pool
Paul is sunbathing in the pool when Hannah storms up and squirts him with water, ranting at him telling Claudia about her dress. Paul says all he told Claudia was that the dress was cool. He drags Hannah fully- clothed into the pool(!)
Karl has been for a walk, telling Susan that Phil and Ruth couldn't make it to dinner. Susan says that it's a shame about Sarah and Kim's relationship, but Karl isn't listening and suggests that he and Susan go on a holiday. Susan points out that they can't just up and go - they have kids and jobs!
KARL: Come on, let's be spontaneous for a change! We can afford it.
SUSAN: Well, money maybe, but time no, I've got school, you've got the surgery...it's not like you to be so impractical!
KARL: OK, OK, how about a weekend? We can do a weekend, you know we can.
SUSAN: Yeah...yeah, we can probably do a weekend.
KARL: Great, well let's put our thinking caps on, there's plenty of places that specialise in weekends. This is just what we need right now!
He hugs Susan, who looks a bit confused.
Hannah comes in.
PHIL: Where have you been?
HANNAH: Swimming.
PHIL: In the dark? In your clothes?
HANNAH: Well, at Paul's...there's a light.
PHIL: Of course(!)
As Hannah dries herself off, he tells her that he has something to talk to her about - Ruth needs to relocate her clinic.
PHIL: I was thinking, we have a spare room and...
HANNAH: Yeah, sure.
PHIL: You wouldn't mind?
HANNAH: No...it's a good idea, she'll be living here soon anyway.
PHIL: That's right.
Hannah heads off for a shower.
PHIL: So, the business with the dress. I take it you didn't have to kill Paul after all?
HANNAH: No...I'm going to kill Claudia instead!
School, the following day
Claudia apologises to Hannah for dissing her dress - she didn't mean it to come out the way it did. Mickey tells Paul that they have to make the dance more fun. He going to do "something huge"(!)
Coffee Shop
Harold is scratching his back on a door post(!) while Madge rings up about some orders.
Phil comes in and hears them, laughing at their conversation. He then sits down at a table with Sarah, who is reading the newspaper. He tells her he's sorry about her splitting up with Kim.
Kim comes to see Karl.
KARL: Kim! Thought you'd be on your way back to the bush by now!
KIM: Something I want to talk to you about first.
KARL: Right- o, well...er...have to be quick, I'm in a bit of a rush. You know, Susan and I are planning a weekend away.
KIM: Oh, really! Well, this won't take long.
KARL: Yeah, uh, this sounds a little bit ominous...what's the problem?
KIM: Don't try to snow me, Karl.
KARL: I'm sorry?
KIM: It's pretty clear that you and Sarah have more than just a work relationship.
KARL: I beg your pardon?
KIM: You know what I mean.
KARL: Yeah, yeah I do, I know what you mean. And you're totally mistaken. Listen, Kim, I know you're disappointed about your bust- up with Sarah...
KIM: I knew you wouldn't have the guts to admit it!
KARL: That's because there's nothing to admit!
KIM: You're all she's been thinking about since I've known her.
KARL: Did she tell you that?
KIM: As a matter of fact, she did.
KARL: I don't believe you.
KIM: By her actions! Anyway, I can cope with the disappointment. But can Susan when she finds out?
KARL: You say one thing to Susan, and I swear to God...
KIM: I won't have to. She's a smart woman, she'll work it out for herself. But if you were a half- way decent bloke, you'd set her straight, Karl. Doesn't your wife at least deserve that?
Susan tells the kids that school rules still apply at the dance tonight - no smoking, no alcohol, and Mickey will be checked for weapons(!)
After class, Paul asks Mickey what his plan is but he won't tell him, saying it needs "fine- tuning".
Phil staggers in with some of Ruth's books. He asks her if he can have a free treatment and she offers to walk on his back(!)
Coffee Shop
Mickey is still delaying telling Paul his "big plan". Paul scoffs at him.
In the kitchen, Harold is scratching his back with a salad serving spoon(!) Madge goes off to make a delivery. Mickey starts to tell Paul his plan.
The girls are ready to go to the dance. Hannah assures Ruth that's it's fine for her to run her clinic from the house.
Karl comes to find Phil to apologise to him about the way he spoke to him last night. They sit down at a table.
KARL: Nothing happened. I want to make that clear up front.
KARL: But...it could have. There is something between Sarah and I...an attraction. I thought we had our feelings under control but obviously not.
PHIL: So, something might have...
KARL: Scares the hell out of me just thinking about it.
Phil sighs.
KARL: Trouble is, I find myself thinking about it all the time.
PHIL: Mate...!
KARL: I know, I know, it's stupid! It's beyond stupid, it's suicidal.
PHIL: I take it you don't want to leave Susan.
KARL: Of course I don't! Which is why I thought if we could just get away...be by ourselves again.
PHIL: You and Susan?
KARL: Yeah.
PHIL: It's not a bad idea.
KARL: She doesn't want to. She says she does, but I can tell. She's busy and so am I and...
PHIL: You can't have it both ways.
KARL: I wouldn't do it to Susan! I wouldn't do it to Sarah if it comes to that. Maybe I'm having a mid- life crisis, what do you reckon?
PHIL: You're the doctor.
KARL: I'm not a shrink!
PHIL: Maybe you should see someone.
KARL: I am. I'm seeing you! Tell me to snap out of it.
PHIL: Snap out of it.
KARL: Thanks, doctor, how much did that cost?
PHIL: Karl...you've got it all. You've got a fantastic wife, you've got terrific kids, a successful career.
KARL: No wonder I'm disgruntled - too happy!
PHIL: So why stuff it up?
KARL: I don't want to. Phil, I love Susan very, very much.
PHIL: She's the best.
KARL: But I...enjoy Sarah's company, she's a terrific girl.
PHIL: She's not for you. Right?
KARL: There's one of those Greek philosophers...Aristotle, Plato, one of them. And he said that when he got to be seventy and lost the urge, he ran around screaming, "Free at last! I'm free at last!" Lucky devil.
PHIL: Well, you're a long way off being seventy, mate. And some of us never lose the urge the question is, what are you going to do about it?
KARL: Try to act my age, be responsible, be mature. Resist temptation. (pause) I'm in big trouble, aren't I?
Ruth calls Hannah out of her room. She is looking lovely in Julie's dress. Phil hugs her and tells her he's very proud of her.
Paul and the guys arrive. Mickey tells Phil that he's going to have a great time even without a date(!)
There's a toot outside, and Paul tells them that Madge has organised some transport for them.
Ramsay Street
Madge has booked a limo! The kids excitedly look through the windows.
MADGE: I thought since they looked like royalty, they might as well travel in style!
The kids all pile into the limo and it drives off.
When they've gone, Madge looks wistfully after them and she and Harold reminisce about their younger days.
HAROLD: What happened to those years?
MADGE: Oh, I don't know. Come on, I'll make you a nice cuppa!
MADGE: Your rash seems to have settled down.
HAROLD: Oh, yes, I think the cream might have worked(!)
Hannah is dancing but is looking distractedly at Paul and his date. Paul's date tells him that his dancing has really improved(!)
At the drinks table, Mickey tells Paul that it's nearly time to put his plan into action. Paul goes over to Hannah and invites her to dance.
Coffee Shop
Mickey rings the Coffee Shop and orders "30 family- sized pizzas with the lot" as the dance caterers are sick(!). Cassandra looks a bit overwhelmed, and rings Madge to ask for her and Harold's help.
Karl has come to see Sarah.
KARL: Susan's at the school dance, I thought we could have a private chat.
SARAH: Coffee?
KARL: No, thanks. I just wanted to know if you'd said anything to anyone.
SARAH: Anything to anyone? They're pretty broad parameters. What about?
KARL: Well, about us, of course. Phil's been giving me some friendly advice about keeping my marriage intact. And Kim had a few considerably less friendly things to say.
KARL: Yeah, this morning before he went back. He almost threatened to tell Susan you and I were having an affair.
SARAH: Well, they didn't hear it from me, and neither did Phil.
KARL: Alright. Where did they get their suspicions from?
SARAH: I don't know, but it wasn't me.
KARL: OK. You know what this means, don't you? We're so...
SARAH: We're so, what?
KARL: People can tell just seeing us together.
SARAH: We haven't done anything wrong. They can think what they want, but we're not guilty of anything.
Susan is looking happily at the kids dancing. Phil and Ruth turn up. Paul and Hannah are still dancing together.
Just then, Madge and Harold stagger up with 30 pizzas, much to Susan's confusion. Paul immediately goes over to Mickey and berates him.
PAUL: You just don't get it, do you.
SUSAN:(coming over) Get what, exactly?
MICKEY: Nothing.
SUSAN: OK, what do you boys know about the pizzas?
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