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Neighbours Episode 3086 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3086
Australian airdate: 25/05/98
UK airdate: 23/09/98
UK Gold: 27/07/04
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Susan tells Karl that Libby has had a threatening Joel.
- Lance and Amy fight.
- Lance tells Anne that he and Amy have broken up.
Ruth is reading an article in the newspaper about new properties being built in Erinsborough - led by Mr Gable. Anne tells her that Libby thinks he's dodgy.
Lance is looking for his Maths book and is in a very bad mood. He reckons that he doesn't give a stuff about Amy.
Libby is reading the same article in the paper aloud to Joel. The article states that "their reporter, Libby Kennedy will bring you all the facts next week"(!). Libby is not pleased and Joel says it'll just fuel the fire with Bable. Now Gable has a week to cover things up. Joel advises her to stay out of Gable's way - lie low for a few days. She says she's not putting her life on hold. Joel offers his services as a bodyguard.
Billy tells Amy that he's heard about the breakup with Lance. She says she doesn't care.
Lance and Anne come in and Lance insists on sitting at the back of the room.
Nick offers Caitlin some breakfast but she doesn't want any. Toadie comes out and eats her toast instead(!) Nick wants to talk to him about the lease. Toadie is in a rush so just signs it. Nick says he can't drop it into the estate agent because he's busy. Toadie says he's busier and walks off.
Libby drives quickly into the garage and tells Drew and Lou frantically she thinks someone was following her in a car. Drew goes to look, but the car has gone.
DREW: Did you actually see Gable behind the wheel?
LIBBY: I'm not on anyone else's hit list(!)
Libby is really scared and Drew tries to calm her down.
Billy and Amy hang out after class. Amy is going to copy some leaflets. Anne and Lance come over.
LANCE: Apparently I'm behaving like a child if I don't come over here and socialise and just be normal. So, here I am. So, what would you like to talk about? Anything? I can't think of anything myself, uh...not a thing. No. You?
AMY: No. Let's go and photocopy those things.
LANCE: Well, how do you like that? I try to be adult about the whole thing and she just walks off.
BILLY: Well, can you blame her when you're carrying on like a two- bob watch?
LANCE: Should have guessed you'd be on her side.
BILLY: I'm on no- one's side.
LANCE: Yeah, good on ya, what were you doing sitting next to her in class? You trying to make a move on her?
BILLY: You're talking garbage, what the hell is your problem?
Libby is now at work. Ruth comes in and they talk about the newspaper article. Libby asks Ruth to keep Lance, Amy and Lily quiet about the crooked dealing in case they are targeted too. Ruth agrees. They chat about Lily and Libby invites her along to meet her with Anne later.
Toadie is nagging Lou for some work - in the pub, or babysitting. Lou tells him to stop trailing him, or he'll find himself barred(!)
Billy explains to Lance that he wants to be friends with both he and Amy. Anyway, there's nothing going on with Joel and Amy. Lance doesn't believe him.
LANCE: Look, I know what's going on with Joel.
BILLY: You're losing it.
LANCE: No I'm not.
BILLY: Lance, get it together, you're being paranoid.
LANCE: Am I really, Bill?
BILLY: Yes, you are.
Coffee Shop
Amy is finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than Lance being so horrible to her. She tells Anne that there's nothing going on with Joel and hasn't done anything wrong.
Just then, Joel comes in and is a bit worried that he's caused problems between Lance and Amy. Lance comes in, sees Joel there and promptly storms off, telling Billy that he's not paranoid!
Nick is nagging Lou for a job(!) He tells him he's not the local employment agency(!), there's nothing he can do!
Outside, Drew is just finishing a customer's car. When she's leaving she asks for directions to the car wash. Lou says he's introduced car washing as a customer service and tells Nick to grab a sponge(!) Nick calls Lou over.
NICK: How much would I get?
LOU: Five bucks.
NICK: I want ten.
LOU: Five bucks and a kick in the pants, take it or leave it.
NICK: How much are you charging her?
LOU: That is my business, I thought you wanted work? Now hop to it, or I'll do it and pocket the lot!
Nick heads off to look for a sponge. Drew sees a white car slow down as it passes the garage.
Anne tries to get Paul to deliver leaflets for them. He's not keen but Amy talks him into it. Anne kisses him on the cheek and Paul looks disgusted(!)
Lance walks past and snipes at Amy. Billy tells Amy to sort it out quick as it's all "getting boring".
Billy tells Joel that Lance hates him(!) Joel swears that he's not interested in Amy - he's the new boy in town and the last thing he wants is to make enemies.
JOEL: I mean, Amy's cute and all, but the only babe I've seen around here so far is Anne.
Billy looks up.
JOEL: Which is why it's such a bummer getting on the wrong side of Lance what with him being her brother and all. God knows what he's been saying about me.
Billy has gone rather quiet as he feeds a ripe banana to Dahl.
JOEL: Although, she was quiet friendly down the Coffee Shop today. She's not going out with anybody, is she?
BILLY: Not at the moment, no.
JOEL: She's got this great smile...have you ever noticed that? And these eyes.
Billy just looks at him.
Coffee Shop
Lily, Anne, and Ruth are having tea. She tells them that she's seen a lot of changes in Erinsborough over the years - it used to be full of market gardens and Italian men. It's always been a family place. She loves to hear the children playing in the street.
RUTH: Then they turn into teenagers and that's where the problems start!
LILY: They have to rebel a bit, who wants to raise a mouse?! I'm sure Anne isn't any trouble to you.
RUTH: Oh, no, she's a little angel, 24 hours a day(!)
Libby and Amy comes in. Libby wants Lily to keep a low profile with Gable, but she says she's not scared of him. Anne shows them the leaflets. Ruth says the wording is rather inflammatory - they could be done for defamation. Amy protests that it's all true, but Libby says Gable would win in court. Anne says there's no harm done - Paul said he couldn't deliver the leaflets until tomorrow, anyway. Libby advises them to get them back as soon as possible and Ruth agrees.
Lolly is painting a picture of Lou (apparently!) Toadie pops round to tell Lou he's had his assignment back and got 79% and the teacher smiled at him like he was a normal human being(!) Lou is not very interested.
TOADIE: I didn't come here to tell you, I came here to tell my girlfriend! (To Lolly) What do you think? Am I a genius or what? See, that was a nod, that was a nod! Yeah, she thinks I'm a genius.
LOU: She was just being polite. You should hear what she says about you behind your back(!)
Really, Toadie has come to angle for a babysitting job - he's heard that Lou is seeing Carol tonight. He says he'll babysit for $15 an hour but Lou offers him $8.
TOADIE: Oh, come on!
LOU: Eight bucks, and all the usual perks.
TOADIE: Perks? What perks?
LOU: The way I see it, when you babysit for me, I come home to an empty fridge, I would call that a perk(!)
TOADIE: Well...you know, it's hard work, babysitting, you have to keep up your energy!
LOU: At my expense.
TOADIE: Er...ten bucks an hour and I promise I won't eat all your food.
LOU: What about the beer?
TOADIE: Eh, I don't drink and sit.
LOU: Alright, I'll think about it.
Toadie heads off for a shift at the Coffee Shop.
LOU: You sure you're not taking on too much?
TOADIE: I wish I had a choice.
Coffee Shop
Paul tells Amy and Anne that he's already delivered the leaflets. They ask him to help them get them back, but he just gives them a map of his route(!)
Drew has just fixed Libby's bike. He advises her to go straight home to avoid weirdos - he did see a similar car drive past today and better safe than sorry. Libby drives off, and the white car follows. Drew sees this, and quickly leaps into a car to follow.
Coffee Shop
Amy and Anne have got most of the leaflets back and order banana splits as a reward. They only missed one house.
The owner goes out to get his paper and sees the leaflet. He reads it as he walks back to the house.
Libby is being followed by the white car, and further back, by Drew. The white car drives right up to Libby and knocks her off her bike. She's pinned by the bike as the car reverses to run her down.
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