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Neighbours Episode 3085 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3085
Australian airdate: 22/05/98
UK airdate: 22/09/98
UK Gold: 27/07/04
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil gives Hannah Julie's dress to wear to the formal.
- Libby and Anne are investigating the dodgy development next to Lily's house. Amy takes photos of Peter Gable giving some documents to Jane Kennard, the councillor.
- Libby gets a threatening phonecall about "accidents"
Amy tells Anne and Lance about seeing Peter Gable and Jane Kennard. Anne says that unfortunately the photos don't prove anything.
Amy asks Lance about the ballroom dancing competition tickets. Lance has conveniently forgotten, but anyway, he's visiting his dad tomorrow afternoon. He suggests she asks her friend Cara instead.
Susan is appalled that Libby has been threatened. She says they must contact the police, but Libby says that they have nothing to tell them. Susan doesn't care, she's ringing them anyway.
The new lease for No.30 has been drawn up. Ben is leaving for Sydney soon and Caitlin says she'll miss him. Ben says Ruth is organising a goodbye party for him, but in No.30's garden as it's bigger.
Lance and Anne tells Ben that they're looking forward to seeing their father, but they'll be back for his goodbye party.
BEN: You know, um...I'm really going to miss you guys.
LANCE: Now, come on, Ben, don't get all mushy and sentimental on us now!
ANNE: He's allowed to if he wants to! We're going to miss you, too, heaps.
BEN: I mean, I know it was a drama when I first turned up, and you found out you had a brother that you didn't know about...
LANCE: Yes, I seem to remember someone going a bit schitzo...
He looks pointedly at Anne.
BEN: Anyway...I just wanted to say that I'm really glad everything worked out OK. And I want you to know that, to me, you're as much a brother and sister as Nick and Caitlin. Maybe even better...you don't know any embarrassing childhood stories about me(!)
They laugh together.
The police are interviewing Libby, but they can't do a lot without evidence. The phone company might be able to trace to call though...or just pretend that they have a call trace.
When they've gone, Susan tells Libby that she has to drop the story. Libby says she can't - there's obviously something going on if Gable is going to these lengths.
SUSAN: This is not a game, Libby!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Anne and Lance are off to catch the bus to their dad's house. Amy sees Joel and invites him to come to the ballroom dancing class with her (but she doesn't tell him it's about ballroom dancing!). Joel says he will, as long as Lance doesn't mind.
Ruth is fitting Hannah's dress for the formal to her. Ben tells Hannah she's become a bit of a legend for getting a date with the school spunk! Ruth reminisces about her own formal and they all laugh.
Caitlin is still resting (on the sofa, now) and Joel tells her that she has to formulate a "Plan B". His "Plan B" is to become a marine biologist if the triathlons don't work out. Caitlin looks thoughtful.
Susan pops round to see Phil. She tells him about the threats against Libby. Phil says that Susan should trust Libby's instincts not to get in too deep. Ruth and Hannah come in with the dress, which is now finished.
Ramsay Street
Drew is trying out Libby's scooter and says he can fix it soon.
Caitlin and Nick are helping to prepare Ben's going away party food. Caitlin wonders who reported No.30 for noise.
Ruth and Phil come in with food for the barbecue. Ruth assures them that she didn't report No.30 for noise. They think it might have been Harold and Madge now. Phil tells them not to go off the deep- end - they should talk to Madge and Harold, and if it *was* them, work things out.
Joel is preparing to go out with Amy. Libby asks if Lance knows(!) She warns him that Amy will suck him into something if he's not careful!
Libby makes Drew a drink. He asks her for a favour - he wants to make something for Ben's party but he's not a great cook. She says they can have a look through Susan's cookbooks.
DREW: I reckon I got pretty lucky coming to Erinsborough.
LIBBY: You reckon? Why's that?
DREW: Lots of really nice women.
LIBBY: You suck.
DREW: No, I'm serious. You and Sarah have both been really good friends to me.
LIBBY:(touched) Thank you. I feel the same way about you.
Libby comments that she hardly gets to see Sarah these days. She thinks Sarah is having relationship problems, and not with Kim.
Garden of No.30
Ben's goodbye party is in full swing and Anne and Lance have returned from their father's house. Drew arrives with a massive cake. Lance is wondering where Amy is - the ballroom dancing competition finished ages ago.
Coffee Shop
Joel and Amy are having a coffee. Amy says she has to be quick as she's late for Ben's party. Joel says that he didn't mind ballroom dancing at all. Amy says that Lance hates it!
Libby is printing out her story. She tells Susan that she's not dropping the story, and Susan would do the same in her shoes. Susan admits that's she's probably right.
Garden of No.30
Everyone is loading their plates from the buffet when Joel and Amy arrive. Lance is not pleased that they are late, and even less pleased that she's been out with Joel. Joel decides to leave.
Amy tells Lance off for being rude to Joel. Ruth comes over and tells them to stop wrecking Ben's party, and go and have their row elsewhere.
Joel comes in. He tells Libby that Lance isn't happy with him. Susan and Libby head off to the barbecue.
Lance and Amy come in.
LANCE: You can't have it both ways. You're going out with me, Amy. That means you can't line up dates with other guys!
AMY: It wasn't a date! You couldn't come to the competition with me, I had spare tickets, and Joel didn't haven anything else to do!
LANCE: Oh, well, how convenient(!)
AMY: You're making this into a huge drama, we went as friends, that's all.
LANCE: Sure(!)
AMY: What's that supposed to mean?!
LANCE: All week, you've been going on about what a spunk Joel is, and the first opportunity you get, you're going out with him. So don't try and tell me it's just friends!
AMY: Oh, nothing I ever do is good enough, is it!
LANCE: What!
AMY: Well, you always expect me to be so much better than I am!
LANCE: All I expect is to be able to trust you!
AMY: You can!
LANCE: Well, I'm sorry Amy, but at the moment, I can't.
AMY: Oh, that's just great, isn't it?
Garden of No.30
Ben is making a farewell speech.
BEN: All I wanted to say was, thanks for putting up with me. Especially Ruth, whose life I disrupted quite a bit when I first showed up here. I'm really going to miss you. And Nick, if Caitlin gets too much of a handful, you're on your own, mate!
They all laugh.
BEN: What I really wanted to say was, um, I've had an incredible time here in Erinsborough. I mean, you all know my story by now, I spent my life wondering what my mother was like. And then when I showed up here and found her, it was...it's been...
He tails off, emotionally.
BEN: No, no look. You all really stood by me when I was in hospital. And I couldn't ask for a better bunch of friends. And I'm never going to forget you. Never.
They all clap, Ruth hugs Ben, and they sing "For he's a jolly good fellow"
Lance re-joins the party and tells Anne that he and Amy have split up.
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